April – well that went and gone! That’s a Wrap

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April has gone! That flew by and we have done 6 weeks of lockdown from work and 5 weeks of homeschooling, I have left my natural and curly and when I decided to straighten it, the bloody badger stripe was awful so the hair has now been dyed to my more natural colour a nice dark brown…

I kicked off the month with my birthday, literally, the 1st, yup my birthday! It was so much nicer than I expected, but I am going to be like the Queen and have another birthday when we go out and get to the new way of life.

We had an easter egg hunt and mini-me rocked out in the garden. When I am not stressing out or experiencing parent guilt and I get time with her my god she makes me smile. The one thing I have taken out of this lockdown we have gotten to know our neighbours so well and we have been so lucky because they are awesome. One side has a little lady who mini-me can play with over the garden wall and the other side has introduced me to some amazing pale ale…Aldi will be getting a lot of money out of me soon!

Garden wise we can now see the bottom of the garden and I may have gone made and splashed out on loads of flowers and a couple of garden friends which don’t have names…any are welcome. The peacock is protecting my Calla Lilles – 4 different colours and the Flamingo is protecting my red and orange roses. Will need to buy some for the other side to match when we can get it sorted! Also I finally put the bamboo to use, in a very drunken border but I love it!

And finally my last of my non-bookish things, I have rediscovered my love for cartooning again. I realised that sometimes the mini-me struggles with the order of the alphabet so somehow I have agreed to draw the alphabet for her……but using Pokemon characters. I have drawn 4, so only 22 to go and do not worry she has planned each letter for me, some are going to be hard! Ignore the lettering, but I am actually pretty proud of these. Not sure which is my favourite yet!

Ok so bookish things now!

What have I read this month?

10 books this month, not to shabby especially as I have lost my reading at lunchtime now!

What have I bought this month? (inc Kindle Unlimited)

There may have been a sale on…….

Book Post, Library, Giveaways and NetGalley

What have I posted this month?

If it was not my Should I Stay/Go post, it has been a month of #AuthorTakeOvers! There are just too many posts to link up (plus feeling a bit lax here!) so check out under my Author TakeOver on my tab. I did 2 blog tours – I know!! I have cut down, although May I might be doing quite a few!!

Next month I have 2 more AuthorTakeOvers for you! Noelle Holten, some may know her 😉 and Gina Kirkham! Looking forward to both!!

How has your April been? Have you read any books that might be on your book of the year list? I read 8 in April that will be featuring somewhere, but can you guess which 8?

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    • Zoé

      Thank you Stephen! On all counts. I am surprised at how much I have read! The cartoons are just such a relaxing thing to do…when I get them right ? Hope
      You have a good May toon