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Bad Blood by D C Brockwell
Series: DC Nasreen Maqsood #3
Published by Bloodhound Books on November 11, 2020
Format: eARC
Source: Author
Pages: 343

This killer takes no prisoners... Recently promoted to Detective Sergeant, Nasreen Maqsood is given the case of a brutalised body found dead in a car park.

When they discover the victim was dragged around the car park by a pick-up truck and the killer recorded the murder, Nasreen realises she has her work cut out.

She also has a new partner, Alicia Weekes, and the two detectives don’t get on.

When the victim is identified, the case takes an interesting turn but when a second murder takes place, it sends them down a different track.

Can Nasreen and Weekes put their differences aside, and work together to stop a vicious killer with a sinister agenda before they strike again?

Happy Publication Day Duncan! Hope you have an awesome day ???

This is my second outing with Duncan, my first I can’t talk about yet but that was an awesome book. Here in Bad Blood, he is nowhere near as dark as he was in that book. This may be book 3 in the series but we are introduced to a new character called Alicia Weekes and this made it easier to read as a standalone. I do have the other 2 books to read and will go back to them as the previous cases were recapped but I felt comfortable reading this out of order. Crazy I know!

I knew I would be in for a ride with one of Duncan’s books and it was a mad ride. The deaths were gruesome, the time was tight and things were just intense. I had no idea who was committing such shocking murders, I mean in some respect they were, dare I say it, entertaining, mainly because of how imaginative they were. They did make me wince quite a lot when reading those scenes because Duncan can paint such a vivid description as if you were there experiencing it with them. Ouch is putting it ever so mildly!

One thing I quite liked starting at Book 3 is I have no loyalty to Nas as she is a new character to me. I got to meet her with Alicia. I got to see the dislike by both the women, and I have to say my head went with Alicia, I think her name might have won it for me? . However, with Alicia, we learn about her background and how she has got to where she is and what drives her. I know I will get this with the earlier books for Nas but there was a connection I had with Alicia. Don’t get me wrong, neither woman are likeable when they first meet each other, in a “man’s” world it is tough for the woman so they have to stamp their authority. Luckily the hostility doesn’t last too long and we see a bond with the woman, plus a bit of healthy competition. I have discovered two new confident, headstrong women who I am slightly in awe of. Two women who are single mum’s who try to balance their work-home life, no easy task for sure!!

You may think, oh another police series do we need it? My answer to you is YES!!!! 100% Yes. On the front, it may seem like just another police series but it’s not. It is fresh, imaginative and there aren’t many series I can think of where you have 2 female leads. We have no sexual tension or drama, just good old fashion and solid police work. We have the race against the clock, but for me, this felt so fraught as people are being picked off one by one.

I never like talking about the book, just how it made me feel. Well, I was thinking about this book when I wasn’t reading it and I just wanted to get back into the action with Nas and Weekes. I wanted to find the killer in double time without anyone else getting in the cross hairs. The worse was not knowing who was going to be next, so you felt like you were on edge waiting for the next incident until you get to “that” incident. Then you know it is going to ramp up the ante mega style.

I think I have just waffled but this was such an exhilarating read. It is a read that I urge you all to go and out and read! Plus it is out today so you have no excuse ?

Until next time xxx

I have quite a few to read by Duncan! Two with no covers and two with!

Thank you to Duncan for an eARC in return for my honest and unbiased review.

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