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#BookReview of Rewind by Catherine Ryan Howard @cathryanhoward @CorvusBooks #20booksforsummer #Book13

#BookReview of Rewind by Cathe..

I loved the premise of this book, instead of chapter headings the book was split into sections, PLAY, REWIND, FAST FORWARD and PAUSE! Do you dare do any of them? Do you dare to PLAY and watch the brutal killing of an unknown person? Do you dare to PAUSE and learn uncomfortable secrets? Do you […]

#BookReview of Their Lost Daughters by Joy Ellis #JackmanAndEvans #JoyEllis #20booksforsummer #Book11

#BookReview of Their Lost Daug..

So I came back for another outing with Jackman and Evans and the team, although we were missing Orac on this case! The case itself sent chills down my spine, underage drinking, young girls going missing and well pervy old men! Not going to lie, all made me a little bit nervy when reading this. […]

#BookReview of Blind Date by R.L Stine @bookshineblog #NostalgiAAARGH #BlindDate #KillerRack #BlindHate #Book7 #20booksofsummer

#BookReview of Blind Date by R..

We are back again with another instalment of #NostalgiAAARGH and you are in for a treat today. Steph over at BookShine and Readbows has part 1 of Blind Date Hate and I am hosting part 2, so please do check out Steph’s post here. It’s a corker!! But before we get to that, check out […]

#BookReview of Who’s That Girl? by T.S Hunter @TSHunter5 @RedDogTweets #SohoNoir #Whosthatgirl #20booksforSummer #Book8

#BookReview of Who’s Tha..

Since I have started reading this I have been throwing myself back into the 80’s music! I mean I spent the afternoon reliving my youth listening to Erasure doing the housework, happy times! Safe to say though Eurythmics have been on repeat in my car, I adored Annie Lennox growing up so this was the […]

#BookReview of Tainted Love by T.S Hunter @TSHunter5 @RedDogTweets #SohoNoir #TaintedLove #20booksforSummer #book5

#BookReview of Tainted Love by..

This novella is such a delight! In such a few short pages (116 pages Goodreads tell me) so much happens and it does not deter from the enjoyment, it enhances it. Plus who could refuse such a provocative cover! 😉 Set in the 1980s where being gay is frowned upon and an unjustified reason to […]

#BookReview of Found by Erin Kinsley @KinsleyErin @headlinepg #book3 @netgalley #20booksforsummer #Found #NetGalley

#BookReview of Found by Erin K..

Today is a HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY to Erin, for her book, Found! I have seen this book mentioned a lot lately and I was pleasantly surprised when I was approved on Netgalley (sorry for swearing there!) to read it, I wanted to make sure I read it in time for today! This is a little […]