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Blood and Steel by Stuart Field @StuartField14 @damppebbles @NextChapterPB #BookReview #BlogTourBlood And Steel by Stuart Field
Series: John Steel #4
Published by Self Published on July 23, 2020
Format: eARC
Source: Author
Pages: 576
Also by this author: Steel and Shadows, Hidden Steel, Broken Steel

After a young woman is found dead in her apartment, Detective John Steel is brought in.

A British cop working with the NYPD, he is a man with unique talent for finding trouble and winding up his partner, Detective Samantha McCall.

Soon, another woman goes missing, and the duo must find out why. But there is a cost: the dead woman is the girlfriend of one their own, and the missing woman may have something the killer wants.

As the clock ticks, the investigation runs deeper and an old enemy shows his face. Will any of them see the end of this alive?

Back with Steel and McCall and the rhythm from book 3 is still going. Still on the hunt for SANTINI, Steel on his one-man mission. However, the opening scenes of this book are something out of a horror story.

We are greeted straight away with death and a lot of it, the dark and brutal kind and the kind that affect one of the team personally. A blast from the past for the team and no way in the good kind.

Like always, these books are all about the action and boy is there a lot here! Steel the machine, the lone wolf. We discover a bit more about his shadowy and secretive past whilst working with McCall and the team. I will say it again, this is most definitely the type of book if written in the late 80s/early 90s you could imagine as Bruce Willis as the main character. It just has his signature all over it, he may not have the suave that Steel has but he has everything else. Both are always throwing themselves into high-risk situations! I mean who else would be climbing over a fast-moving train!

Each book feels like we are a small step closer to finding SANTINI and the opposing and far deadlier organisation. However, a few bombshells have been left and it will be interesting to see how they play out.

Fields will always have you entertained with Steel. As I have mentioned before it resonates of early Reacher books, but with a more mysterious past especially with Steel being a Lord and a secret Bond team! Yes, there is a lot of action, but there is enough to keep you going with the background, the teamwork and the effort for everyone to get their head around what is going on. I mean my head is still spinning from it all.

It will be interesting to see what direction we head down next, I have a feeling some things might not be so easy to talk away.

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Nothing! I have to wait for the next book to come out!!!

About Stuart Field

Stuart Field was born in the UK, in the West Midlands. He spent his early years in the army, seeing service in all the known (and some unknown) hotspots around the world. He now lives in Germany with his wife Ani. When not engaged in highly confidential security work, he writes thrillers which
perhaps mimic his life-experience more than the reader would like to believe.

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