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#BookReview of And So It Begins by Rachel Abbott @RachelAbbott @annecater @Bookish_Becky @Wildfirebks  #AndSoItBegins #randomthingstours

And So It Begins by Rachel Abbott
Published by Wildfire on November 15, 2018
Genres: Thriller, Fiction
Pages: 416

So this is how it ends. It is clear to me now: one of us has to die.

Mark and Evie had a whirlwind romance. Evie brought Mark back to life after the sudden death of his first wife. Cleo, Mark's sister, knows she should be happy for him. But Cleo doesn't trust Evie...

When Evie starts having accidents at home, her friends grow concerned. Could Mark be causing her injuries? Called out to their cliff-top house one night, Sergeant Stephanie King finds two bodies entangled on blood-drenched sheets.

Where does murder begin? When the knife is raised to strike, or before, at the first thought of violence? As Evie stands trial, the jury is forced to consider - is there ever a proper defence for murder?

I am going to be completely frank and honest here and say from the outset that no words I have will do this book any justice. I mean wow what a book! When I read this I had three different theories going on in my head and I thought I was winning and then Ms Abbott just pulled the rug from out under me and I hit my head hard. That will teach me.

This book is definitely, big time even, at fault for the one more chapter malarky! Why, because the chapters are so short and snappy before you know it you have read 100 pages! So then I looked at the clock and it was nearly midnight…and then the dreaded voice in my ear says… go on, one more chapter! By gosh am I glad I did (ok bit tired today but was so worth it!). 

I cannot tell you anything about the plot bar what the blurb says, Evie and Mark and their whirlwind romance, but is everything that it seems? Who has been murdered? Seriously the number of times that “OMG” and “shocking”  left my mouth was unreal. This book is just so compelling, it is refreshing and it is also damn right terrifying! Most of all I LOVED it! 

Evie seems off from the get-go, but then with the writing so is Mark and so is his sister Cleo. They all seem to have something to hide…but do they? Is it a red herring? You are misdirected so many times, it is like a sat nav on a bad day. But it made it so fascinating (unlike a sat nav!) because I did not feel any loyalty to the characters as I could not see any redeeming qualities, so I sat back and watched everything unravel at a lightning speed. 

The events unfold from mainly Cleo and Evie’s point of view, but also Sergeant Stephanie King. With Stephanie, we learn a bit about her but also her thoughts and views of the case. Occasionally, we get other characters points of view, I love this and you always knew who was talking. 

I loved that the story begins with the said murder, floats back to the past to build you to the current predicament, and then my all time favourite the courtroom drama, the trial and the fallout from it all.  I was tied up in so many knots with the writing, trying to figure out how it would end, and then the ending. I breathed out and closed the book and tried to relax…not sure I can now! There was so much tension in this book, so much deceit, drama and chills, it has it all.

I think I have repeated myself a lot in this review but I am just in awe of this book and the author. This is one book I definitely recommend to everyone. Ms Abbott’s writing just flows through the pages, enthralling you, drawing you in deeper and deeper before throwing your world upside down and inside out.  

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Thank you so much to Anne at Random Things Tours for the tour invite and the author and publisher for a copy of this book in return for my honest and unbiased review

About Rachel Abbott

Rachel Abbott began her career as an independent author in 2011, with Only the Innocent, which became a No.1 bestseller on Kindle, topping the chart for four weeks. Since then, she has published five further psychological thrillers, plus a novella, and sold over 2.75 million copies. She is one of the top-selling authors of all time in the UK Kindle store (published and self-published), and her novels have been translated into 21 languages. This is her first traditional publishing deal, though she’s been approached many times.

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