#BookoftheYear! I mean how do you choose?! Part 1 of however many!! January to April

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So this is my second Christmas as a blogger doing my Book of the Year post last year that crown went to The Lion Tamer Who Lost by Louise Beech and I still sing about this book so much! Last year I had 21 books because you know as the saying goes my blog my rules!

This year I have toyed with how I am going to do this, to date I have read 170 books and there is still time for a book to blow me away! I currently have 59 books listed as a contender – how do I choose?! Do I split it by the months I read the books, do I only list books released in 2019, do I show book series differently to standalone, do I do a top 5 of different genres. The answer well I still do not have a scooby, and I would drive myself crazy trying to decide! Plus again as I like to bend the rules I may have included more than one book if it’s in a series, cue the evil laugh.

An excuse to use a Tom Hiddleston gif

So, I have decided that I will do a post to show the 59 books I have chosen as contenders for the year over 3 posts so that everyone gets an honourable mention and then pick my Top 10! Phew, I think I have succeeded.

So, my picks from books I read January to April are, in no particular order!

Now what I CAN tell you is that at least a couple of these will be on the final post for the Year…which ones well you will have to wait and see!

And another excuse lol

What do you think? Anything you have spotted that you have read and liked or didn’t like?!

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6 responses to “#BookoftheYear! I mean how do you choose?! Part 1 of however many!! January to April

  1. Oh, I chose my favorite book of the year the minute I got finished reading it! None of these, though! (But you and I don’t really have the same taste in books, so no problem!)