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Tomorrow marks the day for an exciting publication in my eyes! Book 3 of the War of the Myth series, Tricked Into It and my review will be live tomorrow. Before I shared my review, I wanted to reshare Book 1 and 2 with you all AND Miranda has even said she would do a giveaway where you can win the ebook of not Book 1, not Book 2, not Book 3 but……


I am really excited about this because I adore this series so I think you are all lucky for sure! Miranda was the first author to contact me when I started blogging and asked if I wanted to read her book 1 and ever since then we have remained good friends. It sounded right up my street and I never looked back. I even have the first two signed! I am getting me a copy of book 3 too when it comes out so they can all look pretty together! Book 1 was also one of the first reviews that my original blog Zooloo Book Blog did!

So how is the lady behind the myth?

Miranda Grant has cycled three thousand miles up the Rocky Mountains on a tandem bike, launched herself off a cliff to go soar under a giant piece of thin fabric, and has stared down a mamma grizzly and her cub without losing a single limb. A true believer in that life is too short to waste away, she has a comprehensive bucketlist and becoming a sucessful writer is just the next item on it.

She defines success as not how much money she makes or how wide of an audience she captivates. To her, it’s defined by transporting her readers into a new world and have them fall in love with its occupants. If she can do that, then this item is done. Though that is not to say her writing will be.

And she is awesome to boot!

Okay so Book 1, whatcha all about?

Celebrating the #WarofTheMyth Series by Miranda Grant @MirandaCGrant #giveawayElemental Claim by Miranda Grant
Also by this author: Elemental Claim , Think of Me Demon , Tricked Into It
Series: War of the Myth #1
on December 21 2017
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For Rogan the mission always came first... until her!

Rogan’s dedicated his life to protecting the Seven Planes. So when an ancient evil rises, he doesn't hesitate to volunteer his team. But immediately, things start to go wrong. Their intel is leaked to a gang hunting creatures of the Myth. Emma, the woman they grab is the wrong twin and worse, she’s protected by the gods. Drawn into an intricate game, where one wrong move means the annihilation of the Seven Planes, Rogan can’t allow himself to be distracted by the soft lips of his captive. Especially, since Emma's very existence is a crime. But, when her life is required for the success of the mission, Rogan finds that he'll chance everything to save her!

Within a few hours, Emma’s safe, little life crashes down around her. Driven off a bridge and drowned in a world of nightmares, Emma instinctively clings to the man that saves her. But, when she wakes chained to a bed and interrogated over facts she doesn’t know, she realises that her sexy saviour might not have her best interests at heart after all. Forced to stay by his side, Emma is dragged into a terrifying reality, where her twin sister stars as a mass murderer, and Emma herself is wanted for being a descendant - a forbidden child of the gods. With so much at stake, does she dare listen to her heart and trust the very man meant to imprison her?

Here is my review of Elemental Claim posted way back in February 2018… but here’s a snippet….

When I received my copy of Elemental Claim I was excited. I read the blurb and the first thing my husband said to me was that this book was right up my street and boy he was right. I do love paranormal romances and this book had a feeling of J.R Ward and Laurell Hamilton for me but with lots of twists turning everything upside down. There is something for everyone in this book who loves the supernatural world. You have the Gods of Greek mythology, you have werewolves, you have vampires, angels, tricksters and humans…..

From the start the adventure begins, there is no build up where we spend ages learning the backstory of a character, from the first couple of pages there is an attempted abduction, a near death and the initial threads of a romance…

One of my favourite passages in the book is when you meet Hades and Zeus (I am a sucker for Greek mythology), the description by the author of them in the present day was spot on! The switch between the perceived knowledge and the author new view of these two historical figures was great, Hades having emotions and Zeus a show off and how they do like to gossip.  The author has taken everything you know and turned it on its head and when you find out who one of the villains is, well you are in for a shock and it is a fantastic change! And Snuffles! That was great fun! …

I was also lucky enough to have a few of my burning questions answered…which you can check out here but again a snippet…

What inspired you to write a book series on the mythical?

When most children were reading fairy tales, I was reading Greek mythology.   I absolutely loved these stories of adventure, especially since the women in them weren’t weak damsels in distress.  Athena and Artemis could kick serious butt and the sirens were just wickedly awesome, able to lure sailors over with just their voice.  These tales opened an entirely new world to me.  It wasn’t just full of mythical creatures, but it was also steeped in the historical cultures of the ancient world, and that blew my mind as a child.  Obviously still does.

I have loved revisiting this old Q&A and the reviews because now I have read the first one, things all slot into place!

Celebrating the #WarofTheMyth Series by Miranda Grant @MirandaCGrant #giveawayThink Of Me Demon by Miranda Grant
Also by this author: Elemental Claim , Think of Me Demon , Tricked Into It
Series: War Of The Myth #2
on March 30, 2018
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Matakyli is a demon warrior princess and one of the guardians to the backdoor of Niflhel. Her death could lead to the dead escaping, potentially bringing about the annihilation of the Seven Planes. So when a prophecy claims that she will die by the hands of an ancient vampire, she and her brothers do all they can to change her fate. But there's only one solution.
For her to live, her lifemate has to die.
Only Galvanor isn’t willing to be led like a lamb to slaughter. He's still suffering from his last visit to hell and isn't keen on returning, especially not for another woman. But it's in Matakyli's nature to play with fire and enjoy the heat of its flames. As she digs into the secrets he wants to keep buried, Matakyli discovers a soul worth saving. But is his worth the cost of her own?

Again, here is my review of Think of Me Demon, but here is a snippet

I loved the change of scenery and the new characters. You can not compare the two books in this series, they run along together at the same time. Whilst Rogan is meeting Emma in book one, you have Galvanor locked up in his cell meeting Matakyli in book two. Near the end of this book, it continues on from the first book so they fit together. I love this, seeing what was going on at the same time. Plus, I get a cameo from my favourite crazy character Delentia (really want a book on her!) …

I do love that Miranda has introduced us to life mates. Following on from the first book, that even if your souls call out to each other, you can actually live in a world where you despise each other. I love that it is not conventional,  in that they do not have to be together forever and live happily ever after. I hope we get to see that explored in the later books, do not worry it does not happen here!  

It would not be a story without a twist in it, betrayals, explosions and potential murder. Boy did this twist shake me! I had to keep reading as I did not think that Miranda could be so cruel.. could she?! It was a jaw-dropping moment! You will have to read the book to find out more……..   

And another peak from the Q&A

How do you select the names of your characters?

I never name my characters until I get a feel for them and sometimes their names will change more than once.  For instance, Delentia started out as  Trixie.  If you had an earlier version of Elemental Claim, you’ll notice this as I failed to change one of the Trixie’s into Delentia (Ooops).  Rogan’s original name was Kane; then I changed into Hunter; then Rogan.  Hunter (the actual  Hunter in EC) was named after the character on Marvel’s Agents of Shield, as I felt they were fairly similar.   Xeno is named in the same way all of the angels will be (minus the archangels).  Because they were created at the start of time, I decided to name them after extinct animals, effectively making the creatures named after them.  So like, Xeno’s full name is Xenosmilus, which is a type of saber­tooth cat.  For some names, I look to name them after certain characteristics.  For example, Rogan’s middle name is ‘Ketea.’  This is an alternative spelling to Cetea, which are the sea monsters in Greek mythology. Coventina (the name of Rogan’s clan) is a Roman­ British goddess of wells and springs.   This doesn’t have anything to do with the original question, but for the books,  each title will have something to do with the main character.  For instance,  Elemental Claim hints to Rogan being an Elementalist.  Think of Me Demon is about a telepath and a demon.  So with that in mind, can you guess who stars in the third book: Tricked Into It?

Which leads me nicely to Book Three!!!! I think this is my favourite cover yet!

Celebrating the #WarofTheMyth Series by Miranda Grant @MirandaCGrant #giveawayTricked Into It by Miranda Grant
Also by this author: Elemental Claim , Think of Me Demon , Tricked Into It
Series: War of the Myth #3
on December 13 2019
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The gods want him dead...
And so does his mate.

The blood moon is rising. Werewolves are being forced to change. His teammates are being ripped apart by a sadistic vampire, their screams tearing through the night. Jack's role is simple. Grab the package, chuck it into the portal, and come back to cover his team.

Except that ‘package’ hates Jack with every fiber of her being. The first chance she gets, Charlie attacks him with a branch, kicks him while he’s down, and spits in his face for good measure. She wants him dead, gone, and six feet under. At this point Jack wants the same.

But there’s only one problem. Jack has a beast inside him. And it’s just claimed Charlie as its mate.

OMG!! I love this and you will see my review tomorrow on PUBLICATION DAY!!

I really hope I have done enough to entice you to enter the giveaway for ALL THREE BOOKS! What have you got to lose!?

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