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I really can’t believe that I have just read the last Mavis book, I will pray that it is not the last one I miss Mavis. I mean it can’t be, can it?

What is the last installment all about?

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Blues, Twos and Baby Shoes by Gina Kirkham @GinaGeeJay @MavisUpton @urbanebooks #BookReview #AuthorTakeOver #MavisUpton #IsThisTheEndBlues, Twos and Baby Shoes by Gina Kirkham
Series: Mavis Upton #3
Published by Urbane Publications on October 24 2019
Format: Paperback
Source: Author
Pages: 325
Also by this author: Handcuffs, Truncheon and a Polyester Thong, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Murders At The Winterbottom Women’s Institute

Constable Mavis Upton is back, and this time she's taking no prisoners - which is never good for a police officer.

Mavis is pregnant, as is her daughter Ella. Facing the prospect of motherhood and being a grandmother simultaneously the last thing Mavis needs is problems at work. But a new sexist dinosaur of a Sergeant is more bully than mentor, and a mysterious case involving a blackmailer sending poison pen letters is baffling the police and tearing apart the local community.

Can Mavis juggle impending motherhood and her career, maintain a loving relationship with her other half Joe and deal with being a grandmother, all whole soving the case?

Well, this is Constable Mavis Upton...literally anything is possible...

OMG, how can this be the end? I feel like crying, Mavis has been part of my life for so long but as I close the book for the last book I am not sure if we will get more.

Mavis is a firecracker, she has a huge heart and she would do anything for you, even if you are on your deathbed and you irritate the hell out of her.

I am not sure what I can say that I haven’t already, but you need to read and meet Mavis, she is the most amazing woman! Everything that could go wrong will go wrong and in spectacular fashion even a funeral!! Nipple tassels superglued on, glue sticking your knickers to your most delicate areas, why is it glue! A family photo with a dog that has no shame. It happens to Mavis. I love this story and for the first time, we have more of a point of view of a new character while they “blackmail” the locals all down the musings of someone’s little black book.

Despite dementia not being a laughing subject, Gina tackles it with care and in all 3 books, she has shown the funnier side to it where her mum, dad and aunt all have got their words muddled up in the lost spectacular fashion which was hilarious! But it makes your heart swell with love as you see the tender care that Mavis has for her family.

Oh, I really don’t want this to be the last Mavis! I know it’s not the last book by Gina (praise the lord to that!) but I don’t think Mavis could ever bore me. Even at “her age” (she really isn’t old) she is still able to tackle things that a spritely new cadet could and she does it in a much better fashion, I mean who else could chase after someone in heels and have her skirt rip for the whole world to see her thong! She still classes it up!

I could write a review without mentioning my favourite Petey. He got a bum deal and there was one part I had such a lump in my throat that it hurt. I felt broken for him but the camaraderie of the team is one that could get you through anything. Degsy, Mark and Bob are fab lads to see you through the rough parts and rip you apart through your cock-ups. Like thinking there was a dead body in a bath, my god that was funny!

I don’t think I have many more words left, Gina has created a masterpiece and it is paced just right. Mishaps for Mavis but it’s balanced out by the loving moments, the moments on the job and the family. Ella and Joe and now Ben and Daisy( and luke) the Upton/Blackwell Family is complete. I love Gina’s writing and I know the next book she writes will just as amazing (I may have already read some!) and she will create a new character to come along to make me gush over! She’s good at that, the main thing I love about Gina’s writing, she writes like she is having a conversation over a cuppa tea. It doesn’t feel like a novel, 325 pages felt like 30 mins chat and I loved it. Gutted it’s over now.

Until next time xxx

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About Gina Kirkham

Gina Kirkham was born on the Wirral in the not-so-swinging 50’s. Being the less adventurous of three children, she remains there to this day. Trundling a bicycle along a leafy path one wintry day, a lifelong passion to be a police officer gave her simultaneously an epiphany and fond memories of her favourite author Enid Blyton and moments of solving mysteries. Thus began an enjoyable and fulfilling career with Merseyside Police. On retirement she put pen to paper to write a book based on her experiences as a police officer. And so Mavis Upton was born…

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