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This has been a different type of TakeOver as Anne contacted me. I was shocked that someone wanted to be a part of it. I know I have bothered some people but someone wanted me to shout about their books, well I was there!! It has been so much fun and I am over the moon to have had this chance to have Anne on my blog!

Anne is also doing a giveaway, she will be sending the winner of the giveaway a signed copy of Perdition’s Child. All you have to do is like, comment and/or share this post to be in with a chance.

What 10 things did we learn not just from my post but reading other bloggers post.

  1. Anne put a real event in Death’s Silent Judgement, did it stay? Well, that would be telling. Read it here

2. Anne has used real-life events to help inspire her writing, from school ground bullying, an ex with violent hands, a neighbour trying to commit suicide, these have leaked into her pages. Read more about it here

3. Anne use to be a journalist and an editor!

4. There is a 5th book in the works – squealing time!

5. She has translated a French erotic novel into English – oo-er – but I haven’t been able to find the title – some detective!

6. Anne is also the founder/editor of the family website Parenting Without Tears

7. There is not a subject that Anne would not write about if she can do it right and sensitively, this is something I would agree on, she has tackled so many hard-hitting stories and done them justice!

8. She has really thought about how to write herself as a villainous character in a book called Francesca. I will be keeping my eye out for this name in the future!

9. Hannah must be friends with Mavis Upton (Gina Kirkham’s character) they both chose the same character to be at Halloween! Morticia from The Addams Family.

10. Dancers in the Wind is Anne’s favourite book that she wrote.

Here is a recap of the posts I posted for this TakeOver

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Here is what Jacob and Jen had to say about Anne,

Jacob, Hooked from Page One – Anne Coates is a terrific writer. I’ve read two books from her Hannah Weybridge series now and I’ve found each one immersive, and gripping from the first page. I came to this series a little late so it’s best to start with the first book, Dancers in the Wind and I wish I’d discovered the series sooner. Her books will keep you entertained, and they will keep you coming back for more.

Jen, Jen Med Book Reviews – With the Hannah Weybridge series, Anne Coates has given us something slightly different to your average investigative thriller. Set in a time where mobiles and interconnectivity was a luxury afforded to the few, and where journalists still had more to report upon than the latest celebrity scandal, she has provided a series with depth and heart whilst still delivering the thrills and tension

So Why Anne?

When Anne contacted me I knew I had to include her in this takeover, I read Dancers in the Wind and thought it was brilliant! I love how she told the story through Hannah. I said yes straight away, I was honoured to be asked and to include Anne. She has been fab to get to know over the last couple of months and more so with this takeover. Her books have been so hard-hitting but fascinating to read I have enjoyed this adventure and look forward to whatever is going to come next from Anne.

Thank you so much for being as involved as you have Anne, it has been a pleasure to do this #AuthorTakeOver for you and shout about your books!

Until next time xxx

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