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#BookReview – BlackHaven by Kyle M. Scott @KyleMartinScott  @SpellBoundBks @ZooloosBT #SHOctober #BlackHaven #ZooloosBookToursBlackhaven by Kyle M Scott
Published by SpellBound Books on October 31, 2021
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
Pages: 370

Welcome to Blackhaven. October 31st. 1984.
It's the era of drive-ins, arcade-halls, and the video nasty.
Three-hundred years ago the town's founders, desperate to protect their families and their lands from the hardships and horrors of the old world, struck a bargain with something beyond their understanding.
Now, while the residents celebrate All Hallow's Eve with slasher screenings, trick or treating, and fire-lit woodland parties, the dark and terrible power that the town's forefathers once called upon has returned. It's come to claim what's owed.Lock your doors. Bolt your windows. Blow out the Jack o’lanterns.This Halloween the terror is real, and the streets of Blackhaven will run red.

Word of advice don’t read this when you are eating, just eaten or want food. This book is grim and detailed and graphic and I fricking LOVED it!! I love horror books like this, that make you cringe, that is dark and disturbing and make your inwards quiver.

When the book started I wanted to go to Blackhaven, it is a quaint town. You live there and you really don’t want to leave. Well….until 31st October, then you want to tear off in your car and wave goodbye to town, vowing never to return. As always with legends that are told in the town, there is an element of truth. We learn the truth in the prologue and the sting in the tale I guessed but being in possession of this information did not satisfy me. In fact, knowing this set me on edge as I worried every time something was mentioned.

The action starts pretty much from the opening pages, no preamble. Hell literally breaks loose from the get-go. Kyle does not hold back on the deaths, the gore and the graphic detail. I did message him a couple of times about some of the characters that met a bloody demise, I am not sure I have forgiven him yet.

The Collectors aren’t the only horrors out that night, humans themselves are just as grim. Some of the characters were absolutely horrifying and I found some of them more terrifying than the Collectors. Although, I am in no rush to meet either of them!

This book was an absolute blast!!! I do however need more closure and I do hope more get written. For some reason, I want to go back to Blackhaven and see what happens next. I was hooked on the story, the destruction and desolation of it. I have to say Kyle took no prisoners at all. Like none! He had no qualms killing people and some of the deaths were shocking, so left-field it just amped up the journey I was on! Jaw-dropping and riveting. I couldn’t put my kindle down.

Just wow! Defo a top book for the year!

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About Kyle M Scott

Author Kyle M. Scott originally hails from Bellshill, Scotland. He now lives in the coastal town of Largs with his long-suffering partner, their young son, and a cat that he’s convinced is plotting his demise. His novels and collections, including Dark Island, A Better Life, and The Club, have been roundly acclaimed by readers and critics alike, delighting fans of authentic, full-blooded horror with real bite.

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