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It is the last day of the TakeOver today and before my final post, I have a very special post from Gina. She asked if she could hi-jack me and send a message to everyone and I thought it was absolutely love to do this and its never been done before!

For one last time, on this takeover anyway, here is Gina….

Oh gosh, where do I begin! Not so much a question more of a dilemma because there are so many lovely people to say thank you to. I have been absolutely over the moon, humbled, excited, elated… you name the emotion, I’ve felt it over the past 15 days and it’s all been down to the fabulous Zoe and you, the amazing book blogging community.

I asked Zoe if it would be okay for me to hijack her fantastic blog just one more time to explain myself and my slightly off the wall, heart-on-sleeve personality and my dark, dark secret…

…. I’m a rabid and profuse ‘thanker’ (if that’s even a word) which I blame my wonderful mum for after the hours she made me spend writing thank you cards as a kid. (By the age of 12 I think I’d joined Appreciators Anonymous – well, it was either that or the Girl Guides!)

When Handcuffs was first published and the reviews came in I excitedly rushed onto my Goodreads Author page ready to say a massive ‘thank you’ to the readers, reviewers, my mum, my dad, the vicar, Edna from the local chippy and several stray cousins, in fact anyone who had something nice
to say about my book – until my hubby pointed out that I wasn’t actually picking up an award at the Oscars and pyjamas and fluffy Primark slippers wasn’t the look they normally went for anyway. Two hours later I was mortified to discover that although it was okay to show appreciation on social media, it wasn’t the done thing on Goodreads or Amazon… cue me with my heart hammering and sweating buckets as I desperately tried to remove my little ‘love notes’ from each review under the cover of darkness.

At the beginning of the Author Takeover with Zoe, I started out individually thanking all the lovely bloggers who shared the posts and chatted to me and promptly got myself a Twitterati Warning for ‘Suspicious Activity’ – which actually really excited me, 62 yrs old, a grandma and a retired police officer and I’d done something suspicious and possibly a little bit naughty! I then began making a list of everyone’s Twitter names but hubby wrote the measurements for a wooden garden planter he’s making on the back, felt penned a diagram which bled through the paper, ripped it off the pad and left it on the counter in the Timber Cutting Area of B&Q.

So rather than get myself put in Twitter jail and my heartfelt appreciation being censored or have to suitably chastise the hubby, I hoped you wouldn’t mind a collective hug from me to you, to say thank you.

Thank you for all that you do, not just for me but for all the authors you show unwavering support for, we would be lost without you, your kindness and most of all, for your love of words and the books that hold them…

… and last but not least a humongous thank you from Mavis and me – you’ve all been absolute superstars!
Lots of love
Gina x
Ps I looked thanker up and Collins Dictionary said it’s okay! 😁

Gina, you are just a gem! I thank you from me, for being just so amazing! ❤

Until next time xxx



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4 responses to “A Thank You from Gina @GinaGeeJay @MavisUpton #ThankYou #BloggerAppreciation #AuthorTakeOver

    • Zoé

      Isn’t it just, shes is such a gorgeous person. She sent me a present the silly mare lol xx

  1. Maggie

    I’m looking forward to Gina’s new book about the WI. She’s a fantastic writer and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions and she is as warm and funny in person. X

    • Zoé

      Oh I can’t wait for Ginas new book, what I have read it’s so much fun! I’ve not had a chance to meet her yet but I can’t wait to xx