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Bad Bastards by Paul Heatley
Published by Fahrenehit 13 on 16 May 2019
Format: eBook
Source: Bought
Pages: 170
Also by this author: Road Kill

Falling in love might just be the dumbest move Patton has ever made.

Patty Dawson is beautiful – tall, with most of her length in her legs – and Patton has fallen head over heels. Patty is also Bobby Hodge’s daughter and that means she’s off-limits to guys like Patton.

Bobby runs the Bad Bastards Motorcycle Club with an iron fist – he runs his family the same way - and when he finds out about Patton and his only daughter it was only ever going to go one way, badly.

Beaten to a pulp and under threat of death, Patton is determined to find a way to be with the girl he loves no matter what the cost, but as the stakes get higher he has to decide just how far he’s willing to go in the name of love.

Wowzers what a book!! I bought this book back in 2019 when I saw a review from Kelly, (From Belgium with Book Love – check her review out here) and knew it would be my kind of book. When I finished it, I had confirmed what I already knew that this book was my kind of book. It is as if the author knew!

I loved Sons of Anarchy when it was on TV, the whole biker mentality, the safety in their family if you were on the in and basically all the gun and drug racketeering they did. Was that in this book? Well yes, but it was only a small part of the magic, the big part was the innocent Patton.

I mean this boy fell in love hard with a girl he should have stayed away from. In my head, it was the characters from SOA playing in the book, except Jax and Tara roles were reversed, I could even imagine the actors playing these characters! Everything was perfect, the story, the outcome and the mass hysteria in the middle. I know I am rambling but words can not express how much I loved this book!

This book showed the biker gangs as they are perceived to be, it is gritty, it is raw and it makes no apologies for the language or blood at all, I mean why should it. I don’t want a book that will dance around and make things all airy-fairy because that is not the way.

I know broken record time but I need to check out some more of Heatley writing! His book just blew me away and I think I need a beer to help with the hangover I have got. The brutality was on point, the action fast and tantalising and the story, well who doesn’t love a bit of Romeo and Juliet going all pear-shaped.

Not sure what else I can say to try and get you to read this book but I do hope that if you love all of the above you will rush out and buy it…NOW!! And don’t wait too long to read it either, you will be missing out! This is a top top TOP book for me for 2021!

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