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#BookExtract of Radio Ha Ha by Kiltie Jackson @KiltieJackson @SpellBoundBks @ZooloosBT #KiltieJackson #RadioHaHa #ZooloosBookToursRadio Ha Ha by Kiltie Jackson
Published by SpellBound Books on 27th June 2022

Will a blind date on the radio blossom into romance on the airwaves ?

DJ Marky Sparks is hanging onto his career by a thread - he needs a miracle.
Steven Byrne has an invite to his brother’s "Couples Only" party – he needs a date.
Matilda 'Mats' Davidson has dumped her cheating boyfriend – she doesn’t need anything.

A drunken email brings these three strangers together and changes their lives in ways they couldn’t have foreseen.

Mats Davidson has just dumped her cheating boyfriend so is less than impressed to find herself, thanks to her interfering best friend, taking part in a radio version of Blind Date barely two hours later.

Steven Byrne can’t attend his brother’s “Couples Only” engagement party without a date and is horrified to find he’s sent a drunken email to a local radio station asking for their help in finding one.

DJ Marky Sparks seizes the opportunity to add a different element to his morning breakfast show and in doing so, brings Mats and Steven together.

While the date is a success, there are no plans to meet again but DJ Sparks has other ideas. He formats a plan to bring Mats and Steven together while also, hopefully, saving his radio station and his career.

A story of adventure, courage, tears and a whole lot of love!

Ok, I am back like a bus with another exclusive extract, this time from Radio Ha Ha, I can NOT wait to read this one!


A skinny arm, with a bony hand balled into a fist, flew out from the duvet-covered mound on the bed and landed on the goose-honking alarm clock with a thump. Silence filled the room as the stick-like limb was reeled back in to its little den of warmth. A small snuffle escaped from the miniscule opening before the duvet was grabbed tight and all escape routes were closed off.

For a time, nothing moved and then gradually the mound began to stir. The tortoiseshell shape began to unfold and two long, narrow feet made a break for freedom, thrusting themselves out bravely from the warm confines of the bed. Two puny legs slowly followed until finally the duvet slipped down as the semi-comatose body sat up. A small pot belly rested upon its owner’s lap, partially obscuring the saggy, grey boxer shorts underneath, but drawing emphasis to the meat-free ribs above it. Jagged elbows landed on knobbly knees and a headful of super-shaggy, blonde threaded with gunmetal grey, shoulder-length hair landed in the waiting hands for a good scratch to be administered. The head raised itself and the same hands rubbed the stubble-riddled face as one eye-lid used all its available strength to lift itself up and allow the vivid blue iris underneath a brief moment in which to read the red neon numbers on the bedside clock.

3.45 AM

A low groan forced its way out of dry lips as the right hand slid down towards the floor and felt around blindly until it landed on the thermal cup placed there the night before. It grasped the silver container in the same manner as a grabber machine at the fairground and raised it up slowly. The left hand, not wishing to be left out, reached across to pop open the drinking spout before dashing south to support the bottom of the container as it was lifted towards the downturned mouth. Warm, extra-strong, Java coffee flowed down the dry, raspy throat, with the kick of Jack Daniels hot on its heels. By the time the cup was empty, both blue eyes were open and alert and the previously sagging body was sitting to attention. A moment later, it stood and with a large stretch and an even larger yawn, began to make its way towards the en suite shower.

Marky Sparks, 80s DJ extraordinaire, was back in the land of the living!

Well I am looking forward to this one!!!!

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About Kiltie Jackson

Kiltie Jackson spent her childhood years growing up in Scotland. Most of these early years were spent in and around Glasgow although for a short period of time, she wreaked havoc at a boarding school in the Highlands.

By the age of seventeen, she had her own flat which she shared with a couple of cats for a few years while working as a waitress in a cocktail bar (she’s sure there’s a song in there somewhere!) and serving customers in a fashionable clothing outlet before moving down to London to chalk up a plethora of experiences which are now finding their way into her writing.

Once she’d wrung the last bit of fun out of the smokey capital, she moved up to the Midlands and now lives in Staffordshire with one grumpy husband and another six feisty felines.

Her little home is known as Moggy Towers even though, despite having plenty of moggies, there are no towers! The cats kindly allow her and Mr Mogs to share their home as long as the mortgage continues to be paid.

Since the age of three, Kiltie has been an avid reader although it was many years later before she decided to put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – to begin giving life to the stories in her head.

Her debut novel was released in September 2017 and her fourth book, ‘A Timeless Lovestyle’ was a US Amazon bestseller in Time Travel Romance.

Kiltie loves to write fiery and feisty female characters and puts the blame for this firmly on the doorsteps of Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables and George Kirrin from The Famous Five.

When asked what her best memories are, Kiltie will tell you:

1. Queuing up overnight outside the Glasgow Apollo to buy her Live-Aid ticket.

2. Being at Live-Aid.

3. Winning an MTV competition to meet Bon Jovi in Sweden. (Although, if Mr Mogs is in earshot, the latter is changed to her wedding day.)

Her main motto in life used to be “Old enough to know better, young enough not to care!” but that has since been replaced with “Too many stories, not a fast enough typist!”



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