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With if I am writing this post it means that the blog tour for The Crazy Season has sadly come to an end – collective sigh.

Instead, let us recap what has happened on the tour!

We kicked the tour off on 3rd May, Bank Holiday Monday!

Jessica gave her 5* review at Jessica Belmont, “The plot of this novel is unique and I was taken through quite a maze. Not everything is as it seems and the questions had the characters spinning around in circles. The mystery kept me on the edge of my seat.”

*I hope I don’t get dizzy reading this one! Spinning around or I might fall off the edge of my seat*

Lynda shared her thoughts over at lyndas_bookreviews, “It was very difficult to guess what was going to happen and I loved this about the book. The twist at the end was a real shock. All in all this was a great book and a deserved 5* read from me. I can’t wait to read book two.

*Already talking book 2, well isn’t this a great way to kick off a tour!*

Pauline Render-Byron shared this review on Facebook. “There are plenty of twists and turns as Jim has the perfect knack of dropping hints but then leaving you hanging on as you try to work them out. There’s also a beautiful love story running throughout, which although is different from many of Jim’s books I’ve read, it only adds an extra depth to this story.”

*Another twisty review!*

Donna at Donna’s Book Blog thinks this book is brilliant, “It is 5 stars from me for this one, well written, some great characterisation and a gripping read overall too – what is not to love! Very highly recommended and another cracker from Jim Ody!!”

*I do love a 5* review like this one!!*

Simon at Black Books Blog is a long time fan, “As with all of Jim’s books there are loads of twists throughout and the final reveal was brilliant and didn’t see it coming. One of the things I love about Jim’s books are the surprise visits by recurring characters from his other books, especially Jez who has been in most of his books. This book sets the scene brilliantly for Joel and melody to continue their adventures and I really hope there are more books featuring them in the future.”

*I do love twists, a lot of people are thinking the same*

May the 4th be with you today, oh and it is PUBLICATION DAY today!!!

Emma at EmmabBooks, shared this exclusive extract, “At one point, he awoke with a start. It was a little after three. He wasn’t covered in sweat like in the movies, but his heart felt like it was going to explode through his chest. Like that old guy in the movie where the alien suddenly freed itself from inside of him.

*Oooh who does not love the chest buster reference!!!”

Alyson at The Word Is Out (FB) is also saying, “This is a great tale, full of mystery and suspense from an author with a very creative imagination. Joel and Melody are brilliant characters, very well drawn and whose contrasting personalities and caring witty banter make a great team for this strange and wonderful story. 5*”

*I love banter in books! Especially witter ones!*

Eva shared this teaser over at Novel Deelights, “The child was bucking uncontrollably on the front lawn. Grass stains and mud patches were of no concern to her. She growled deeply, out of character. A low, feral and very unchildlike sound forced its way out. Her arms and legs flapped around like they were no longer controlled by the body or mind. Those still close enough could see her eyes roll back into her head, her eyelids flicker and dribble ran down her chin.

*This sounds delightfully disturbing!!*

Rae at Rae Reads tells us what she thought of this crazy book, “The Crazy Season had a strong mystery that kept me intrigued right the way through until everything was finally revealed. The plot itself moved at a good pace especially as I got to know the strong characters. I couldn’t help but care about them, feeling as if I had made new friends. The Crazy Season had a mysterious edge and a tense undercurrent. It was a brilliant start to a new series and I’m already eager to read book two!”

*Take note this is another call for another book!!*

Steph over at Bookshine and Readbows thought this, “An ideal read for fans of mystery/crime stories that explore paranormal options, without pushing the reader in either direction, The Crazy Season is a great introduction to a – hopefully – long series of occult-ish suspense investigations!

*Another shout for book 2! What a Publication Day Jim is having!!*

Donna over at Donna’s Reviews, Interviews and Giveaways (FB) says, “Overall I absolutely bloody loved this. It was mad, it was funny, it was clever, it was addictive and I really cannot wait to read more about those two. The twists at the end, wow.”

*What a stonking review to end the day on! I am looking forward to reading this!*

Happy Hump 5th May day! We have reviews and reviews and guess what….more reviews today, ready to get that cuppa ready?

Yvonne at Me And My Books is delighted to say this, “This was such a wonderful story to read, mysterious, full of suspense and quite atmospheric. At times it had a noirish tinge to it and I really enjoyed the slower pace of the journey. It is one I would definitely recommend and I will be keeping an eye out for the next one in the series.”

*What is this sorcery? Another one calling for book 2 already…..*

Zelda at Featz Reviews shared these thoughts, “The author tells the story from various characters perspective while jumping between the past and the present. This allows the reader to feel like they are part of the story, getting to know the characters and fitting the puzzle pieces together as the story unfolds.”

*And who does not love a puzzle!*

Deb at dds_book_reviews (IG) shares her glowing review, “Melody, is a brilliant character, says it as it is and drags Joel back in to what he does best. I loved this book. Some real, laugh out loud moments (naked yoga, for example) and the chemistry between Joel and Melody is great, you can imagine them as your mates.”

*Oooh another Melody fan! And NAKED YOGA???*

Liz at The Crime Warp shares these words with us, “Why I’ve never read a Jim Ody book before is a mystery because The Crazy Season makes me want to read more. I loved the darkness in the book. It had an unsettling sort of feel to it and that kept me on my toes, but, because it was mingled so well with humour, it was sort of balanced.”

*We have a new reader in the midst! A new fan alert!*

Thursday, 6th May kicking the pre weekend off with,

Linda at Books Of All Kinds shares this glowing review, “Unconventional in the terms of a typical thriller, THE CRAZY SEASON draws the reader in with a fresh plotline and eccentric characters that burrow easily into your heart. I enjoyed getting to know Joel, and Melody brings that burst of colour and vibrancy that is missing from Joel’s life. The cursed town and the secrets that exist in Black Rock are all excellently woven throughout the story so that the reader is kept on their toes, and there is truly never a dull moment in this book, which is no mean feat.”

*Well I do like to be kept on my toes for sure!*

Dawn at Dawn’s Book Reviews (FB), is eager for Book 2 as she says, “It‘s a fun read, with some great characters and an entertaining plot. It’s also written very well, making this a fast and enjoyable read. I can’t help but wonder what book 2 has in store…”

*What is this! Another call out for book 2!!!*

Emily at A Quintillion Words blew it away with this indepth review, “I was completely blown away by this complete triumph of a book; the author has create layers and layers of mystery and uncertainty, and mixed this with characters that you love, and love to hate. Joel is an incredible protagonist that we can relate to, a character you can easily find yourself rooting for from the first few pages. If you want a thrilling story to really get your teeth into, with a dark and disturbing mystery to uncover, then I guarantee you will love this book. I already want to read it again!

*whispers, go read it again*

Lynsey at Books by Bindu, shared this extract, “He sat down and held his wife’s bony hand as the lyrics to the slow song glided over them both. An invisible bond weaving its way around them. It transported him to another time. The memories of listening to it together on their first few dates. An explosion of anxiety and excitement. Then a wash of sunlight raining down on her as she swayed in a summer dress, and he could do nothing more than look at her in awe.”

*I’m not crying…you are!*

Rowena at Beneath A Thousand Skies shared a book spotlight for us!

Happy Fri-Yay everyone and it’s a full house on the 7th May!

Stacey at Whispering Stories is now a fan of Jim’s after this review, “This is the first book by author Jim Ody that I have read, I’ll be perfectly honest I hadn’t actually heard of him until I found out about this new series. His writing is superb. He has a knack for inviting you into the world he has created and then not wanting to let you go, I can certainly say that the book had me hooked and I couldn’t put it down.”

*Now don’t you want to go and pick the book up?*

Lorna at On the Shelf Reviews was excited to say, “I’ve read a couple of Jim Ody’s books now, but I have to say I think The Crazy Season is my favourite so far! I saw the author posting about this a few weeks ago saying it was like a cross between the X-Files and Jonathan Creek and I can safely say that’s about right, a mix of the paranormal/weird along with an intriguing mystery.The Crazy Season is the kind of novel that drags you in, and you just sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster ride.”

*Now who does not LOVE X-Files! This book is just so enticing!!*

Lauren at thickthighs_no_lies (IG) think it is her kind of book, “This book was definitely right up my street, a mix of the every day and the anomalies that sometimes can’t be explained.

*Definiately an X-Files vibe!*

Julie at Julie Loves Reading is happy, “Another great read from Jim Ody.This is the start of a new series and is one I’ll definitely be following…This is a great story and I really enjoyed reading this book. Jim always brings the supernatural into his books as well which I love.”

*And another happy blogger!*

Kate at Portable Magic kindly shared this extract, “Thunderclouds move above him. The breeze trying to clear them away. The sea is rough, dark and unwelcoming. He sits out high on the cliff. The wind blows his hair out of place but he no longer cares. The heavy burden of life is all around him. The invisible power it has over him is overwhelming. The net closing in until he has no choice. He honestly believes he has no place else to go.”

*Very ominous!*

It maybe raining today on 8th May but it is all sunshine here!

Blair at Feed The Crime sped through this book, “This book is fast-paced with short chapters from many points of view giving us little insights into the many secrets going on in this small town. The ending of this book is something that will stay with me for a long time. I’m so happy I read this book and I will definitely be reading more from this author in the future.”

*This is fab to hear!!*

Lu at Lu Reviews Books was intrigued, “There was always something exciting happening to keep me turning the pages. The side characters were very varied, and some of them stole the show for a little while, especially the alien abducted Barry with his imaginary/ inflatable girlfriends. The end was pleasantly surprising and upbeat. I’m curious to know what comes next for Joel and Melody.”

*You what now? Inflatable girlfriends, oh my!*

Amanda at Gingerbookgeek is a new fan and says this, “At times reading ‘The Crazy Season’ felt like being on a scary and unpredictable rollercoaster ride with several twists and turns along the way.  I felt as though I was part of the story and that’s thanks to Jim’s very vivid and realistic storytelling. In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘The Crazy Season’ and I would recommend it to other readers.  I will certainly be reading more of Jim’s work in the future.  Having enjoyed reading ‘The Crazy Season’ as much as I did, I am now rather ticked off at myself that I left it this long to discover how good Jim’s books are.”

*Well he has a lot to choose from! Yay to a new fan!*

LJ at Read and Rated thought this was an entertaining, “I loved this book! I burned through it in a day and was utterly drawn in by the characters and the ‘curse’…All in all, this is pure entertainment and I look forward to reading more of Joel and Melody’s antics in future books.”

*Hope there are no burn marks on your fingers!*

Shell at Baker’s Not So Secret Blog shared this exclusive extract, “He took a deep breath and pressed her name anyway.

Twice in twenty-four hours!” she said, sounding bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. “I was just doing my naked yoga again.”

You’re trying to shock me,” he said out loud. He’d meant to keep it in his head.“Not at all. If I was trying to shock you then I’d go into the details about the body hair I removed after you called last.” She sighed. “Clothes are so restricting!”

*And there we have it folks, the naked yoga AGAIN!

It is the final day 9th May – it is not me that is crying!

Penny at What Do I Read Now? has a lot of questions, “In one fell swoop, its taken from him. And a year on, he is trying to still come to terms with it. Now he’s just trying to fill his days, do readers really believe in alien abduction, he doesn’t think so.”

*I am a believer*

Tracey at HonestMamReader is a new fan, “Jim Ody is an author I have not heard of or read from before. And I am so glad I agreed to be a part of this book tour organised by Zooloosbookdiary for Question Mark Press. Because I have now found a go to author. Ody knows what makes a good thriller and he’s added all those elements into The Crazy Season.”

*Yay a new fan!*

Lesley at The Bookwormery was entertained and thought, “The Crazy Season is a paranormal mystery that has you hooked from the very start…The Crazy Season is a mystery tale with a paranormal edge and great characters and a thoroughly entertaining read.”

*We are back to the X-Files feels…Eek*

Patrice at prdgreads is also a fan, “right from the start I loved this, I was 100% invested and couldn’t wait to see where the story would take us! …Just when you think it’s been solved, something else happens to disprove that and we didn’t know which way to turn next. This is the first Jim Ody book I’ve read but the writing flowed so easily making it such an easy and fun read that I will definitely be picking more up in the future.”

*Ooh this book is tricksy indeed!*

And that is the end of this mammoth tour! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

If you wanted to buy it, here the link to the book – Amazon UK

Joel Baxter is infamous for solving weird and bizarre cases that others avoid. So, when he receives an email from a teenage boy Tim saying his town is cursed, he cannot turn it down.

“…I will more than likely be dead when you read this. There is nothing I can do about it. It’s the curse, and we’ve hit The Crazy Season.”

Every 20 years, there are a handful of unexplained teenage deaths and it’s started again.

With the help of his straight-talking friend Melody, they set out to get to the bottom of the alleged curse. Everybody in Black Rock has secrets and nobody wants to speak.
The closer they get to the truth the more Joel and Melody realise that their involvement is far from coincidental.

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