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One thing I love about these #TakeOvers is not one of these has been the same! I have fresh posts from each other if they want to get involved as there is no pressure on them at all. Its my thank you to them, so it is always an added bonus when they do! When I spoke to Anne, I thought about doing something different and what better way than for Anne to tell us 10 we things we might not know about her!

Over to Anne…

Ten things readers may not know about me

1. Studying at Rouen University for one year (course included comparative literature) as part of my degree has stood me in good stead as I have translated articles for magazines and two novels.

2. I have used three pseudonyms in my writing career one – Elizabeth Ballantyne (my second name and mother’s maiden name) – I think would be the perfect name to use for a romance novel.

3. Although my art teacher wrote in a school report, “Anne has made the best use of her limited talent” (you can see how much that hurt as I still remember the exact words!), I actually had a piece of art exhibited in my local library when I was at school.

4. My first published article was a humorous take on a tap-dancing class I’d attended. I’ll always remember the tears of laughter shed by my mother who had trained as a dancer. She read everything I wrote (including my translation of an erotic novel from French to English) and it still is a sadness for me that she didn’t live to see my novels published.

5. One of my favourite experiences was walking into my local flower shop and seeing two people engrossed in a magazine – they were, in fact, reading one of my short stories.

6. Perhaps because I’ve suffered from chronic insomnia for what seems like forever, I wake frequently and remember many of my dreams. There are obvious downsides to not sleeping properly but one positive is my dreams often solve problems in my life and sometimes a knotty problem in my work in progress will be resolved during sleep – and I wake with a solution.

7. One of my better faux pas: years ago at a publishing party attended by numerous well-known authors, I turned to a woman next to me and said, “Don’t you wish you could write books?” to which she replied that she did. Trying to dig myself out of a hole I told her, “I think my mother reads your books”. She replied, “I don’t think so – I write for children.” In spite of this shaky start, we became friends and remained so for many years.

8. I have few virtues and patience isn’t one of them as my father reminded me when I became a mother: “You are the most impatient person I know and yet you have so much patience with your daughter.” Not sure she would agree with that.

9. Born in Clapham and now living in East Dulwich, I love London but being near water is important to me. Fortunately my nearby parks have streams and lakes (one features in Songs of Innocence). A favourite walk is along the South Bank and when I can I spend time by the sea.

10. My father was brought up in the country and knew so much about our flora and fauna. My real regret is that he didn’t teach me to recognise birds and their songs. Or perhaps he tried and I wasn’t listening?

Thank you Anne, these are fascinating and I love the Tap Dancing class story! I am with you on the impatient bit, I am forever being told I am so not patient with anything!! LOL

It has been a real pleasure to get to know you a bit more.

Until next time xxx



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5 responses to “10 Things you didn’t know about Anne Coates @Anne_Coates1 #10things #AuthorTakeOver

  1. Rachel Bridgeman

    I love Anne’s positive take on insomnia, as a fellow sufferer,never thought of looking at it like that before!

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