#BookoftheYear! I Mean How Do You Choose?! The #Final21Countdown

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So after reading 170 books, choosing 59 books as my contender of the year, how the heck do you choose just 10! Well, you don’t you have a Top 21 instead! (This might a long post, sorry if I bore you ahead of time!) And no I did not want to round it up to a nice round number, I like to be different😝

*Update- For someone who works in finance I can’t count! I added more books and didn’t update how many there is! I have a top 21 not 19!! 🤣🤣

I have known for a long time which books would battle out the Number one book but how the rest was made up nobody knows…not even me! Doh! I mean I have read some freaking awesome books this year and it is just so tough to narrow it down. Which is why I did the honourable mentions because they were freaking awesome! So in no particular order bar the Top 3, what were my Top 21-4 books!

Ok, so I cheated! The Julia Ibbotson ones is a series so I have counted it as 1!

So why the Drumbeats trilogy by Julia Ibbotson? I read this series in January and I still can remember everything I loved about this series. From the characters to the Ghanian Villages and town folk. It is a beautiful series!

Check out my review here for Drumbeats and a snippet below

I do not know if there are any words in my dictionary that can describe how amazing and breathtaking this book truly is. I stepped out of my comfort zone reading this book and I have not looked back, words have failed me. I have been discussing this book with Kerry at Herding Cats and she is the same as me, we both loved and adored this book, but when it comes to writing the review we know that we could never do it any justice.

Walking in the Rain by Julia Ibbotson

The first two books in this series have evoked so much emotion from me, I have been gripped, I have cried, I have shaken the Kindle with anger, sat there catching flies as my jaw dropped a few times and I had to remind myself it is only a story. Sometimes I forget we do not live the stories. I am completely enthralled by this beautiful book series and I really do not want to read the last one because it means that I have to leave Jess and the series, something I am nowhere near ready to do!

As the tagline says “Never give up on your dreams”

And the final book in this beautiful series Finding Jess

Each time Ms Ibbotson has described the setting, the actions of a character, I was there. I watched it all unfurl like everyone else, my heart sang for joy and broke in two with pain. Every word was so real, and at times with Jess’ realisation of how alone she truly is, resonated so deep within me and she made me take a long hard look at myself. Jess and her story, Julia and her writing are not going to leave me. It is untouchable, I cannot describe to you the magic that takes place in these three books. I am hoping Jess hasn’t finished her story, it would make my month to know she hasn’t. 

I am getting emotional just re-reading the reviews! I have bought this book for family and they have loved it!

Again another series! BUT I am classing this as one!

So why both of these books by Kerry? God, Kerry knows how to write a book where you have loads of characters and you just don’t get confused. All the snippets from each character just ramped up the tension and I loved it! It is gung-ho all the way and I can’t wait to read the next one!

Read my full review here for Heartlands and Her Missing Child, or the snippets here

Heartlands snippet

Right this second, there is nothing I can fault about this book. This book is so character driven, that it made me fly through it! I quite enjoy that you don’t get to know the ins and outs of each of the characters straight away and that they all lead the story…

I found the writing by Ms Watts so addictive and she had me hook, line and sinker (sorry poor joke! When you read the book you will know why!). I found it completely fast paced and action packed, never knowing what might happen next! I felt everyone’s reactions were portrayed in a way that you could envisage it happening! It was a roller coaster of a ride and a brave move to that paid off by giving everyone their own voice.

Her Missing Child Snippet

In Her Missing Child, ALL the characters are flawed and reckless, we unpick each of their lives, the pain, heartbreaks and anger resonate off the pages. So many mistakes have been made and it just takes that one tragedy to set off the Butterfly effect…I am pretty sure I said this last time with Heartlands. I think it’s safe to say that Watts has a formula that works fantastic for her, and I love it as a reader. I love the introduction to a pool of characters, I love that they have their own voice and their own story and we get to see and hear that although sometimes we just scratch the surface. This style of writing excites me and makes me want to find all the excuses in the world to not have to socialise and just sit and read all day! Although mini-me doesn’t make that easy!

So why The Forgotten Ones by Andrea Bills? Well there was just something about this that drew me in! After I saw the front cover and started reading I couldn’t let go. I didn’t realise it was the 2nd in the series but it didn’t matter, by that point I was so hooked on the story!

Read my review here and a snippet below

So much I want to say about the story but I won’t. The writing sucked me in straight away, so much ambiguity in the characters, teasing and encouraging you to keep reading. Snappy chapters from Caitlin, Dean and occasionally the dark mind of our killer, all enticing you to keep reading. So I did! I found it such a great book to pick up and it was an easy read, albeit dark and viscous at time. All the while leading you to a point of no return and leaving you thinking about the book constantly…Well, I did!! Plus when you learn why the book is called The Forgotten Ones and why the front cover is the way it is, well it might just break your heart just a little bit!

Why The Nightmare Girl by Jonathan Janz? Well it wouldn’t be a top year if there was not a Janz book in my list would there! I have read a few this year but this one stuck out the most of me! It was the darkest, creepiest and twisted book which I freaking loved!

Check out my review here and my snippet

This book was intense with no relief, I was constantly waiting for the next thing to happen, from ashes being thrown in the garden, hallucinations, a blacked out chapel all truly terrifying events. I read this in the car, my daughter wanting me to cover the book cover (and rightly so, I mean have you seen anything so menacing!) and the faces I was pulling through fear, revulsion and terror made the boy laugh. I am sure OMFG left my mouth a few times, in a whisper of course! Where three-quarters of the book is poodling along in third gear, driven by the characters, the gear is suddenly changed to fifth gear and we are in the fast lane to the ultimate crazy town and a whole lot of heart in throat action.

Why When The Snow Bleeds by Wendy Dranfield? Well, why not?! Everyone knows I blinking loved the first book, leaving me with my heart in my throat and the action did not relent in this one! It was intense set in a snowed-in little town, what is the worse that could happen?!Plus Book one hit my list last year!

Check out my review here and a snippet

And hello to one of my book contenders for the year!

In this sequel, you can see how much further Wendy’s writing has come. Where she was dark and twisty in book one, she is worse in book two. There was so much going on at once she knew how to make my head spin, my breath stop and make me swipe quickly on my kindle. She laid the land with the calm before the storm perfectly, lulling you in however making sure the intensity in the book did not relent.

Where The Snow Bleeds is darker than its predecessor, it packs a harder punch, it is brutal and gawd the shocks in this book!! Well, I was on edge, but when it ended not going to lie I was annoyed! I mean where is book three already!! Exciting cliffhanger or what! I am so excited to see how much more this series can grow.

Why The Feud by Amanda James? I really CAN NOT include a book from my Queen of Crazy Town in this list! She knows how to create characters who on the outside are “normal” but man does s**t start flying. Two words – LOVE IT

Check out my review here and a snippet

I was sucked into The Feud straight from the get-go, the writing is so fluid you find it so easy to sit back and watch everything unfurrow in front of you. Through the manipulation of one person to the innocent bystanders who all get caught up in the feud the outcome is quite haunting and destructive. Like the other books I have read by Ms James, she spins your head around and around where you suspect everyone and everything and just when you think everything is calm, you get the biggest dizzy spell of them all.

As soon as I see “Amanda James” I don’t bother reading the blurb, all I say is “Yes please!”

Why Anna by Patricia Dixon? First off I have to thank Amanda James for this! If she had not contacted me about Trish’s books I wouldn’t be where I am now! This book just sucked me in and all the emotions! I adored the story, the setting and of course the writing!

Check out my review here and a snippet

I honestly have felt blessed to have this book come across my path. This story is one of someone having their life destroyed by someone they loved and watching them grow into someone who has overcome this heartbreak and is stronger than ever before. This story of second chances, not at love and life but with family is so poignant and touching. Some of this hit home a lot more with me when reading of Anna’s son heading off to Afghan and his life in the army, with my current situation, and when discussing with Patricia the book, I realised we have got so much more in common! When she mentioned one part to me and said that it happened in real life, well I was done for when I read it – heart and broken!

Why Standing Still by Natalie Quieroz? I don’t read that many autobiographies but when the email was in my inbox about this book I knew I had to read it. I vaguely remembered the events of this book as it happened but never knew the story. It broke me but it also showed me the strength of one woman!

Check out my review here and a snippet

I lost count how many times my heart broke for Natalie, not for pity but because she has put down in black and white this brutal attack, she has laid it all bare for you to read and given an insight to her darkest times. The open letter she had written for her family tore me to pieces. She has shown her vulnerability, how weak she felt but at the same time, it is her strength that shone through. Her lust for life with her 3 beautiful girls.

This is by no means an easy read. It is honest, it is brutal but it is a story that needs to be told. She is completely honest with her feelings especially with Bobby, and I have so much respect for this woman. Admitting her feelings is what a lot of people probably wouldn’t do. They would probably ignore them, but she took the bull by the horn and bared it all for the world to see. That takes courage.

Yup I am a cheating again! So, Soho Noir series, huh! Why? This is an amazing series to read but these 3 stood out for me the most. I was late to the game but I mean look at the covers! Awesome right. Just because I didn’t include book 2 and 4 – I know bitch, not including them, doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them, it was just these 3 were my favourite stories. I know you should never have favourites! lol I love venturing back into the 80s and singing the songs that the books get stuck in my head!

Check out my review here for Tainted Love and my snippet

The plot moves on at such a quick pace there is no room for preamble. It is solved within a couple of days and in that short space of time we are lead down so many different garden paths with so many different suspects! It made my head spin in delight, the book felt so real and gritty. Nothing dragged and I was eager to see where I was going, albeit shocked at times. I thought the pacing was perfect because it allowed us time to view the scene, soak up the different points of views and scenery and be completely immersed in the story and the characters.

Check out my review for Careless Whisper and my snippet

I can gush all day about these novellas, I truly could. Again, Hunter has not let me down with his writing, no words or pages are fluffy or wasted, it is just flawless. His writing is taut and you find you do fly through the book at breakneck speed to find the truth. I tried to savour every word as I did not want it to end!

Check out my review for Killer Queen and my snippet

It is just such an epic novella! The whole series is epic! The story that unfolds in front of my eyes is not always the story of who has died and Joe and Russell solving the crime. It is more the story of Joe and Russell trying to survive in the 80s where there is a lot of hate towards the gay community. You have a fear of aids, a fear you will get beaten in the street because you don’t think the same way as someone else and what you get is two guys who would do anything for each other. Two guys who basically say a big F-You to everyone, they have their friends and these friends are family and they are loyal. Regardless of sexuality, this small community of people makes my heart soar. As I have mentioned these are novellas so for Toby to make you care so damn much about everyone in so few a pages is such a testament to his writing!

Why The Demons Beneath by W.D Jackson-Smart? Another series I was late in the game too but man did this send chills down my spine with the supernaturals. I am loving this series and it was tough to not include book 2 that I loved but there is just something so special about The Demons Beneath.

Check out my review here and a snippet

There is so much to say about this book! The two stories, the characters, the writing, I had chills reading in the daytime but Mr Jackson-Smart had my attention straight away. He held it for every page and now he is an author I will be keeping an eye out for without fail and this book has shot straight into my list for one of my top books of the year without fail.

I can gush about this book all day, it twists what you think you know on its head. It leads you down a garden path and when you think you might reach the door there is a sharp turn down that path to lead you elsewhere….generally somewhere dark and menacing! This is a page-turner for sure, it plays on your fears, it makes you want to be a detective and solve the puzzles in front of you and it makes you want to keep reading to make sure everyone survives the demon.

Why Miracle Creek by Angie Kim? Quite simply it blew me away. From investigating the fateful night to scenes in the courtroom. I was hooked. I savoured this book. It was heartbreaking and harrowing at the same time!

Check out my review here and a snippet


There you go that’s my review….what no? You want more? Seriously!

I am at a loss for words and how I have lost count how many times I have written this review and deleted it. I do not think I can do this book any justice. This book is one where I didn’t race through the pages, I took my time with it. Basically, a week to read it! I love courtroom dramas, and this was just riveting reading. Spanned over a few days, you see the case in so much detail. You live the line of questioning and cross-examinations, and the diagrams in the book were brilliant all adding to the finite detail. Whilst you are sitting in the courtroom, you are shown the past, learning what happened days leading up to the explosion. However, not only this, you are living the present day with all the characters while the case is going on and the day to day outside the courtroom. The breath of the detail in this book is mesmerising. Miracle Creek demands and deserves your full attention. There are a lot of voices in this book, so you do need your concentration hat on, but this did not bother me in the slightest. I was hooked and intrigued by everyone, their lives, their stories and how they all became messily entwined in each other’s lives. 

Why The Unadjusted by Marisa Noelle? When Marisa contacted me earlier this year about her book I was intrigued by the YA/Fantasy book and I was eager to read it…she did make me wait as it wasn’t ready but when I did get my grubby hands on it I blinking loved it. So much is going on and hell literally breaks loose. I loved the MC in this because she is not gung-ho and isolates everyone, she listens and works as a team, which I found refreshing!

Check out my review here and a snippet

It is action-packed from the get-go, we have zero preambles and we are taken on such a breathtaking and sightseeing adventure! We fly, we speed, we hulk out maybe we even drink a little! There is a tension flowing through this book, because of the unknown outcome of the battle that is all the periphery and the outcome in the first book is not what I expected, which made it blinking awesome. I know I am gushing but I need to gush. I was completely hooked from the beginning until the last page and take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous book cover!!

Why Dead Inside by Noelle Holton? Well why not! I was hooked on this book from the opening pages. Noelle is an awesome lady but her writing sets her apart. Again, another author with a wealth of characters, a lot named after bloggers, yet I was never confused! Using personal experiences to aid this book, makes it so much dark and compelling to read.

Check out my review here and a snippet

You really wouldn’t know that this was a debut book, I felt like Holten has already crafted her skill and her darkness and that she has been doing this for years. I was completely absorbed by her writing. I couldn’t be distracted when I was reading Dead Inside and I did not want to be. She knows how to make you care and how to make you hate with all the venom that you can in your heart. Because she definitely got all the emotions from me! I spent a lot of the time raging before my heart ached for some characters. There is no remorse for some people and it was palpable in scenes where they were oblivious to their actions and the pain being caused…in walked my anger to the room!

Why Her Silent Cry by Lisa Regan? I love this series and I have read 2 of this series this year. It was tough to choose between the 2 which would make the cut. I love both this and Cold Heart Creek but this book left serious chills after the event! The storyline was harrowing and I love how the personal story for Josie followed into this book.

Check out my review here and a snippet

With each phone call received, a body turns up. The tension ramps up, the secrets uncovered are horrifying and frightening. You feel the tension and the stress the parents are living, every moment and feeling they live, I lived. You also have chapters from unknown characters thrown in between, and it is devastating to see how these chapters link into the story and how the past really can shape a person if they let it. The whole nature vs nurture is strong here as you see an argument for both all through the actions of people who call themselves parents.

Why Break the Silence by D.K Hood? Another series that I absolutely love! I seriously chomp at the bit to get another Kane and Alton book – I don’t have to wait too long…ONLY MARCH! For me it was the ending that won it over for me. The story was dark and twisty but that ending – strewth!

Check out my review here and a snippet

I know every time I come to write a review for this series I am in shock at what number we are on! I mean Book 7! Gosh! Each book Ms Hood gets stronger and better and dare I say it….darker! This is a series I have loved from the start and I have to say that Break the Silence probably my favourite one! It is the darkest, most unsettling, violent and the most unresolved yet satisfying ending of them all!

Why The Magpies by Mark Edwards? I am so late to this series, I still need to read the conclusion, but MY GOD does this mess with your head!!! This is a bad HUGE case of the neighbours from hell. The TV show has nothing on these people. I listened to this but when I got impatient I switched to the Kindle as I had to get to the conclusion pronto! THERE WAS NO CONCLUSION!!!!!!!!! But I loved it anyway

Check out my review here and a snippet

Holy fricking moly!! Wow, this book! I blitzed this book basically in two sittings! I had a whole day of work where I sat and listened to it and because I was so close to finishing I read the last half hour of it as I had to get this one finished. I needed to get the bat shit crazy people out from under my skin and scrub my skin in a cold shower so I was not tainted! I have not read anything so chilling and the fact that some elements were based on Edwards real-life experienced just freaked me out more!! I have to also shout out to the narrator Elliot Hill, wow you did a fab job and your voice kept me hooked the entire time!

Why Turn the Other Way by Stuart James? OMG fricking god! Yet another book that scared the bejesus out of me! It was intense and so so gruesome. I was on edge on every single sentence of every page. Man Stuart can write some scary-ass shit!

Check out my review here and a snippet

It’s true I am speechless, this book was a true horror, it was sadistic, terrifying, and thrilling as I sat there reading with my hand either on my head in shock or biting my finger in fear. I have been on edge reading this, with no idea how this would end. No relief has been given to me at the end, just questions and shocks…

I think this is safe to say this is most definitely 100% going to be one of my top picks of the year. You can not read something so unsettling and that will stay with you long after you finish it without putting it there. I am not sure if I should say this but despite everything about this book I did really enjoy it, love might be too strong of a word but it was a book I liked, everything was thrown at me and thank god I made it to the end….not everyone did!

Now the final run up…..

Yes I know I have cheated again!!!! Two books I have read this year in a series book 1 and 3 – book 2 I read last year so I can’t include it!

Why Bring Her Back and Life Or Death by Chris Merritt? Well, I read book 3 at the beginning of the year and it was just gung-ho! It was carrying on events from both books, at this point, I had not read book 1, and there were fireworks in the shocking conclusion! When I did read Bring Her Back and became the #dreamteam with Chris, I kicked myself for not reading it sooner! I was crying the opening pages and it was nice to finally see the whole story. Plus I have a huge soft spot for Zac, he is just beyond amazeballs.

Check out my review for Bring Her Back here and a snippet

Bring Her Back, formerly The Murder List, is one intense rollercoaster of a ride. I did find I was enthralled by what was going on with Darian and Zac. Zac’s homelife was at the forefront a lot, the innocence of Kofi all of which just amplified the intensity of the murders and the hunt for the killer. We meet Kat Jones who is also in the next two books and this is her introduction to Zac and the team and to us. She is tenacious and she wants to do what is right and to support Zac and her new team, and what an introduction it is!!

Check out my review for Life or Death here and a snippet

So where do I start! The number of times I was led up the garden path was unreal! I mean I started to do a squeal and a happy dance because I was adamant I knew who the Kaiser was WRONG that will teach me. You are thrown off the scent and even though I had my suspicions well let me leave it there, all I can say is well played Mr Merritt well played.

Okay and now finally onto my Top 3 of the Year!

In Third place, is……

Why The Haunting of Henderson Close by Catherine Cavendish? Jesus still to this day this book terrifies me. I love my horror, I love my ghosts and I love my spine chilling moments that scare the bejeezus out of me. This book does ALL OF THAT! I like to add to the scares and read scary books late at night and in bed, wish I hadn’t this time!!! I even swore in my review!!!

Check out my review here and a snippet

Ms Cavendish writing is absolutely epic, to keep the intensity of the haunting and mystery surrounding Miss Carmichael’s demise going for over 200 pages with no comfort breaks has astounded me. It has blown me away, as some books peter out halfway through and pick up at the end, but The Haunting of Henderson Close didn’t, it was constant. I was about 80 pages in just sitting there thinking how can she keep this up for another 140 pages, as we seemed to be getting answers and to a resolution but nope, it was tomfoolery and she swept me along further into the dark, whispering to me to keep turning the pages, to travel further in, to try and trap me so I could never escape….

If you are like me and enjoy a good scare, seriously this is the book for you, I mean I need a stiff drink but I thoroughly enjoyed being scared as much as I was. It even got to the stage where I had to play music when reading as my imagination started to play tricks on me. I mean I believe in ghosts, and I am adamant I have seen my dads spirit three days after his death, but the feeling of foreboding I had tonight I didn’t want to feel again. This, I have to say, is completely and utterly down to the writing in this book. However, the music did not calm my nerves as I still heard random noises and hairs on the back of my neck still rose. Kudos to you Ms Cavendish, I can safely say you have frightened me but I do look forward to our next outing.

This was tough this year (again) and this book came in second but my god it was only just, like the tiniest millimetre. I mean really it is tied for first!

Why She Lies in Wait by Gytha Lodge? I read this and I listened to it and both aspects blew me away. The Now and Then storylines which I love, a DCI having to investigate old friends and a man who is not squeaky clean himself! I love old friends (to a degree) and I loved Sheen’s team. I loved the slow pace of the book, letting everyone play their part. I mean just everything about the book really!

Check out my review here and a snippet

I loved this was more not a fast action whizzy paced book, I loved that it was slowed down as we uncover each clue carefully and delved further in. Even with the police interviews, where Sheen held back on some questions the first time around, to come back to them later, to me, added to the intensity. He allowed the six adults to move freely around the chess board as he watched them connecting the dots before finally it was checkmate.

I will definitely be picking up the next book in this series and anything that Lodge writes, to be honest. To have me completely stumped to the hows and the whys, to have me go on a merry-go-round on my suspect’s list and still leave hanging for more is a real treat.

My Book of the Year goes toooooooooooooo




Image result for him by clare empson

Why is Him by Clare Empson my Top book? This book. I mean THIS BOOK! It actually destroyed me. I did not know what I was walking in to, you read the blurb and you are like ok, a bit of a thriller, psychological maybe. What I did not expect was this! It blew me completely away, I was actually sobbing, and as I said in my review once I had read the words I couldn’t unread them and stay in my bubble. I WAS DESTROYED!

So, as this is my Number One book, I will re-share my review for (sorry if you are bored by all the talking lol),

Wow! I really was not expecting that when I read the book. When I signed up for the book I was expecting a thriller of some kind but in fact what I got was such a powerful story of manipulation, heartbreak, loss, wasted time, friendship and love. I am broken at the moment. I was crying by the end of this book. I really could not see how it was going to end, and when I did realise it was too late. I wanted to go back into my bubble but it was too late, way too late, what I had read could not be unseen!

Catherine and Lucian’s lives are shown to you through multiple narrations, the now, fifteen years ago, four months ago Catherine and four months ago Lucian. I loved the style of the narrative as if it was diary entries to each other, never referring to each other by name, just You.

I was hooked from the get-go, Catherine in the now has become mute, an event in her life four months ago has made her this way but why? What? I was screaming at the book to tell me why! To tell me what the hell was going on. Instead, Ms Empson got you more addicted to Catherine and Lucian and the circle of friends from their university days. Picking up and putting down the different timelines kept me invested, yearning to know what was happening. Why had Catherine and Lucian been apart for fifteen years?

The answer to it all is so tragic.

I was also a bit choked up when reading as both characters suffered a loss of parents. After an emotional weekend of loss, I found my dads video camera and some recordings we did and just hearing his voice again after nearly 10 years was emotional. So when you read about their losses it hit me hard. The feelings in this book are so raw and so real it is hard to imagine this not being real. The actions and reactions of each and every one of them are realistic. If I had been in any of their situations with the lifestyle and the money I probably would be the same!

The lifestyle of the rich and famous, the people who never grew up is contrasted with the humble and the make do. In the four months ago, you see Lucian and his friend’s re-addressing life choices when Catherine is back on the scene. The boozy ways don’t seem so fun anymore. All anyone really cares about is Why is Catherine back? Why did she leave all those years ago?

God, I think this is just a ramble. This is most definitely a contender for my book of the year. I absolutely bloody loved it. Such a journey we go on, one we are made to go on whether we want to or not but mainly because Catherine is just that damn beautiful inside and out. You want her to speak again, you want to make everything ok for her and her family and mainly, more selfishly, you want to know the truth.

I loved the cover for Him and I have seen the cover for Clare’s next book Mine and it’s a beauty I CANNOT wait to read!

I know the tag line for Him is #Idestroyedhim but I think it’s safe to say this book destroyed me. Just do yourself a favour and read it!

Okay I am exhausted now! Need a sleep! Hope you enjoyed my picks for the year and the reasons behind them. It has been fun looking back at 2019 and I know it’s going to be an even better 2020!

What made it to your top book of the year?

Until next time xxx

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  1. OK now I gotta buy some of these books. I got still standing and miracle creek. There are so many I want… This post was simply fabulous… Ah my credit card…

  2. Well, that was a great post. I loved how you grouped series together as one book, ha. I’ll need to reread this to see what books I’ll need to read as there were plenty that sounded good. Now, if I can get Tainted Love out of my head, I’ll be singing that all day 🎼🎼

    • Zoé

      I was like that when reading the whole series! It’s seriously catchy! Hope you find something you like!! X

  3. Wow, some fantastic books here. Thank you so much for including my Drumbeats Trilogy up there at the top of the page. I’m so grateful for the support and enthusiasm – it’s made my day!

  4. I don’t do a top whatever, I just add all the books I want to, however many they are. I had 25 or something last year. And I haven’t made my list for this year yet so who knows how many there will be this year 😄 I’m a tad ashamed I haven’t read any of the books in your top 3 😳