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Well, it is yet another #AuthorTakeOver done! How is it done already? You still have time to enter the giveaway so make sure you do check out my pinned tweet here.

As you might know by now, today I am a bystander, I will share the posts we have read and I will share the love from other bloggers.

But what did we learn in the last 8 days?

  1. That I will never think of the game Knock Knock in the same way ever again

Moo2. Chris’ likes to throw logs around in a park as part of a Woodmans workout

3. Book 2 of the Lockhart and Green will be out in the Summer and we might see more of Zac Boateng again (*internal squealing*)

4. Chris is not only an author, but a World Record Holder! Yes that is right, you read here first (Well second as I mentioned it earlier in the week!), he is part of the largest ever Kazoo band.

5. If he got 3 wishes from a genie, he would not give friends and family a bottomless bank account, instead, he wants a never-ending supply of great writing ideas – I think we can get on board with this 🤣

6. He obviously can not count, when I ask him for 1 author or 1 book in a question he lists more than 1! I am the rulebreaker around here, no one can take my crown away. (slinks off to give it a quick shine)

7. I am in awe of the character Kaiser’s mind, not him, just his mind. It is amazing!

8. In every review I write about Chris and his books, I use the word brutal!!! I need new words

9. The hardest chapter for Chris to write is the first one in Bring her Back – Yeah I can comepletely get why I cried so much reading that

10. That when faced with doing housework, Chris likes nothing more than to dance around to 90s cheesy dance music – Don’t we all!

Wow, didn’t we learn a lot!

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Now I know a few people that wanted to say a few words!

Sarah, By The Letter Book Reviews :- Chris Merritt is the fabulous author of the addictive crime thriller series featuring Detective Zac Boateng. Bring Her Back is our first introduction to Zac and what an introduction! With three books in the series, readers can’t wait to see what else he’s been working on. His work background is just as intriguing as his books, being a former diplomat before retraining as a psychologist.

Claire, A Knight’s Reads:- Chris Merritt, what can I say? He writes hard hitting fast paced crime thrillers. I loved his trilogy featuring Zac Boateng who so reminded me of Luther. I’m seriously looking forward to Knock Knock and what comes in that series!

Lorna, On the Shelf Reviews:- Chris Merritt’s books have everything you want in a police procedural, action, tension and a fast pace but it’s his realistic and flawed characters make his books really stand out. I’ve read most of his Zac Boateng series and I’m looking forward to meeting the new characters in Knock Knock and see what Chris Merritt has in store for them, he never makes his character’s lives easy!

Shalini, Shalini’s Books and Reviews:- Chris Merritt, a brilliant author and a master strategist. He can pull the subplots out of thin air, teasing me with hints all through the story. His books are thorough police procedurals where not only the investestigation and murder keep me hooked, the main character draws me in with his strengths and vulnerabilities. His insight into the human psyche, especially the darker ones, always has me gasping. He can spin gold from one line heard somewhere in the news. One of the reasons I am in awe of his writing.

Steph, Steph Book Blog :- Chris Merritt is a master at red herrings. There wasn’t a male character who I didn’t suspect and I lost count of the number of times that I thought I had solved it. It is a long time since I have been so fascinated yet repulsed by what a killer was thinking. And I have never at the same time sensed a vulnerability and a feeling of hurt from more than just the victim.

So why Chris Merritt for this takeover?

Well as soon as I read Last Witness I became a huge fan of Chris’ and that became cemented once I finished Life or Death. I got to meet him too at the Capital Crime Festival and he was so lovely! He indulged me and took his time to speak to me for awhile, lucky for me I have not been served any restraining order yet! He is really is such a lovely guy and he takes the time to speak people. I have loved every book that he has wrote and I can not wait to see what else he comes up with.

Thank you Chris for taking your time to do this TakeOver for me.

Thank you to everyone who shared my post/reviews etc in the last week, as always you are epic!

Until next time xxx

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