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Something slightly different this time for you lovely people. I managed to snatch a few minutes with Noelle, who turns out to be Chris’ publicist! I have my opinion, I have blogger’s opinions and now I thought it would be interesting to get the Publisher’s opinion just to get a different spin on things! Without further ado, let us get to grilling Noelle you will have to forgive how naive I may sound with my questions too!

How did you end up being Chris’ publicist? Do you get to choose, and if so what drew you to Chris’ writing?

Kim Nash (Head of PR & Social Media at Bookouture) and I go through the publicity schedule and allocate titles as per our availability as well as our reading tastes in some cases. As I am a HUGE crime fiction fan, I am lucky enough to be able to read and publicise a vast majority of our crime fiction writers – Chris being one of them. When I first saw the retail description to Chris’ latest offering, I knew I had to be involved as it sounds AMAZING. I really enjoyed Chris’ previous series – Zac Boateng– so I know I won’t be disappointed!

OMG! Isn’t it just! I love that series. How do you pitch his books to bloggers and the media?

There are many factors to take into consideration – and I’m not going to give my secrets away! As a blogger myself, I know quite a few people and have come to know many through our Bookouture bloggers group. I get to know what people might enjoy and do my best to get them on board. A majority of time, the retail description sells the book brilliantly, so all I have to do is sign people up. The media side of things is a lot different – you tend to have to pitch the author as well as the book. Media (magazines, newspapers etc) want something different, a hook – what is so special about this person. Chris is fascinating – his work experience outside of writing is amazing, and how he uses his experiences in his writing also makes for interesting reading!

I completely agree, his history adds so many layers to his storytelling. How does the decision get made if the book cover/title is revamped?

No. This is a commercial decision and a lot of things go on behind the scenes before a cover / title change is made. All of us at Bookouture are always encouraged to share our point of view, which is great – but the end decision relies on other factors. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

Ok, down to the juicy stuff now. What is Chris like to work with?

Chris is fantastic to work with. He is such a nice guy – I can’t help but want to shout from the rooftops when his books are published. Chris is really keen to engage with his readers too, and that makes my job so much easier.

Does he get involved with the promotion, all very hands-on or does he let you work your magic?

I’d have to say it is a little bit of both. That’s what I love about Bookouture and the authors I work with. In publicity, we have our set plans which we go over with each of our authors – but many, like Chris, are very proactive in engaging with readers, their social media accounts and generally sharing not only promotional material about their own work, but also of fellow Bookouture authors and authors who they read and love themselves!

What is he like outside of the working environment?

I try to keep my author-stalking to a minimum – well, that’s not really true…I just try and hide it well! I have had the pleasure of sharing a good few chats with Chris at festivals and he is one of the nicest and smartest people you would meet, but he does have a dark side! Some of the ideas he has for kill methods would send shivers down your spine! I also have a confession to make – after reading the first series Chris had out with Bookouture and his interest in parkour – I had this image of him getting around London via buildings and jumps! Can’t you picture it?

Thanks so much for including me on your blog and letting me chat about Chris – he is such an awesome guy and his books are FANTASTIC! I’m incredibly lucky to be working with such an amazing talent!

Thank you so much, Noelle, for taking the time to chat to me today and share some snippets of behind the scenes with Chris, I am so appreciative 🙂

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