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#BookReview by Four Christmases and a Secret by Zara Stoneley @Zarastoneley @rararesources @harperimpulse @0neMoreChapter_ #fourchristmasesandasecret #netgalley

#BookReview by Four Christmases and a Secret by Zara Stoneley @Zarastoneley @rararesources @harperimpulse @0neMoreChapter_ #fourchristmasesandasecret #netgalleyFour Christmases and a Secret by Zara Stoneley
Published by One More Chapter on September 27 2019
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Except for Daisy Christmas means another of Uncle T’s dreaded Christmas parties, complete with Christmas jumper and flashing antlers. And Oliver Cartwright. Gorgeous Oliver Cartwright. Who she hates.

Every year Daisy has to face insufferable Ollie and hear all about how BRILLIANT he is. Whereas Daisy has no job, no man and no idea how to fix things.

This Christmas however Daisy is determined things will be different. There will be no snogging Ollie under the mistletoe like when they were teenagers. No, this year she’ll show Ollie that she’s a Responsible Adult too.

But as the champagne corks pop, and the tinsel sparkles, Uncle T has news of his own to share…and it could change Daisy's life forever…


My Review

Yay, I am back with another book by Zara and I think I have to say this one is my favourite out of the ones I have read! Why, well it is just so much fun, there is a dog called Stanley and even though you have a will they, won’t they scenario it was not forced down your throat. Instead, the situations and the secrets drive this book, the romance well it gave me the warm and fuzzy feelings. Also, it had me crying quite a bit too when I was not smiling like a loon!!! For me, this book has everything! Embarrassing and cringy parents who are fab, the unrequited love, the wrong love, the outrageous friends and a lot of laughter.

Daisy and Ollie have been friends for like ever! Their mums always compete who has the better child etc and they stayed clear of it, sharing a “forbidden” kiss one Christmas at Uncle T’s Christmas party in his bookshop (love this setting!). Never to see each other again for years and when they do fireworks thank you very much, but more in a sparkler kind of way not in a whizz-bang over and done with way.

With the story being told in segments of months and times worked wonderfully. You get given snippets to Daisy and her life at different stages, watching her grow more and more in the book into the woman that Uncle T always knew she would be.

Uncle Terrence isn’t her Uncle but Ollie’s, but he is like a fairy godfather to her, always a big part of her life and growth. I have to say when he was in the story I smiled. I would love someone like him in my life, just full of life! He loves life!

For me, the friendship between Daisy and Ollie is something truly amazing. All throughout the years, they were there for each other, bar a blip in the form of a secret until years later they meet again at Uncle T’s party. Their chemistry was great fun to watch with the banter, the adjustment to being friends as adults and the way Daisy would squirm and be awkward around him.

A big part in Four Christmases and a Secret were all the secrets. They played a huge part in their lives and some were bittersweet and some heartbreaking…all made me blinking cry.

I love Stoneley’s writing, she makes it so easy to read her novels. She draws you into their lives and her characters are so realistic that you could be reading your friends’ diary. Nothing superficial, just warm and fuzzy romance, making you believe everyone has a Prince Charming and to seize every opportunity you get. I could not put this book down nor did I want to. I wanted to keep reading for as long as I could and even hid away on Sunday afternoon to read this! I definitely think this is my favourite book from Stoneley, each book she writes gets better and better than the one before. I am a sucker for romance, it’s a nice change from the blood, guts and terror and she is my go-to for hearts and flowers.

Until next time xxx

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About Zara Stoneley

Born in a small village in Staffordshire, I wanted to be a female James Herriot, a spy, or an author when I grew up. After many years, and many different jobs, my dream of writing a bestseller came true. I write about friendship, dreams, love, and happy ever afters, and hope that my tales make you cry a little, laugh a lot, and occasionally say ‘ahhh’. I now live in a Cheshire village with my family, a lively cockapoo called Harry, and a very bossy (and slightly evil) cat called Saffron.

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