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Wow, this seems like it was a quick takeover, anyone feels that! It was there and then it wasn’t anymore! I mean what is that all about?!

Did we learn anything in the last 9 days? I think we did! I think we learned a lot!!!

  1. Reading Amazing Grace is, as I discovered, a slice of magic, it is a book of pure beauty. You may see it show up on my Booklist for the Year!

2. The story Amazing Grace stemmed from the loss of Kim’s mum, this inspired her to write down the words that she would say to her. Some of these I think are included in the book. (You will need a tissue for those bits)

3. She is currently writing a 3rd book

4. That elements in Amazing Grace actually happened in Kim’s book, I can’t possibly divulge all of them. However, heart hugs are a HUGE thing!

5. There is a lot of Kim in Maddy, from Escape to Giddywell Grange, so much so her friends question her to what bits actually happened to her!

6. I learned about swishing from Kim and man it is something I would LOVE to try!

7. It was Amazing Grace’s book birthday on 10th April 2020, in a crazy time that we live in at the moment, it is lovely to celebrate this!

8. I am more determined to visit a medium now to try and speak to my Dad. Again, read Amazing Grace

9. Do you think I might just love Amazing Grace a little bit?????

10. And finally! That the inspiration behind Mark and Vinnie are actually two rather hot men and if Amazing Grace was made into a film, this is who she would like to cast……Ladies, this is just for you

Ok………..once we have wiped our drool off, the following posts were posted in this TakeOver. I am sure if you read one of these posts you might find the pictures again….

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I have a few people who have a few things they would like to say about Kim.

Sarah, By the Letter Reviews – Kim Nash, PR & Social Media Manager for Bookouture, is another inspirational lady who not only wowed us with her wonderful debut Amazing Grace but with her second novel, Escape To Giddywell Grange, also. Her books are heartwarming and uplifting and if you know Kim, so her! The covers are bright, fun and gorgeous, again, just like Kim.

Kerry, Like Herding Cats – Kim Nash really has a knack for writing characters close to the heart. She creates wonderful cosy settings filled with exactly the sort of people you want in your life. As well as warming the hearts of romance readers everywhere, Kim is also one of us. A brilliant book blogger offering support and book love to authors and bloggers.

Linda, Linda’s Book Bag – I absolutely love Kim Nash, both as a person and as an author. I can think of no-one who works harder in her professional life, and as a Mum, and her books are just a delight. Kim writes about real issues for real women that make her readers laugh and cry. If you haven’t yet discovered Kim’s writing, you’re missing a real treat.

Jo, My Chestnut Reading Tree – I have no idea how Kim Nash does it all! Award winning blogger, member of the RNA, book club organiser, blogger meet up organised, PR and Social Media Manager at Bookouture, Mum to Ollie and Roni the English Setter and now…author! She works so hard but she still makes time for everyone who needs her. Never mind Amazing Grace, it should be Amazing Kim! But that doesn’t have the same ring to it and Amazing Grace is such a fabulous debut novel that I wouldn’t want to change one tiny thing about it. Love this lady and love her books!

Anne, Being Anne – When I read Kim’s first book, Amazing Grace, in April last year, I really had no hesitation in saying that it was one of the very best romance books I’ve read that year (and I do read a lot of romance books!). I know producing an equally strong second book can be a challenge for many authors, but blow me, she did it again – I think I might just have loved Escape to Giddywell Grange even more. Her writing has an effortlessness about it, easy and comfortable to read – she has a perfect touch both with her humour and with the even more difficult emotional content. Kim is a rare talent, and her books are just infused with warmth and love.

Kate, Portable Magic – I read a lot of crime books but Kim can always tempt me over to the bright side. Her books are full of comedy with brilliantly observed characters and she tackles some really important issues as well!

Yvonne, Me and My Books – Kim Nash is such a fabulous author and is on my list of authors whose books I will read without even looking at the synopsis. Amazing Grace was just that, Amazing from start to finish. Emotions went through the wringer with this one and it felt realistic. Escape to Giddywell Grange has a different feel, a soul searching book that is so heartwarming. Kim’s books are the sort you pick up and read in one go. Fabulous author and fabulous books

Jen, Jed Med’s Book Reviews – What I love about Kim is that not only is she a wonderful advocate for books and a brilliant blogger in her own right, she is also a fabulous friend and support to bloggers and authors alike. And her books give you that perfect moment of escape – a terrific blend of humour, romance, emotion and friendships that takes you away from the every day. Never more pertinent I’d say!

Shell, Baker’s Not So Secret Blog – Kim is one of the most supportive, kind and understanding people I know in the book industry. I also love the fact that she is so brutally honest. I am honoured to have Kim has a friend. Both of Kim’s books I can see different parts of Kim in the characters or plot but what I love most is that the characters are easy to relate to. Kim has an incredible talent of making you connect with the characters and feel the emotion the characters go through.
And to make me cry! I don’t cry easily but both of Kim’s novels have touched my heart. They have also made me laugh and when I say laugh I mean laugh out loud. Kim writes from the heart this is shown throughout both stories which have both blown me away for different reasons. Kim is an author you don’t want to miss.

So why Kim Nash?

Like all of the #AuthorTakeOvers previously, I chose these authors for a reason. They have influenced me and all mean something to me. Kim, well she was the first publisher to take a chance on me. When I first started blogging she was messaging me to help me understand what the frick to do and took a chance on me with her tours. My first tour being What Holly’s Husband Did by Debbie Viggiano and I still remember that book! Kim is just 100% genuine and so lovely to boot, she has indulged me with this takeover and every time I messaged her when I reading, giving me little snippets about the bits which were “real”. I haven’t met Kim yet but I really hope I get to, so we can have a proper natter because she is someone you can imagine becoming a true friend.

Thank you, Kim, for taking part in my #AuthorTakeOver it has been such fun reading all your posts and most importantly your books! Can’t wait for book 3!

For the last time! xxx



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  1. Great post Zoe. I will have to go back and reread your review for Amazing Grace. I definitely want to read the book, you have convinced me for sure.