Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave #8

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As you know this feature was created by Meggy over @ Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles and so I am back after two weeks.

I am beyond tired, so far behind with sharing all you lovely bloggers post but as this is a positivity post, there is a reason for this……


I have been waiting months, months I tell you to share that news!! We got the keys last week and it is so nice to have somewhere I can call mine. I did have to spend all day Tuesday cleaning the old house army-style so we don’t get fined, but I have a house. Plus even more, happiness is the fact that I have basically unpacked all the boxes! The most important one got done…..

A shiny new bookshelf and books! I can double back them and EVERYTHING

I actually can not think what else has happened in the last two weeks!!!!! 😂🙄😏

  • Mini-me went back to school and is now in Year 1, she loves it! (Phew)
  • Played this song so much on repeat at the moment, LOVE THE FILM….

  • I have no sky or broadband at the moment so instead the evenings have been filled with whatever film is on Film 4 and I watched The Green Mile – so emosh
  • Falling back in love with Jack Reacher, started my audiobook on Tuesday and this time I am enjoying the adventure Jack is on, so all is forgiven!

That is pretty much my 2 weeks! Packing and a bit of socialising! I have a jam-packed weekend and next week holds some exciting things too!

How has your week been? What happy things have happened in your week?

Until next time xxx



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