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Before I start the post and recap the week and hand over to some special guests, I just want to say, please do not forget to enter the giveaway. All you need to do is tweet/comment with your favourite gif/picture or tell me what is something you would describe as Dead Perfect. Open internationally, you can win a signed copy of Dead Inside and Dead Wrong. Open to the UK only due to restrictions, a gifted ecopy of Dead Inside and Dead Wrong.

So the final post is here – 🙁 I can’t believe it is over already, it has a been a short and sweet AuthorTakeOver but it has been so much fun.

Ok, what 10 things did I learn from Noelle,

  1. Noelle is on heck of a strong and amazonian woman! She uses her past life work/personal to drive her now and produce these epic books

2. Maggie really needs a break!

3. This book titles perfectly describe each book Dead Inside and Dead Wrong! Once you have read the book they make sense!

4. She is a machine when it comes to writing!

5. Maggie would dress up as Harley Quinn at Halloween – two bad ass ladies!

6. Dead Inside is her favourite novel, but she has upped the creep factor in Dead Wrong and Dead Perfect. (I can vouch for that in Dead Wrong!)

7. There will be at least 5 books in this series!

8. I need to watch out for the Femma Fatale in Noelle, she would write herself as a villian in her books.

9. Noelle writes some awesome supporting characters! Lucy, Nathan, Mark, Kate to name a few, just hope everyone comes out unscathed.

10. The 3rd book in the series is called Dead Perfect is available to pre-order now – released on 16th October 2020 for the Kindle (at time of writing)



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Sarah – By the Letter Bookreview – Noelle Holten is a true inspiration. A former senior probation officer and now a PR & Social Media Manager for Bookouture. Alongside her work, she also found time to write her stunning debut, Dead Inside. the first book in the Maggie Jamieson crime thriller, with the second in the series, Dead Wrong, out in March. Noelle gives her readers an insight into the world of probation in her debut which is a thrilling eye opener. She is also one of the most positive and greatest supporters of others. 

Linda, Linda’s Book Blog :- It’s a joy to see the well deserved success Noelle has achieved with her crime writing. With expert and personal knowledge woven in her books vibrate with convincing detail and humanity as well as vivid writing. I’m thrilled for her!

Kerry, Like Herding Cats – Noelle is an amazing book blogger and a brilliant publishing PR and is now stirring up our darkest thoughts with her amazing writing style. She draws on all her professional experience and has created terrifying and thought-provoking novels. She delves into the most depraved minds and dives into parts of the human psyche others daren’t tread. Her ability to get into the heads of her characters and open these up for readers to explore is unrivalled.

Sharon, Chapter in my Life says:- So I first “met” Noelle through online book groups and we soon discovered we loved the same kind of read and we also had the same daft sense of humour. We both had labs, Noelle had Buster at the time, a chocolate lab, and I have Cooper, a golden lab. We soon became known as the #Twinnies due to our twinlike love of books and the name sort of stuck! We then met up in person in Harrogate and thankfully didn’t hate each other in real life and the rest is history! We now spend loads of time hanging out together at book events, usually found with a large gin in our hands too! Noelle has been a massive source of inspiration for me in terms of writing, she really made me believe I could do it and gave me so much support in my journey. Her current series is bloody fabulous, it is gritty, it’s dark and it is most definitely a “read past your bedtime” kind of read. Her own professional experience in the field just shines through in her writing and I eagerly await the next one!

Anne, Random Things through my Letterbox says:- I am really honoured to be able to call Noelle a friend. We met through our love of books, especially crime fiction. I’ve always admired her and the way that she shouts so excitedly about the books and authors that she supports. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her recommendations are always spot on. When she told me that she’d got a publishing deal, I just wanted to scream (in fact, I may have done, but in private), and when I actually got my hands on her first book, I felt so proud of her, and her achievements. Her books are gritty, no-nonsense stories that have such heart and emotion, yet are full of what we love best; bad boys, murder and justice. I know she’s going to have a long and successful career ahead of her and I’ll always be there, cheering her on

Shalini, Book Reviews by Shalini – Noelle Holten… What can I say that the literary world does not already know. She is meticulous in her work. She is thorough. She is one of the few people I know who remembers the reviews by bloggers. I still get shout out for mine, and it left me honored and humbled. Her writing is solid, I know I am going to get my money’s worth. Her attention to detail had me look at her with new eyes. Every scene in her book was needed, it added more layers to the story. I don’t know her on a personal level, though I rarely refuse the Tours she organizes, I enjoy reading her comments on Facebook when she has the time to comment. There is so much joie de vivre in the words, I also know how strong she is and how far she has come. She is an inspiration. Her friendship with her besties and near twins gals bring a smile to my face even on my most dreary days. There is something about her, a light shining bright, which is gracious and kind. Generous to a fault. I can go on and on, but stopping here as I think I am hogging Zoé ‘s blog space.

Yvonne, Me and My Books – Noelle is an author who immediately made my must-read list as soon as I had read her first book, the second delivered and confirmed that this is an author who knows her stuff. I love the inter-agency investigations that she brings to her crime novels and the way she develops her characters. An author who writes compelling and intriguing books and should definitely be on every crime readers radar.

Jen, Jen Med Reviews – If you are looking for a more positive and passionate advocate for books especially crime fiction, you need to look no further than Noelle. She’s proof that if you have a dream you can make it happen – exactly what she did when she decided to write her book. Not only is she the person who introduced me to goldfish bowl-sized servings of gin, but she also introduced us to a cracking set of characters in Maggie, Kate, Lucy and all the team in a series that has the authenticity born of personal experience, and is full of tension and chills.

Anne, Being Anne – Noelle’s blog CrimeBookJunkie has set the standard for crime reviews for quite a few years now, her passion and enthusiasm for the genre making her a firm favourite with crime lovers: and she’s a friend to many more of us in the wider blogging world. If you don’t know her through her blog, you might just know her as part of the wonderful team at publishers Bookouture. The world of domestic abuse and brutal murder is one I very rarely visit, but I thought her first crime novel, Dead Inside, was incredibly accomplished. Next week I’m looking forward to reading the second – I’ve heard really great things about Dead Wrong. The series is compulsory reading for fans of the genre – and Noelle is both a lovely person and such an exceptional talent. 

Claire, A Knight’s Reads – Noelle lives up to her blog name. She is a #crimebookjunkie and this shine through in her writing. Her books tick every box a crime thriller needs to tick with a heavy dose of realism. The stories pack a punch and Noelle leaves you on a cliffhanger desperate for the next instalment!

So Why Noelle?

For me this is a no-brainer, like Kim Nash, Noelle supported me as a newbie blogger when I was still in my baby stage. (only an infant now!) How did she support me? Well by giving me loads of books to read and earning the name #bookpusher, which to this day she still has! She has introduced me to a LOT of authors – yes Bookouture ones 😉 She is also some an awesome woman to chat to and has supported me alot throughout my blogging time. I jut wanted to repay some of my thanks for that by having her as part of my #AuthorTakeOver.

Thank you Noelle for everything and for taking part. I love getting to know you and Maggie a lot better!

And for the last time xxx



Stay and have a chat :)

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  1. Oh Zoé! I smiled through tears as I read this post – how wonderful! Thank you so much for having me all week on your blog and for organising all of this. You are a star! xoxox

    • Zoé

      I am so glad you have enjoyed the takeover! It has been 😎 awesome having you. I hope you see how amazing you are xx