#BookReview of Distortion by Gautam Malkani @GautamMalkani @unbounders @annecater #distortion #Randomthingstours

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#BookReview of Distortion by Gautam Malkani @GautamMalkani @unbounders @annecater #distortion #Randomthingstours

Distortion by Gautam Malkani
Published by Unbound Digital on September 8 2018

Meet Dillon, a high-functioning fuck-up who has been keeping some very big secrets from his girlfriend Ramona.

Also, meet Dhilan, a young carer caught in an endless loop of pre-bereavement bereavement for his dying mother.

And then there’s Dylan. The less said about him the better…

These three identities of the same young man have been growing dangerously more hardcore and hardwired, both online and off, thanks to the self-reinforcing effects of social media and search engines, and the uncanny predictive capabilities of his smartphones.

When two creepy old dudes threaten to expose Dillon/Dhilan/Dylan, he is forced to unravel a gut-wrenching mystery that he would rather leave well alone.

Set in a strange greyscape between the digital world and the messy realm of the body, Distortion asks timely questions about what happens when our online data and search histories are crunched up and fed back to us – when they don't just filter our view of the world, but also our view of ourselves. How can we navigate the tension between emotional truth and factual accuracy? What can we do to neutralise our own toxicity? And what happens in the world of flesh and blood when the roles of parent and child become tragically reversed?

So this book…. not quite sure where to start! One thing is for sure you need to concentrate when you read about Dillon, Dhilan and Dylan….especially when they are all the same person!

They may all be the same person but they have all got different personalities and lives! Dillon is intelligent, pushing himself at University to make his mother proud. Dylan, the one to cope with working on a startup business to make the money to keep caring for his mother. Well, Dhillan, well exactly as the author states “the less said about him the better”.

To add to this, we have three different phones, social media, friends and lives. I remember that there was a sentence about how he has 3 different friends, and “girlfriends” all knowing different things, one knows his mother died, one knows that his mother is sick and another knows nothing! I do not know how he could grasp all of this and remember! Remember this is for three separate entities, and each time they look at their phones/Google, they all get three different advertising banners, a reminder that they need to clear their search history! Also, a constant reminder of how close we are being watched by Big Brother with everything you search and do on the internet. 

With the introduction of “two creepy old dudes” following him, just seem to throw in more crazy, especially the very first conversation he has with them in the union bar! I was just flabbergasted!! I mean the conversation, woah! They, however, want to expose Dillon/Dylan/Dhilan for what he really and off we go! Why can’t some people just well alone?

I know this review is vague, it is because I am not sure how to write this review, I think I need three personalities to try and get my head around this book! So I would need three different blogs and maybe I could vocalise the complexity of this book. 

Now don’t get me wrong I love a good crazy book, but this was just a little bit too crazy. I did struggle to keep up with what was going and with what was real!

I loved the writing by the author, how it was written as someone would speak. Not really using the long words where I need Google to help, but in slang, common speak. I really enjoyed that because when I understood where I was at it was easy to read. 

This is not my normal read but overall I am happy I took that step outside of my comfort zone to read something just that little bit more crazy and complex book, it deserves your full attention because you never know who might be watching! 

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