#BookoftheYear2020! Part 1!! January To April. The Contenders.

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So I decided that I would lay my Book of the Year out the same way as I did last year. I will span it out over 3 posts with the final post showing my Top Top books of the year. These posts are my honourable mentions because out of 152 I have narrowed down my contenders to 10, yes 10.

This is now the 3rd Christmas for me, Year 1 the crown went to Louise Beech – The Lion Tamer Who Lost. Still broken over that. Year 2 it went to Clare Empson – Mine and yup you guessed it! This one destroyed me too.

This year is different, when I do these lists I can never decide my top book until I do them, this year I know my top book, again another book which destroyed me, but this year I don’t know what my Top 10 will be. Yup, I am being strict 10 books only this year, so what 10 will make it. Do you already have ideas, because I don’t!!!

Well, here are the top books I read in January to April. (Well 2 I read last December after I had done my previous Book of the Year Sssshhh)

Have you read any of these? Do any of these rank on your list?

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17 responses to “#BookoftheYear2020! Part 1!! January To April. The Contenders.

  1. I already have a few of these on my TBR but have not read any. I will be adding some to my TBR for next year though. Looking forward to your next list.