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#BookReview of Bonds by Marie Anne Cope @MarieAnneCope #Bonds #ZooloosBookTours #ZooloosBookDiaryBonds by Marie Anne Cope
Published by Crimson Cloak Publishing on October 29, 2018
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Pages: 254

Do you know who hides in your past?

Half the village of Breccan lies dead - slaughtered. All that stands between Antony Cardover and his freedom is his wife, Isabella; or so he believes. In his wrath at his wife's adultery, Antony trades his soul for the chance of vengeance. His price? An eternity as a monster - a man bearing a vampire curse. To stop him, the curse must be broken. To break the curse, Isabella and all her descendants must be destroyed. The catch? Only Antony can break the curse.

With Breccan in mourning and Antony on the rampage, only one person can help. Anna Martindale, a witch shunned by the villagers, entombs Antony within a stone sarcophagus, bound by spells and buried in hallowed ground for the rest of time. Breccan breathes again. Time heals. That was four hundred years ago.

Seventeenth century spells, however, are no match for twenty first century living. As Ramply Homes moves in, the secret of St. Martin's churchyard prepares to move out.
As the church is desecrated, the spells that hold Antony break. Soon, Becca Martin, a descendant of Isabella, is plagued by dreams of a time and a man she cannot possibly have known. As her nightmares become real, Becca has no choice but to contact the one person who will be able to help; someone she has not spoken to in a decade - her mother.

Here, Becca discovers the truth about her ancestry and is forced to face up to whom and what she is. Only a wooden box and her gift hold the key to her survival.
Four hundred years ago Antony failed. He will not fail again.

Now I love me a good horror book and I love me a vampire book and one with a bit of romance, and I haven’t read a decent vampire/horror/romance book for an age! Well until NOW!

Man! I LOVE this book! It has everything I want in a twisted vindictive evil vampire story. It has the backstory of how it became, it’s tragic, it’s intense, and it’s just entertainment in the purest form for me! I got to the stage where I didn’t want to sleep as I just wanted to sit there and read and keep reading until the end.

I mean there are more books in this series, thank god as I think I have found my new obsession! It’s such an addictive story as we learn about the past through flashbacks and diary entries, and the present day with Becca Martin, trying to understand what the heck is going on.

Becca’s life was just floating along until they discovered that sarcophagus, beautiful as it may have been, that harbours a dangerous “man” hellbent on revenge. Jakes, the Inspector in charge, also has links somehow, I feel more than just an interest and I hope he is back in the next book for us to learn more.

But it’s not just vampires that make an appearance, we have witches and warlocks! I mean it was a feast of magic and darkness and it was delicious!

Oh, WHAT A STORY! I can’t explain how much you need to read this book, but I don’t want to spoil anything as I read it without reading the blurb, because I was sold on hearing it had Vampires in it. Fabulous twists and the writing is engaging and flows. It enabled me to lose myself in the book and ignore everyone and everything as I got sucked in the story (not literally ;)) I could sit and sing about this book all day! The cover is enticing and mesmerisingly hypnotic and, guess what, so are the words inside.

Have you guessed that I loved it?

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