10 Crazy (but not dangerous) Things to Try before Your 40th Birthday by Carol Wyer @CarolEWyer #GuestPost #AuthorTakeOver

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I can tell you now! This is on the best posts I have ever, as I am fast approaching the big 4-0 I think there are a few things on here I am going to try!!!

I have added links to the pictures to help you if you wanted to book something (the links are mainly only for the UK sorry 😑)

· Go duck herding.

Duck Herding Banner

· Record a song with your friends/family in a recording studio – so what if you can’t sing – just enjoy yourselves. Go for something amusing if you can’t sing very well.

Recording studio day experience gifts for singers

· Escape from an Escape Room. Locked in a room with friends, and only your wits/intelligence to help you get out.

· Take part in a murder mystery event. Always huge fun and even if you are no Miss Marple, you’ll enjoy it.

(I have done loads of these and I did it for my Hen Party in Birmingham (don’t ask!) it was Murder Mystery dinner so much fun!!)

My Mystery Party

· Go paddle boarding in Cornwall or Cascais, Portugal – excellent for calming.

Top 5 SUP Places Cornwall
Paddleboarding in Cornwall

· Try dog sledding .

Northern Lights Dog Sledding in Lapland

(The link is for Sweden)

· Drive a supercar. Preferably a Ferrari in Florence.

(The link is for Florence)

· Take up flirty Forro dancing.

Forró London
In case you want to learn some basics!

· Have a professional makeover and photo shoot with your pet.

Link to Darren’s website is here

Drink a really expensive bottle of wine. (I opened Mr Grumpy’s special birthday present given to him by his best friend, by mistake!  It tasted lovely.)

73-Year-Old Vintage Burgundy Wine Fetches $558,000 at Auction ...

This is the most expensive bottle of wine ever! It went at auction for $558,000, this is a 73-year-old bottle of French Burgundy!!!!

Thank you Carol, I now have a lot of ideas for my 40 for sure!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!

Until next time xxx

*I have no affliates to any of the links I just searched for them in google!



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12 responses to “10 Crazy (but not dangerous) Things to Try before Your 40th Birthday by Carol Wyer @CarolEWyer #GuestPost #AuthorTakeOver

    • Zoé

      Oh I loved this post, so many amazing ideas! I just had to add the links. It makes me want to do some of these things. Xx

  1. I loved this… So much fun. Sadly, enough I have done nothing from this. Wouldn’t mind driving the Ferrari, maybe driven by Jason Statham the transporter… I like him, he rocks my boat hahahah