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#BookReview of Dead in the Water by Simon Bower @simonbowerbooks @damppebbles @middlefarmpress #Deadinthewaterbook #damppebblesblogtours

Dead in the Water by Simon Bower
Published by Middle Farm Press on May 9 2018
Genres: Mystery, Fiction
Pages: 403
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Was it murder, suicide or an accident? Who will be next to die?

Six international friends all appear to be successful, albeit to different levels. A human rights’ lawyer, an IT geek, a businessman, a waitress, a phone guy and a physiotherapist. None of them are known to the police.

One of them must know what happened that fateful night on the catamaran.

Agent Georges Fournier is assigned the case in the French resort town near Antibes. He’s short on time, with a growing health problem and a District Attorney who just wants the case closed as accidental. But he’s not letting go.

Chrissie is a single mother and respected flight attendant in New York. When she finds out who her father is, she’s ecstatic and wants to meet him.

But within a week she’d wish she’d never known.

When you start the book with a prologue like that you know you are in for a winner and a great debut too! I love when you start a book and then are flown back in time before the “incident”. Sometimes it can get frustrating but I love it, what I also love is a book told in multiple points of view, so guess who is a happy bunny reading this one then!!

You will need to concentrate as you have a lot of characters to get acquainted with, and as normal with any story, you have the ones you like and the ones you just do NOT like but it is the getting to them which I love. (God I love quite a lot don’t I!!)  For me, it reminded me of the TV show The Affair, with the different points of view of the same thing, all seeing the different things in their own way. All characters have been portrayed in a realistic fashion and the book is very character-driven which makes this so much more of a fascinating read. And then like How to get away with murder with the time jumping and the mysteries of what is going on. 

All these people are in a luxurious vacation in France, having a good time, until the “incident” and leads us to meet Agent Georges Fournier, who is trying to make a name for himself. But not only do we travel to France we seem to travel all over, so many miles in so many pages! 

This book is constructed in such a way that will keep you guessing and leave you breathless turning the pages over and it is definitely a book I could not put down. The writing of Mr Bower is one where he has painted it in an all too realistic way, that it could true! He does like to also pull the rug from out under you, as you sit there smugly thinking you have figured it all out and then he likes to twist it around on its head! This will not be the last time I read something by this author for sure.

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About Simon Bower

Simon Bower is a British and Canadian author born in Berkshire in 1973. Since 1998, he’s adopted a global lifestyle, setting up home at times in Europe, Africa and North America. In 2016 Simon turned to writing full time, which led to his first published work, Dead in the Water, being released in paperback and eBook by Middle Farm Press in 2018. Simon currently lives in France, near the Swiss border, where his young family, mountains, acrylic paint and sharpened skis keep him in regular mischief.

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