My Buddy reading for 2019 with Kate @bantambookworm

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So, as we all know my NetGalley requests, have got out of hand..and to be fair a few bloggers I know are the same as me in particular Kate at Portable Magic. (These reads will be on top of my requests, blog tours and personal reading!) We realised that our shelves were getting out of control and we have compared our lists and we realised we had about 48 books in common (however, this has now grown) and so we decided on a reading schedule for the year.

Also, neither of us had read Angela Marsons’ series so we are starting them too (Eva you can stop hating on me now lol). So we have even been a bit organised and starting February we are planning on 4 books a month to read together…this could change depending on what is happening. (Some months have 3 and so we may add to them.)

So what does our schedule look like??












So 42 books we are aiming to clear off our NetGalley shelves (although 10 of them I will be buying as I don’t have the Angela Marson series!)

What do you think? Let me know if you want to join in with us!

Until next time xxx

25 responses to “My Buddy reading for 2019 with Kate @bantambookworm