20 Books of Summer 2019 #20Booksofsummer

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Hosted by Cathy@746books The 20 Books of Summer is a reading challenge from 3 June to 3 September encouraging you to read up to 20 books from your TBR. Cathy herself admits that the rules are very slack and not to worry if you don’t manage to make it. Anyone is welcome to join in the challenge – just pick your 20 books (or 15, or 10) to read over the summer and write a post about them. Then sign up to the page on 746 Books on 1st June! The challenge will run from 1st June to 3rd September 2019. You can share your lists and your progress on twitter using #20BooksofSummer

So this is my first year of taking part and took me awhile to decide what 20 books to pick. I did a combination of ARCs, Purchases and NetGalley!! Seriously I overthought my choice of books! Ask Rae and Eva! So, what books have I chosen?

Approximately 6,947 pages over 3 months… it’s doable right?!

Are you taking part this year? Share the links let me know!

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21 responses to “20 Books of Summer 2019 #20Booksofsummer

  1. Fantastic list!!
    I posted my 20 Books of Summer list today too! Ugh…it is so difficult to choose and I have no doubt I will be swapping books out.
    I have The One, The Rumour and My Lovely Wife on my TBR, but not on my challenge.
    Good luck!

    • Zoé

      Ooh i will have a look at your post and see what you have posted!! Good luck to you!!!! x

    • Zoé

      Ah thanks lovely! I can not express how bloody long it took me to do 🤣 now to make sure I read them lol

  2. You have some fab sounding books on your list, I really hope you enjoy all of them. I’m still trying to get my list down to twenty – it’s so hard to narrow it down to what I really want to read soon. Happy reading! 🙂

    • Zoé

      How are you getting on with the list? It took me forever! 🤦🏻‍♀️ still want to changing it lol happy reading to you lovely x