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Domini Mortum by Paul Holbrook
Published by Unbound Digital on October 18 2018
Pages: 291

Paddington, London 1883

Samuel Weaver is a tabloid illustrator and reporter for The Illustrated Police News, whose sensationalist style makes him both popular with the public and hated by the authorities. Obsessed with an infamous murderer, Sibelius Darke, he will let nothing get in the way of finding the truth behind the stories.

Meanwhile another set of ghastly murders has begun, linked to Darke’s reign of terror six years earlier.

Perhaps Darke was not the terrifying killer that he was made out to be? Perhaps the real murderers are still at large in London society? And perhaps, in order to prove this, Samuel Weaver will pay the ultimate price for his obsession.

My Review

I have finished this book!! I am so happy! I say this because I started reading this book on Pigeonhole and I fell behind and I could not keep up. So the despair started because I was really enjoying this book and I could not keep up and I was worried it would be archived and as I had it outstanding since November….but I finished it!

WOW! that was a journey I was not expecting. It has the occult, mystery, ghouls and set in a time where there is a nod to Jack the Ripper!

It was fun reading this along with other people all over the world everyone with their own take on different passages and quotes that it gave a new insight into the book. Things that you may not have noticed as you were picking up on different things.

Samuel Weaver is a tabloid illustrator in London for a local paper, a most grisly job if it is murder you are covering! Which he seems to do a lot! As we delve further into each stave, each with a different cliffhanger and you question who you can trust and who, in fact, is actually likeable in this book…answer well no one really!

The gore in this is quite graphic but also so well done (don’t eat breakfast when reading it!) and the story of Samuel Weaver is the most intriguing one as he is investigating gruesome murders that have been linked to the infamous murderer Sibelius Darke, this man has been compared to (the legendary) Jack the Ripper and who is very dead!

What is going on? Who is behind it?

The story has been executed perfectly (probably not the best word to use here considering the executions carried out in the book!!). The gore was spot on, the story flowed constantly at a fast-paced, and the mystical was just fantastic and so fitting for the period. You can tell so much research has carried out in this book, just the little details and the descriptive words used had you feeling you had been transported back in time and living and breathing the moments with each character.

You would find that you read at such a pace because you had to know what would happen. Would Samuel escape unscathed? Would any of us? We race through the present, thrown back into the past and see a glimpse of the future. It is such an exciting book and it was hard reading it stave by stave because you had to wait until the next day for the instalment. All adding to the anticipation and building up the tension which just added to the reading experience and it allowed you to savour the book.

There are shocks galore to be had, but it is so worth it.

I loved Mr Holbrook’s writing, and I loved that he interacted with everyone when we were reading it on Pigeonhole! Even when he was getting shouted at for different things which were quite amusing. It made the experience so much more enjoyable. This is a follow on from Memento Mori which is the story of Sibelius Darke, which is currently on Kindle Unlimited so yes this is the first book I got for the year is this one!!

One thing I loved was learning this story is not over by a long shot! I can not wait for the next book to be written and published because Mr Weaver has a lot more to tell me. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone!

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About Paul Holbrook

Paul Holbrook is a writer from North Yorkshire.

Although rushing headlong towards middle age at a nauseating speed, Paul only started writing with any serious intent a couple of years ago after finding that his subconscious had been unnaturally busy, trapping an ever growing and dangerous gang of ideas deep within his brain.

This fragile cage, in which they had been sat drumming their fingers and dreaming of freedom for so long, had reached bursting point and so he decided that the only safe thing to do for all concerned was to release some of them into the community.

It started, as all terrible addictions do, small and seemingly harmless.

First a couple of poems, then the odd short story, until finally, one morning, he awoke with a fully formed 112,000 word novel in his head waiting to be written. Before stopping to think of the consequences he scribbled it down in a little over 8 months and promptly started another straight afterwards… the fool.

He currently spends his days working at a secondary school, supporting the development of the next Great British generation and his nights plotting and planning the next Great British novel.


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