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#AudioBookReivew of Three Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks @HeidiPerksBooks @PenguinUKBooks #ThreePerfectLiars #NetGalley #BookReviewThree Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks, Sara Poyzer, Rupert Farley, Olivia Darnley
Published by Penguin Audio on March 12, 2020
Format: Audiobook, eARC, ARC
Source: Library, Net Galley, Publisher
Pages: 446

The breathtaking new thriller from the author of the Richard and Judy best seller Now You See Her.

When a body is pulled out of an office fire, three women are first in line for questioning. All of them have reasons for wanting revenge against the company’s CEO.

It could be Laura, who has returned to work to find that her maternity cover isn’t leaving.

The CEO insists he’s doing what’s best for the company. Laura isn’t convinced he’s telling the truth.

Or there’s Mia. Brought in as temporary cover for Laura, she has quickly made herself indispensable - and popular with her colleagues. But if people knew why she was so desperate to keep her job, they might not welcome her so freely.

Then there’s Janie, wife to the CEO, who gave up her courtroom career to support her husband and his business. She has her own secret to protect - and will go to any length to keep it safe.

They never thought it would come to this.

I didn’t know what to expect with this book, I went in blind and I felt a lot of different emotions. I loved that when we had the reveal, it was slowly and teasingly slow it was not what I expected.

I did begin to connect the dots between the three women of Mia, Janey and Laura but not completely what drove them. When one reveal happened with one of the ladies, I had that ah-ha moment as I started to see how the jigsaw might be completed, but the ending was a heartbreaking one.

This is a book I found that will catch you out, it will lead you to believe that one character is seemingly losing the plot, and then flip it over to show a different perspective. You have one where you believe is all innocent and again there is something at work here. I LOVED THAT!! I lost my way with reading as my mojo has just left me but this book has sparked it back. I was hooked and I loved all the narrators leading us through our journey as we try to uncover the truth, the night of the fire.

I do love a book that can surprise you, despite thinking you know all the secrets and it’s no different here. I warmed to all the women, Laura probably more than the others, the mum returning to work, but in the end, all of them had an appeal to them. All were struggling with actions from their past, and unfortunately, the men in their lives had believed that shaped their future. Where I thought one character would be the focal point of the story, it was shocking to learn that it really wasn’t all about them, but if you read you will agree with me when I say, I bet they wished it was 😉

This is my first foray with Heidi Perks and I can’t fathom why it has taken me so long to read her books! I have The Whispers whispering to me on my bedside table so I think I might need to grab that VERY soon!

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About Heidi Perks

Heidi Perks was born in 1973. She lives by the sea in Bournemouth with her husband and two children.
Heidi graduated from Bournemouth University in 1997 with a BA (Hons) in Retail Management, and then enjoyed a career in Marketing before leaving in 2012 to focus on both bringing up her family and writing.
Heidi successfully applied for a place on the inaugural Curtis Brown Creative online Novel Writing Course and after that dedicated her time to completing her first novel, Beneath The Surface.
She has a huge interest in what makes people tick and loves to write about family relationships, especially where some of the characters are slightly dysfunctional.
Heidi is now writing her second novel


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