#BookReview of Ask Me No Questions by Louisa de Lange @paperclipgirl #AskMeNoQuestions #DSKateMunro @orionbooks

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#BookReview of Ask Me No Questions by Louisa de Lange @paperclipgirl #AskMeNoQuestions #DSKateMunro @orionbooks

#BookReview of Ask Me No Questions by Louisa de Lange @paperclipgirl #AskMeNoQuestions #DSKateMunro @orionbooksAsk Me No Questions by Louisa de Lange
Series: DS Kate Munro #1
Published by Orion on October 3, 2019
Also by this author: The Dream Wife


As children, Gabi and Thea were like most identical twin sisters: inseparable.

Now adults, Gabi is in a coma following a vicious attack and Thea claims that, until last week, the twins hadn’t spoken in fifteen years. But what caused such a significant separation? And what brought them back together so suddenly?

Digging into the case, DS Kate Munro is convinced the crime was personal. Now she must separate the truth from the lies and find the dangerous assailant – before any more blood is spilled . . .

My Review

What is it about books lately that are making me ask lots of questions, having twins in them and then leaving the reader with ambiguity at the end. I am far from moaning…I blinking love it! As I have said before I love a book that makes me question everything and again this book does! In Part 1 I was guessing the “twist” and I was right, and again on and on throughout I was attempting to guess the twists. I did not see the reveal to 15 years prior coming…maybe I should have. However, Ms De Lange has done it again in my eyes. She’s created a story for you to become immersed in and then pulls the rug out from under you. She’s good at that!

It’s hard to discuss much of the plot as I want you to go into the book dark. However, I can say this is a great introduction to DS Kate Munro and the series of books. Munro is flawed and pretty broken but she’s determined. Determined to find out who attacked one of the twins and determined to get a life. She’s having a hard time and this leads to a lot of reckless behaviour and decisions. Could these ruin the case?

One thing I will say I really enjoyed that for a change there was not a murder to solve, it is about who attacked the twin and left her for dead, rather than a dead body…however, here comes the cat and mouse. Which twin can you trust? Can you even trust which twin is in front of you?

Even though this is the Munro series, she is not really the forefront of Ask No Questions as to the twins and their childhood friend Harry drives this book. What happened fifteen years ago to drive a wedge between the three of them? It was an interesting concept to not have the main character the one who you are writing a series about and yet still giving her enough screen time and background to keep you invested in her.

As you can see I have not paid much attention to a book that is telling me not to ask questions as I keep asking loads! It is tightly woven, a couple of left-field things thrown it but they are backed up and made plausible. The damaged and flawed characters are great, adding to the realism and making you care and speed through the book. And don’t you just love it when the title of a book fits perfectly with the story, it clicks right into place!

I adored The Dream Wife and it is clear to see that De Lange has just improved on her writing and her style. She knows how to throw red herrings your way, whilst making you believe that they are not red herrings. Subtle uses of certain words and phrases to cast doubt in your mind in everything! She is an author I am fast enjoying and will pick up her books without taking a breath.

I can’t wait to see what else holds for Munro and her team, I am looking forward to finding out.

Until next time xxx

What has been said on the tour so far?

My Reading Corner says

This is a very promising start to a new series and one I very much enjoyed. There are a lot of characters with the main ones like Gabi, Thea, Harry and Kate being suitably fleshed out with other more minor ones being well drawn for their roles. The plot kept my interest all the way through with Kate’s determination to get to the truth leading to a gripping and satisfying twisty story.  I’m hoping that Kate’s character, together with that of her colleagues DC’s Briggs and Yates will be further developed in future books as this series has a lot of potential and it’s one I shall be following with interest.

Nicki’s Book Blog says

Louisa give brilliant characters- some you like, others I was not quite sure about. They have that realness and possible perpetrators that air of mystery. I took to Kate- her steely determination and dogged determination that things that are on the surface wasn’t necessarily the truth and that unearthing the past was the key to the future.

Rachel Read It says

This book is exactly what a series opener should be!
Drip feeding the reader with snippets of backstory, building into an overwhelming sense of suspense that leaves you in thrall and wanting to find out more.

I flipped the pages on  this ebook at speed, grateful it was not a physical copy as my fingertips would be dying the death of a 1000 paprcuts!

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My Chestnut Reading Tree says

It was refreshing to have a flawed female detective at the heart of solving the crime here. Kate has problems in her personal life but admitting them to others, let alone herself, is a mountain that’s hard to climb. So instead she coasts along, good at her job but suffering inside and making choices she admits she probably shouldn’t. And this was my favourite part of the narrative, watching Kate wrestle her reflected self in a fight that mirrored the relationship between Thea and Gabi. And I can’t wait to meet her again in future books to follow her development further.

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Thanks to Jenny from Hodder for the tour invite and the author for a copy of the book in return for my honest and unbiased review

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Louisa de Lange is a freelance copywriter, mum of a little boy and a keen runner, blogger and photographer. She is currently training to take on her first ever Olympic triathlon. She studied Psychology at university and it turns out the combination of psychology and motherhood is a potent one

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