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How is this over already?! 18 days has just flown by! I mean i is a great way to get through the year, I feel like I was only emailing Mandy to take part in it like yesterday!

So you may not remember but I did mention in the opening post there is a chance to win a signed copy of Dark Deception. Throughout the 18 days I have been posting random facts about Mandy, and you can either comment on this post, Twitter or Facebook telling me one or two or more of the random facts to be in with a chance to win!

I will not be including them in my recap though – because that would be easy! However, what did I learn?

  1. Mandy is to forever to be known as Isadora Nightingale living as recluse

2. Her favourite book of hers is The Calico Cat

3. She explains how she wrote the opening chapter to Another Mother and how to entice the reader to read after the first page

4. She loves playing on famous phrases and turning the meanings around – A Stitch in Time saves Nine or Time waits for Norman 🙂

5. Her wealth of knowledge into History is just amazing and how she applies this in her time travelling series just blew me away! I felt like I was there with Sarah

6. I adore Veronica Ratchett and would love to read a whole book about her

7. The Feud is most definitely my favourite of the dark and twisty but Summer in Tintagel is a new favourite of mine. Dark Deception will be on my list at the end of the Year.

8. Secrets, secrets and more secrets can destroy what you hold dear, but in some cases when the secrets are exposed it might not destroy everything you love you just have to learn to trust. (Oooh that was a bit philosophical)

9. That you can not pigeonhole a Calico Cat! They are not one thing or another, they are an individual.

10. When Mandy goes dark she goes dark (Check out Dark Deception) but when she goes light she is perfect!

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Now, I hand over to some fabulous bloggers who wanted to say a few words about my Queen of CrazyTown :-

Anne, Being Anne– It’s no big secret, I think, that Amanda James and I go back quite a long way – I reviewed (and loved) her first-time travel book, A Stitch in Time, way back in 2013, and she’s just got better and better. My particular favourites were perhaps Summer in Tintagel, a combination of her earlier quirky style and the thriller writer who had begun to emerge, and Somewhere Beyond the Sea. I’ve neglected her a bit (sorry Mandy!) since she joined Bloodhound Books – she’s been doing just fine without me, and I don’t really read many thrillers these days. But I did read The Feud, and thoroughly enjoyed it, a story full of twists and turns, told with great confidence and assurance – and it was lovely to see that she’s kept those original and quirky touches that, for me, have always distinguished her writing.

Shalini, Book Reviews by Shalini – Amanda James, an author with a wicked mind. Her books are varied as thrillers and can affect my psyche when the hidden twists suddenly pop up on the story. She brings something different in all her books, nothing formulaic but always keeping me at the edge of my seat. Her last page reveals are always chilling and bring a shiver down my spine. A brilliant author who can be trusted to soothe my thriller-y soul.

Sarah, By the Letter Reviews – I first came across Amanda James when I read and fell in love with her books in the Time Traveller series. Which to this day, I still hope she writes more of them as they are fabulous! Since then, she has gone over to the dark side, writing dark and suspenseful reads that never fail to hook me in. Would highly recommend her books happily to anyone.

Yvonne, Me and My Books – The first book I read by this author was Behind The Lie in 2017, since then I have read 7 more of her books. This is an author who I will automatically read as she creates wonderful stories full of intrigue, mystery and is totally addictive. I love her use of the Cornish landscape in her stories, she uses this almost like a character in itself. This is very evident in The Calico Cat, which is my favourite book by this author. A wonderful author and one I would definitely recommend reading. And if you get the chance to meet her you will find a warm and friendly lady, yep I am a huge fan.

Sue, Sue Curran Writes – Not only does Amanda tell a thrilling story, she paints her settings in Cornwall so brilliantly you’re transported there; walking the streets of St Ives, looking out across the sparkling ocean, or on the beach, sea spray and wind whipping your hair, sand between your toes. These are some of my favourite books Another Mother – Filled with suspense and a domesticity touched by fingers of darkness, Another Mother didn’t disappoint. It had me chewing my finger nails, rooting for Lu in her brave moments, worrying for her safety in the danger spots. The Calico Cat – I was drawn to this book because, like Amanda I have written about a walking holiday and people’s relationships and their affect on each other along the way. Plus, walking the Cornish coastal path is on my bucket list! Described as ‘a voyage of self-discovery’, The Calico Cat is that and so much more. The Feud – Not only does Amanda write gripping suspense stories, her characters so real, the likeable ones as well as the scary ones! Yet another of Amanda’s brilliant edge-of-your-seat page-turners. Dark Deception – I couldn’t put it down, it had just the right level of chill factor, and the twists… wow. By the end I was ready for Kerensa to head down one path, totally not expecting that final twist.

Anne Mackle – I’ve read Amanda James’s book since her debut and they just keep getting better. From her time slip novels to mystery and crime. From witchcraft to spiritualism. Every book penned by Amanda James is different. Her latest books will transport you to cliffs and shores of Cornwall, the beautiful houses and quaint shops, the people and the folklore. I loose track of time reading her books and always feel bereft when one ends. I can’t wait for her next one.

Anne Boland – Having a new Amanda James book is such a pleasure. It’s great to know that you can settle down to an enjoyable read whether it be light hearted or scarily dark. I think her warmth and humour are evident in the characters in her stories, just don’t know where she goes to get inspiration for the nasty ones. Her love of Cornwall also shines through, and I think she captures the very essence of the county in her books. One of the best things for me is her flair for descriptive language, making it so easy to imagine a character, a location, or even a moment in time Hope Mandy has many more great stories to tell.

So why Amanda James?

When I first came across Mandy’s book I was introduced to her crime thriller Rip Current (Now Dark Water) and I was hooked. I then read Another Mother, The Cornish Retribution and The Feud and man I was hooked on this Crazy Town. She sends me spiralling out of control. I have now read all of her books and I can confidently say she is not a one trick pony – I really don’t mean this rudely. But I have read such a vast selection of genres, her romances mixed with time travelling is just beyond words, she has written the mystical vs science which blew me away with all the information and knowledge and we have slight paranormal with my favourite little ghosties – these are nicer ones. I will happily read anything she writes, she hooks me in straightaway and takes me on suc amazing adventures that I can’t wait for the next one!

She maybe taking a step back from the dark and twisty but she will always be my Queen of #CrazyTown.

Thank you Mandy for everything! You have been a blast to have on this takeover and thank you for putting up with me generally!!!

Another look at all the pretty covers together!

For the last time xxx



Stay and have a chat :)

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      • Oh I’d forgotten to comment for the giveaway! So, Mandy was a secondary school teacher for almost 16 years and her favourite colour is turquoise xx

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