Should I Stay Or Should I Go? 9th November 2019 #Goodreadsclearout #ShouldIStay #ShouldIGo

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? ..

Well this was a very interesting poll this week, with the feature of chuck them all could throw a spanner in the exciting works and well… did!!! This is how the voting went last week…. Well, I had a joint winner but what is this in 2nd place……None of Them!!! I did have to laugh, […]

#BookReview of Taming The Demons by Annette Marie @AnnetteMMarie @XpressoTours #giveaway

#BookReview of Taming The Demo..

Posted November 6, 2019 by Zoé in Book Reviews, Giveaways, Reviews and Stuff / 2 Comments

Robyn’s life has been turned upside down, everything she knew 6 months ago is no more. She has lost her parents, she lives with her uncle, he won’t sort out her inheritance and he summons demons illegally. Wait what?! Right! Robyn has spent her life avoiding magic under the guise of her parents, if she […]

#BookReview of From Inside The House by W.D. Jackson-Smart @Wdejackson @PantherPubs #FITH #DIGraves @damppebbles @DamppebblesBTs #damppebblesblogtours #FromInsideTheHouse

#BookReview of From Inside The..

Posted November 5, 2019 by Zoé in Book Reviews, Reviews and Stuff / 7 Comments

When I reviewed The Demons Beneath, my review went along the lines of HOLY FRICKING MOLY!!!! The End! This review will be the same….. HOLY FUDGERY !!!!! The End! In all seriousness, this man can write! In The Demons Beneath he terrified us with demonology and in From Inside The House it is the terrifying […]