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Well hello! How is everyone? How did everyone do in the “longest” month of the year? I thought the bloody month flew by! I needed it to slow down.

So last time, I discussed the way I was doing my reading #TheAngieWay, and well for being super organised, it only worked! I didn’t feel bad if I didn’t keep to my designated splits or days finishing. I listened to more audiobooks which made me feel good and I got all my February tour books read by half way through January – it was fab and unheard of! I very much plan to do it again in February….and I have!

I have planned my February out which mainly consists of catching up on a book series which I am going to be on tour for in March and reading my March tours. It may seem that I don’t have much “choice” or freedom with my reading but I honestly do. The audiobooks I have been listening to, are some old NetGalley books that I am trying to clear, so it has been like a double whammy of reading, clearing the backlog and just enjoying myself again! I had planned to read 10 books in January and I actually got through 11! So that was nice. I am loving the noting of how many pages I have read and where I need to get to. Being a numbers girl, it all appeals. lol I didn’t read all the books I planned, but that is fine, I will get to them! The book jar is working well, and it gets my mini-me and the boy involved, and I am currently on book number 5 from the jar!

So, firstly, what did I read/listen to? Well, two of the books I listened to, I had actually read last year but because of how much of a blur it was last year, I listened again in preparation for the tour in March.

And my book of the month? Well, it was a toughie, between, Deity, Is This for Real? and The Guest Room……the winner?

Well, they are all fab books, but Rona just blows me away each and every time! I mean her books are crazy, yet you can lose yourself in each and every one of her books. And, an added surprise…I am the top quote for the book on Amazon! Eeeekkkkk

May be an image of text that says "wntl the strange comgs And Steph realises that someone out to scare her... She doesn't feel safe, not safe at all. Readers are loving The Guest Room: 'Oh my days. What book!!.. WOW!!!.. One hell of an adventure!!!!!!! sped through the book.. the next thing you know you have finished the book and t's nearly 1am!!.. She creates believable characters, gives you some red herrings to grill and then pulls the rug from out under you with plot twist! Just love it!!!!!' Zooloo's Book Diary ★★★★★"

So what is in store for February?

I am planning on 10 books again….but I have already read/listened to 2, so I am hoping to get through these again! These are the planned ones, and I am hoping to squeeze some more in!

And non-bookish things? Well, I got my office/writing room! It has been so lush to sit and work there, doing my day job and freelance, then when I want to write I sit on the day bed. Oh, the comfort!

The next book I am writing, I am 4k into and everything I want to do…..well I have been told I can, which is such a relief.

I think the BIGGEST thing that is happening in our household, is that after 10 and a half years, the boy is coming home!! He is leaving the army and now he is joining us civvies. It is going to be an adjustment all being in one house for longer periods of time, but at least he and the mini-me can build more on their bond.

How has your month been? What books have you read? Have you read any of mine?

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