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Before we head into the last post I want to take the time to say Thank You to everyone who has supported this #AuthorTakeOver by reading and sharing my posts about Wendy and her books, plus sharing your own! You guys are amazing! So!

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I can not believe that today is the last day of Wendy’s takeover! I don’t have any books to review, excerpts to share, Q&As to be answered. Instead, like it says on the tin, this is a post to appreciate Wendy and her writing! I managed to contact a few bloggers to get their thoughts on Wendy and I was even so lucky to get a few words from her editor at Ruby Fiction! Wendy does not have a clue about this post so *SURPRISE*!!!

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Okay, so the point of this #AuthorTakeOver was so I could sing my love for Wendy and her writing (without sounding too stalkerish) and introduce or reintroduce her to you! Plus I then get to freely gush about Dean, but I then thought well what did we learn in the last 12 days… here are 10 things that I have learned

  1. Whenever Shelia is in the prologue of a book there will be a body – alive or dead! Haha

2. Wendy does not brush her hair until at least the evening time!

3. Dean drives Eva insane and his favourite tipple is Tequila

4. Wendy has the best cats and I can’t help but share some more pictures of them!

5. Hannah’s story was written before being given a cameo in Where the Snow Bleeds

6. The Girl Who Died is based on a nightmare Wendy had when she was a teenager and she was more concerned she had got caught killing her best friend rather than killing her(!!)

7. I am obsessed with Dean, complete #fangirl and all (oh wait that shouldn’t be in here!)

8. That in Wendy’s head Dean looks like Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer, so now, of course, I will be drooling when I read the books, forever picturing Henry!

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Sorry what was I saying again?!?! You can thank me later!

9. Wendy’s head is one dark and terrifying place and I am sure she can go darker!!!

10. That I am not the only one who loves and appreciates these books…which leads me on to the below.

Oh and one HUGE thing I learned…there was not enough of Henry/Dean so here are some more for you….

You can thank me later!

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And here we are-phew!!


When I couldn’t sleep one night I kept having new ideas and one was to reach out to some bloggers to give them a chance to share their appreciation to the authors and then I reached out to the publishers and this is the result of that.

Lu, Wendy’s editor @Ruby Fiction – The great thing about working with Wendy from an editor’s perspective is that not only is she an extremely quick worker who gets the job done with no fuss, but also I know I’m in for a gripping read when one of her books reaches the top of my editing pile. She was the first crime thriller author we took on for Ruby Fiction and she’s been a brilliant addition to the growing Ruby family. From her debut with us, Who Cares If They Die, through to her newest book, Won’t You Save Me, her writing just keeps going from strength to strength. The same can be said for her main character (who the series is named after), Dean Matheson, who starts off in the first book as a bit of a broken man but has such an amazing character arc through the other two books. Also, obviously no spoilers, but not even I saw the ending to Won’t You Save Me coming — it really is a twist you won’t expect! 

Wendy is also really proactive on social media with book promotion (but I always love seeing the photos of her cats come up on the work feed too!) and makes really impressive book trailers. She’s definitely one to watch and I’m sure she’ll go far. 

Shalini, Shalini’s Books and ReviewsWendy dranfield, an author whose brain scares me at the way she thinks of the twisted subplots in her books. She is one author who can be trusted to make my pulse rate spike. Her books are investigative series but at the core, they are pure thrillers. Sometimes a darker read, they are nothing but a pure adrenaline rush.

Hayley, Hayley’s Book RoomWendy Dranfield is a writer I connected with through Twitter (I’m a book blogger, Wendy is a published author, so perfect! We also Tweet posts about our adorable pet cats) and from that initial ‘follow’ I came across her books. Reading both Who cares if they die & Where the snow bleeds, gave me a wonderful insight into the creative aspect of the author herself. The stories are written perfectly for the thriller genre. They are fast paced, the character development is progressive and the story is thoughtfully plotted from beginning to end. There are plenty of twists in both these novels. As a reader of Wendy’s books, she has made me feel every emotion; from being cross, frustrated and happy. This though is what makes a great writer, someone who has the reader engaged throughout and that is what Wendy Dranfield has done. I look forward to reading more.

Kerry, Like Herding CatsWendy’s novels are thrilling and terrifying. Once you start you cannot put them down. The intensity and compulsion to keep reading is immense and I couldn’t settle until I had reached the end. Even the most innocent and beautiful setting can be turned into sinister backdrops for Wendy’s novels.

Clare Mason – Just a little over a year ago, I was wandering around twitter and I fell into the realm, that is otherwise known as Book Twitter.  When I saw a tweet from Wendy offering a bookmark giveaway tied into her debut novel ‘Who Cares If They Die’ and I absolutely love a good crime novel!  I could not resist, so tweeted my bookmark obsession and followed her and naturally, I bought her ebook.  Shortly after, I received a DM message from Wendy congratulating me on winning some of her bookmarks – I was ecstatic and not just because I just won bookmarks but a real-life author was messaging me. Since then I have been addicted to her books and like me, she is a cat slave. I recently finished book 2 ‘Where the Snow Bleeds’ which was an epic read, the right mix of engaging characters and a story that is deeply sinister and I still haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. Wendy writes compelling, dark and clever crime novels and she deserves a lot more exposure so more people can enjoy her books…

Why did I ask Wendy if she wanted to take part in this and basically be my guinea pig?

When I discovered her first book Who Cares If They Die, I was captivated by her writing and fangirled about Dean. It was a refreshing read where we know the killer before the main characters. Plus although having an immensely flawed main character seems to be the norm, the way in which Wendy has portrayed Dean is first-rate. He was playa but loved his wife, trusted the wrong woman and paid dearly for it, but we see his growth throughout the books and he is one of the most sympathetic and caring policemen out there. His love for Rocky was second to none and I still think K-9 or Turner and Hooch. I am a huge fan of Dean to incase you didn’t know! After this, a conversation between myself and Wendy started and she contacted me asking if I wanted to read Book 2. I think I easily would have snatched the book out her hand if I was with her! I have not looked back and I really think everyone needs to know about Wendy and her books! This has led me to shout about her and her books for the last 12 days and did I mention her cats! LOL.

It’s been an incredible 12 days, I have rediscovered how much I truly love this series and really do not want it to run its course.

I really hope you have enjoyed this feature and I thank you all for the support throughout these days. I hope I have done enough to entice you to give these books a chance and discover a new series for your life!

Thank you, Wendy, you are just awesome!! It has been a real pleasure getting to know you in the last few years. Thank you for also taking a chance on me and allowing me the pleasure of reading your books!

Until next time xxx



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  1. Best. Plot. Twist. Ever!! Thank you again to Zoe and all the bloggers who have so kindly shared our posts and been part of Zoe’s first author takeover. You all do an amazing job sharing the book love and Zoe has been so kind to me since she read my first book. Now I have to get busy writing book 4! xx

    • Zoé

      I can not wait to read book 4!! LOL. It has been my absolute pleasure to host you for all these days! So thank you for being you xx