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Just to warn you this is quite a long post, #sorrynotsorry. There may be 31 days in July and I extended it, but this TakeOver has made it feel like only 2 days, it has flown! I have to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has contributed and shared the posts. You guys rock!

I have loved every single day of this TakeOver, it has made July fly by and it kicked off my August,! Every day Carol has been amazing and has made me feel like a special blogger!

So only a few things we learned during our time!!

  1. We are getting a book 6 in the Robyn series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It may be a novella but I need closure

2. Carol is related to Ernie Wise and Joseph Wiseman!

3. Carol goes the extra mile in her researching of books! I mean she has even appeared on Quiz shows!

4. Carol really has gone shark diving – I am only a little bit jealous of this

5. At the moment Carol only has 4 comedies (which I read and reviewed) but she is planning on rewritting her older ones and guess what……she is going to write some new ones!

6. There are two endings to The Blossom Twins, the original ending and the one we get. As much as I hate to say it, the ending we got is eons better than the original. Still not over it.

7. Book 2 of the new series – Kate Young is being typed and edited right now!

8. When Carol goes dark, she goes fricking dark! Still not over the Prologue of Little Girl Lost! I think that is the best opening to a novel….. jeez

9. We need to all appreciate the author Alison Kervin, if she had not written the Wag’s Diary, then Carol may not be a household name….the horror!

10. Carol is just plain epic, but I think we already knew that!

I also managed to get a few words from one of Carol’s publishers Canelo……here is what they have to say about Carol.

Carol is such a prolific writer that it is hard to miss her! At Canelo we are always interested in authors who write across multiple genres, and knowing that Carol was interested in making a return to writing romantic comedy – a genre which she knows and loves so well, and going back to the kinds of books where her writing career started – was an incredibly exciting idea.

In one word, working with Carol is fun. In more than one word: engaged, enthusiastic, supportive, professional – a perfect author!

Carol has been great to work with – full of ideas, up for anything, while trusting of the job that Canelo do.

Carol’s books are the perfect fun, humourous, escapist reads – anyone who hasn’t read her romance novels should do so immediately!

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What do other bloggers think about Carol?

Jen, Jen Med Book Reviews – I absolutely love the writing of Carol Wyer. Whether you are looking for moments to make you laugh out loud, scenes of high tension and action , or even just a real depth of emotion, you are bound to find something for you amongst her many, most excellent books. With great characters, tense (or hilarious) plotlines, and stories that keep you completely engaged I am guaranteed to get my pre-order in the minute a new release is announced. I mean, what is not to love about the person who brought us Biggie Smalls (the pug not the Rapper). Plus she has excellent taste in chocolate.

Lainy, SMBSLT – I have only read one of Carol’s books so far because it had a mix of everything so something for everyone.

Kirsty Whitlock – I absolutely LOVE Carol’s books. Every single one keeps me on the edge of my seat and puts me on a roller coaster ride. Love the fact that she is UK based and even better is the strong 💪🏼female roles. I cannot wait for more books to come out!! Top author!!!

Helen Green – I think Carol is amazing I love all her books and get completely engrossed in them and nothing gets done in the house lol. Carol is very interactive with her readers and I think this is great she makes you feel like she’s one of your best friends. I will continue reading carol’s books for as long as she continues writing them.

Lorna, On the Shelf Reviews – Carol Wyer is such a versatile author. She can write romantic comedies that will make you laugh out loud or realistic police procedural that will have you gripped. All I can say is you’re in for a treat when you pick up one of her books you’re in for a treat.

Robin, Robin loves Reading – I started book reviewing a couple of years ago and I came across Little Girls Lost by Carol. She has two series that I all but inhaled, Robyn Carter and Natalie Ward. Carol has a new series due for release in February, An Eye for an Eye, the first book in the Detective Kate Young series. Carol has also written a couple of women’s fiction novels that I thoroughly enjoyed, making it over a dozen of her books that I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing. I particularly like Carol’s crime fiction books because it’s one of my favourite genres and I absolutely love the continuity that is such a huge part of the series. Whenever one of her books is offered, it doesn’t matter what I am reading, I will put that down and read her book from cover to cover before I can pretty much do anything else. Her writing is exceptional and creative and she writes very strong women characters who don’t always have it easy, are always hard-working and focused. Carol makes her characters real to her readers, thus all of her books are extremely relatable.

Inge, The Belgian Reviewer – I absolutely love Carol Wyer’s novels because she writes books including very diverse plotlines that seem to have absolutely nothing in common but every single time they DO come together in a brilliant and spectacular way in the end! All her novels are high level and addictive and I can recommend them to everyone because seriously, what’s not to love with such great characters?

Linda, Linda’s Book Bag – Carol is one of the kindest, most generous authors around. She’s also highly talented and both her romantic comedy and crime thrillers have held me captivated. She’s an absolute star.

Trish Hills – That’s easy! She’s simply amazing. She writes incredible books, whether it’s romance, comedy or crime, she just never fails. She’s also super supportive of us bloggers. She shares and likes and comments on all posts she’s tagged in and she is always grateful for our support, which makes us feel great. Carol also has a wicked sense of humour and can always make me howl with laughter. Carol is just one of a kind!

Steph, StefLoz Book Blog – I first discovered Carol through the publisher Bookouture. Everything has been a pleasure to read. She’s one of my favourite authors and always goes to the top of my reading pile. 

The first one of hers I read was ‘Life Swap’ back in April 2016. I really enjoyed the book, good honest and fun to read! Some parts made me laugh out loud, but lots of tender and emotional moments too. Then there was ‘The Woman Who Lost Her Mojo’ in September 2016, a fabulous bucket list story which made me laugh and cry…..and try out some belly dancing moves! I’ve read everything she publishes.

At that time I’d been reading mostly crime thrillers, so when I found out she was moving to the ‘dark side’ I was over the moon. The crime writing really suits her. I loved the DI Robyn Carter Series. Her relationship with her cousin Ross, a private-eye and ex-copper, was good for a giggle. The unfinished business about her partner Davies drove me insane. I’m still hoping one day I’ll find out the truth! The books in this series are cleverly told, with perfectly delivered suspense along the way.

There are some gruesome murder scenes, and her internet browsing history would make interesting viewing. As each book in the series progressed I could see her growing in this genre, and each book got better and better. Next came the Detective Natalie Ward Series which has brought her massive success, they are fabulous books that totally grip me, the tension is unbearable sometimes and I just can’t put them down. Some of the areas Carol writes about are familiar to me, being from Staffordshire, and that adds even more to my enjoyment.

With another publisher, Canelo, she returned to writing comedies. ‘What Happens in France’, madcap antics on a primetime game show. Very funny and entertaining, easy to read and relatable too. ‘Suddenly Single’, an enthralling romantic comedy of self-discovery and new beginnings. Loved this one.

I had the honour of meeting Carol at Stafford Library as part of the ‘Staffordshire Serial Thrillers’ evening in May 2019. It was good to hear her talking about her writing methods and hear some funny stories. I also found out that she’s blind as a bat without her specs! She was so nice, and we’re definitely on the same wavelength. And to be thanked in the acknowledgements in her books means the world to me. She’s just ace.


Jeanne McAvoy – I love Carol’s books because she recognizes the unique pressures that members of law enforcement face. Natalie Ward often has to balance a messy home life (that’s an understatement) with doing her job quickly and accurately. She is under pressure from all sides and constantly has to choose where her focus should be: on the job or with her family. She doesn’t always choose correctly. She makes mistakes because she’s human. Carol captures all of that perfectly, and manages to fit it neatly within clever plots to boot! I eagerly look forward to each new release

Julie Lacey – I’ve loved Carol’s books since discovering her by reading the DI Robyn Carter series. I’ve recommended her books to countless friends and family and they all love the books too. Recently we’ve been treated to a new Detective Natalie Ward book, ‘Somebody’s Daughter’ and I devoured this book in one sitting when I was lucky to be sent an advanced copy. A huge five star review from me for a cleverly written crime thriller. I’ve also read Carol’s more light hearted books and my favourite of these is ‘What happens in France’. I described this book in my review as “a breath of fresh air” as I loved the way the story flowed so effortlessly and the humour in the book was just brilliant. As you can tell I’m a huge fan of Carol’s books and proud to be part of her group on Facebook.

Meggy, Chocolate n’ Waffles – Carol Wyer is an exceptional writer. She can reach the heart of her readers through a mix of excellent characterization that make you feel for the characters, and superb plots. Away from far-fetched stories, Carol creates fiction with threads from reality, and it gives her novels a striking authenticity. But Carol is also a wonderfully warm woman, a kind soul who loves to share and interact, and it’s always a pleasure to be part of her author’s journey.

Linda Hobden – I’m a big book worm so I particularly enjoy chatting to my author guests including Carol E Wyer! My favourite genre is thriller/suspense although I do like a bit of highbrow classic literature! Carol’s latest books are particularly good although my absolute no.1 favourite is the non thriller … Three Little Birds!

Alison Stockley – I love Carols writing style and how realistic she manages to make her storylines, without using too much jargon. I read my first book by fluke when I found out that Carol was a Staffordshire lass like me. Best fluke ever as I’ve devoured everything available that she’s written.

Nigel, Nigel Adams Bookworm – Some people just get it right, and Carol Wyer gets it right better than most. She gets the story right, every crime she writes about is realistic in its conception, execution and where it occurs. She gets the characters right, Natalie Ward is, without doubt, one of my favourite cops. Not only does Carol show her professional side but also her personal struggles; and this is something else she gets right, the balance of the character. And just wait till everybody reads An Eye For An Eye and meets Detective Inspector Kate Young, Carol takes things to another level with her.

Why do I think her books stand out? Well for me it’s the realism. I’ve worked with Police Officers for most of my career, and very closely for the last 20 years. I’ve been involved in some major investigations and I’ve seen first hand the way they work, and the way they work they do affects them. Nobody portrays that better than Carol. In fact she asked me for some advice about a fire scene she wanted to write. The scene only took a few pages in the book but the research she put into it you would have thought she was researching to take a University exam, in fact I wish a few of my students were as diligent as she is. But something else I noticed when we were talking about that scene was her enthusiasm. She writes with a passion that is reflected in her stories.

My favourite thing about her writing is you just can’t guarantee a happy ending, nobody is safe. Way too many authors stick to the format of putting a colleague or loved one in danger, only for the main character to save the day. Not in these books. It’s not always “case closed”, or “they all lived happily ever after” Just like in real life, frustrations and fatalities (now there’s a title for a book Carol) litter her characters day to day life. For all of these reasons Carol is one of the few, and I’m talking 3, authors who, when her book becomes available, I stop reading whatever I’m reading and dive right into her latest.

Jacob, Hooked from Page One – I’ve shamefully fallen behind on Carol Wyer’s brilliant Detective Natalie Ward series, but I intend to catch up as soon as I can. Whenever I have read one of Carol’s books, I have found them utterly gripping. You’ll race through Carol’s books when you pick them up, and I always look forward to reading what she has install for us next. The Detective Natalie Ward series is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat and eagerly waiting for the next book.

Jenny O’Brien, Author – I first came across Carol Wyer’s books last year while on holidays in the South of France. I just love her character, Detective Natalie Ward, and the way she manages to entwine the detective’s backstory with the plot. I also follow Carol on Twitter – her Mr Grumpy Tweets are totally relatable. But there’s another side to Carol… Her kindness to me, a newbie crime writer. While we haven’t met she comes across as someone I’d like to share a cuppa and a slice of cake with someday.

Nicola Southall – Carol really is a very clever lady, the fact that she can write both comedy and crime equally well is amazing.
Her funny, light-hearted books are fun and original with great characters. Her crime books are gripping, fast-paced and keep me turning the pages to the very end. It’s great to be able to read the 2 genres from the same author. Carol is a lovely person, thoughtful, very funny and who loves her readers and gives them time, even when she’s busy and always asks for their opinions.

Nikki Jablonski – I love Carol’s books because they introduced me to a whole new world of thrilling mystery novels. And Carol is such a wonderful person, interacting with all of her fans all the time on social media. She’s so gracious, warm and friendly her book group feels like a big happy family!

Steph, Booked Up Girl – I’ve been following Carol from the very beginning and fell in love with the DI Natalie Ward series the most! Every time I finish one of Carol’s books, I’m amazed at how she’s manages to top the last! The books are fast paced from the very beginning, and especially with the new instalments – take me on a ride a won’t forget, tapping into my own feelings and I now feel SO connected with Natalie.They have been intense, creepy and heart-breaking all at once – I was unable to put them down, and normally read it all in one sitting neglecting my family for the day! There’s been some shocking endings which have just made me so impatient and willing Carol to hurry up and write the next book! My three favourite words to sum up one of Carol’s books: Spine Tingling, gripping and exhilarating. Keep them coming, Carol! Steph

Emma Shaw – Carol is one of the kindest and nicest people I’ve met. Not long after joining bookstagram I read The Birthday and was overwhelmed at her response when I posted the review. It wasn’t long before she felt like a friend and it feels strange to think I’ve never actually met her. I was thrilled to win the competition recently to join her in a live broadcast. I had never done anything like it before and was incredibly nervous, but she calmed my nerves and was right when she told me it would just feel like chatting with a friend. In the last two years Carol has become one of my favourite authors thanks. You can tell she puts her heart and soul into her books and each one is brilliantly written. Her Natalie Ward series is dark, gritty, tense and suspenseful. The characters now feel like old friends and I am always counting down to the next installment. Carol was also instrumental in my new enjoyment of women’s fiction and romantic comedy. I’d never really been a fan of those genres but I decided to read What Happens In France simply because she wrote it and laughed so much that I now read the genre novel 99. Thanks to her I have read some great books in those genes. I would highly recommend Carol’s books in any genre as you are always going to get a well written novel.

So Why Carol?

OMG, why not is the answer! As I have mentioned god knows how many times, if it had not been for Carol this feature would never have seen the light of day! I had won a giveaway and won the most gorgeous bookmark from Carol, and it got me thinking. A lot of bloggers focus on the publishers and shout about the books they publish and I think that is fab, but I wanted to do something different. I thought, “How about the author?” How about I focus on authors who mean something to me?

Carol, well she is one of the most caring and generous authors out there. I contacted Carol when I got the bookmark and I suggest the idea to her. I try to plan the takeovers to celebrate book birthdays, authors birthdays, anniversary etc etc

When I sent the message to Carol, she loved the idea and I loved her response to it and well here we are.

I adore Carol, she is genuine and she is amazing to all bloggers. I have loved getting to know her better and the little chats we have. She has gone over and above for this takeover and it has been a complete pleasure. Every day she comments on my blog, twitter and shares the posts and she just makes you feel special. She is a ray of sunshine. I have loved her books, her journey and all the stories she has shared. I have read all her books and I might fight to be the number 1 fangirl! I am just in awe and will read anything she writes!

I knew about Carol way before I read any of her books and I loved how everyone got excited about her and her books. I knew I had to get in on the action, my introduction was The Birthday and I have not looked back. I have now read and reviewed every single book of hers, bar the new one and the ones you can’t buy, so I am a super-fan, she has got all the emotions from me, and she has become a friend too throughout this whole TakeOver!

Thank you! 💛💘

For the last time xxx



Stay and have a chat :)

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  1. Totally, totally, totally speechless and weepy and speechless.
    You’ve gone to extraordinary lengths throughout this takeover but surpassed everything with this incredible post.
    I can’t believe everyone has written all those wonderful things about me.
    Thank you seems so inadequate, yet it is accompanied by a deep warmth and affection for you and everyone here who has joined in today.
    I shan’t ever forget this takeover. It has brightened a difficult year and confirmed my belief that the book blogging community is a wonderful family of incredibly generous people.
    Hugest of grateful (and teary) thanks, Zoe.

    • Zoé

      I’m so glad you loved this post. Thank you so much for wanting to take part in this. This is as much your brain child as mine. As I said in my bit, this would never have had happened if it wasn’t for you. I could never thank you enough. This entire author takeover is my way of saying thank you to you and your books. Xxx