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#BookReview of Burning Bright by Michele Kwasniewski @MicheleKwas @RandomTTours #BurningBright #DaniTruehart #BookTourBurning Bright by Michele Kwasniewski
Series: The Rise and Fall of Dani TrueHeart #2
Published by Rand-Smith LLC on November 1, 2021
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Pages: 294
Also by this author: Rising Star

YA FictionFresh off the debut of her EP, sixteen-year-old Dani Truehart is flying high on a string of number one hits. After locking down her first full-length album in record time and furiously preparing for her world tour, Dani is torn between leaving her loved ones behind and embracing her burgeoning stardom.Dani's fame and fortune explode as her tour moves across the globe. Elated when two of Hollywood's hottest young actors, Kayla Spencer and Trey Connors, befriend her, Dani finds herself living life in the fast lane and recording her second album as she tours. Constantly dogged by the paparazzi, Dani basks in the adoration of The TrueHart Nation, her loyal super-fans who are ready to follow her around the world and go to war with anyone who dares dis their favorite pop star, whom they've dubbed "The Queen of Harts."With her ego growing as fast has her fame and fortune, a string of platinum hits and her jealous mother desperate for a piece of her wealth, sixteen-year-old pop sensation Dani Truehart navigates the glamor and perils of stardom as scandal threatens to ruin her and everyone who helped make her a star.


Sorry, was that a bit demanding!?? I guess so, but the way this book finished, jeez, I HAVE to know what happens next!!!!

This book is so actioned packed, and unfortunately, it is the start of the fall for Dani. She is now a typical bratty teenager, and that makes me sad. She begins to flip out at people for no reason, and she is keeping way too many secrets. It is horrible to witness her spiralling out of control. She can’t see the change we can, and it makes me nervous for her.

Because that is what I am. The secrets, blackmailing, awful, awful, mother, it is just too much. Dani can’t control herself. I was begging her to act differently and get out of her head, but she didn’t. I am literally screaming at her to stop.

I am still completely obsessed with this series. Already, I feel the two books in this series are going to be my favourites and most definitely a contender for the book of the year.

In the last week, I have lived and breathed Dani, and now I actually feel lost without her. She may be a diva at the minute, but she is a kid, not that excuses anything, but she is Dani.

Her mother, seriously, could she get any worse! God still despise that woman so much! She doesn’t deserve the name mum, that is for sure.

This book has bought out every emotion possible. I have felt anger. I have cried, smiled, laughed, and worried. This book has affected way more than I ever thought or hoped it would.

I will pay the top money to get book 3 now. I have to know what happens!!!!!!!!! Talk about a cliffhanger.

Despite everything I still love Dani, she has captured my heart and what a journey we have been on.

Until next time xxx

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About Michele Kwasniewski

The author, Michele Kwasniewski, is an entertainment industry insider who has seen
what the Hollywood machine can do to people – having worked for many years in film
and television production on such films and TV shows as Primal Fear, Independence
Day, Evita, Face/Off, Big Brother, and many TLC, HGTV, and Discovery series
including: Meet the Pandas, Adoption Story, Wedding Story, and Extra Yardage.
With her book, she shares the glamour and excitement of fame as well as the hard work
it takes to achieve success and the price of living life in the public eye. Everyone wants
to be famous, but most people have no idea what that really means. Michele has seen
it firsthand. She is an active member of the Producers Guild of America.

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