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#AudiobookReview of Earth 101 by Emae Church @emaechurch #Earth101 #Audiobook #ZooloosBookToursEarth 101 - Time To Run by Emae Church
Published by Korudaz Ink on July 20, 2021
Format: Audiobook
Source: Author
Pages: 440

At Hill Derry High School…
…students were vanishing from existence.
Why was Jayne the only one who could remember them?
At 17-years old, Jayne excels at math and science, hangs out with the goth crowd and has a new crush. The new boy at school, Aithen, is cute, but there’s something else about him she can’t quite put her finger on.
There was only one problem.
Laura, her friend turned nemesis, just vanished in front of her eyes.
It didn’t seem possible and must be some sort of hallucination. Was it the bump on the head from last year or something else? She just couldn’t figure it out.
But why doesn’t anyone believe her?
With a reputation for getting into trouble, Jayne will need to convince the boy she likes to help her save the ones she loves. But he has a secret, and nothing is as it seems.
Will life ever get back to normal in time for graduation?
You’ll love this YA Science Fiction adventure because Jayne is a character who is fun to root for, and this one keeps you guessing until the end.
Get it now.

I have to start off by saying what an imagination Emae has!! Wowzers!!!!! I loved everything that was brought to the table! I mean I can’t imagine what sort of research was carried out, but it was epic!

I had no idea where this book would go and I was merrily listening to the audiobook and then it finished! Just like that!!! Man, I hope there is another one.

I did get a bit lost sometimes with the audiobook, with all the world-building Emae has done. Don’t get me wrong it is amazing, but I lost track of a couple of things at some points, so will go back to the book.

Starting off with the day to day on Earth was a nice slow introduction as we have a mystery to solve and time is running out! Then it all hits the fan and we are whisked away to Korudaz! What a fascinating place to be! I loved Jane and Aiten’s story, a bit Romeo and Juliet ish in a sense. It fitted so well.

I was gutted by a twist because I really liked that character, but to find out they had betrayed some people was a blow! The fallout from that will be hard.

I really can’t wait for the next one, I mean there has to be one right?! I need to know what happens next to Jayne! Definitely a fab read and such an intricate world and people. I adored my time here on Earth and Korudaz. More, please.

Until next time xxx

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