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#AudioBookReview of Ruthless Women by Melanie Blake @MelanieBlakeUK #InternationalWomensDay #RuthlessWomen #BookJar #BookJarBook11Ruthless Women by Melanie Blake
Published by Head of Zeus on October 1, 2021
Format: Audiobook, Paperback
Source: Bought, Library
Pages: 464

Ambition can be deadly... A sizzling erotic thriller set behind the scenes of a glamorous TV soap
Falcon Bay was the world's most popular soap opera, filmed on location on a tiny, idyllic island off Jersey. But with ratings falling, a new network owner, the beautiful and malevolent Madeline Kane, arrives on the private island determined to do whatever it takes to get the show back to number one.
Writer Farrah, star Catherine and producer Amanda are the driven, ambitious women who keep the show on the road. But Farrah is losing episodes to the network's lead male writer, Catherine is terrified of the public falling out of love with her and Amanda's evil husband Jake, vice president of the network, is plotting to get his wife kicked off the show.
In a true battle of the sexes, these women will do anything to stay on top. But can they team up to bring down their rivals? Or will jealousy and revenge tear their friendship apart? As their story reaches its shocking climax, one thing is certain: only the most ruthless woman will survive...

Oh my days, this book was just a hot steamy backstabbing 400 pages of wow!!!

When I started the book, there were a lot of characters to keep track of; there was a handy list of characters at the front. I was listening to the audiobook, so it took a while to remember who was who, but I made notes.

This book has sizzle, sass, and a lot of steam flying through the pages. This book reminded me a bit of Footballer’s Wives, with all the audacious behaviour, and I LOVED it all! It is everything you wish was going on behind the scenes of a tv set.

I thought all the characters had their own flaws, and there were some who were despicable with no likeable features. Although one character I loved and hope is okay was Honey. I must admit, I am worried about her! That chilling line at the end of one of the chapters, wowzers it had me worry.

This book completely lives up to its namesake! These women ARE ruthless; they will stop at nothing to get what they each want. Although this book is about women, from a woman’s point of view, it is still featured very heavily around the men. How the men still control everything, but one thing is for sure you never cross any of these women!!!!!!

Oh, the steam in this book! It is hot under the collar bonkbuster. There were a lot of steamy scenes, and wow, luckily, no one could hear my audiobook. Strewth!

I hope there is a second book because a few storylines were left open, and I would love to go back to Falcon Bay, especially after that EXPLOSIVE ending. I mean, wwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaattttttttttttttt god please write another one!!!!! (Update I found out there is a new book in April yay!)

This book is most definitely one of my favourite books this year already! I just loved it; I was hooked. I loved the drama and scandal. The behind-the-scenes look into a tv set, and obviously, so much must have been glamorised, but you do wonder how much of this has been done! And who doesn’t love a scandal that involves noise activating blinds? Oh, I loved that scene!!

Oh, I am a HUGE new fan of Melanie’s, and I can’t wait to read something else by her. I am quite giddy at the thought!

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