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#BookReview of Give In To Me by Mia Ryder @bang2write @SpellBoundBks @ZooloosBT #SpellBoundBooks #IWD2.0 #SexDieRepeat #GiveInToMe #ZooloosBookToursGive In To Me by Mia Ryder
Series: Sex.Die.Repeat #5
Published by SpellBound Books on March 6, 2022
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
Pages: 19
Also by this author: Little Deaths, Re Education, After Midnight, Downtime

Nick is called back from his downtime to HQ by his stressed-out superior, Abe. It seems someone has made it to the underworld could potentially trouble for both of them – Jess, the young woman who caused Nick’s downfall in Little Deaths!

Jess is less than enamoured to find herself in Hell, but then she did sell her soul to the devil … literally.

Quick-minded and pragmatic, Jess deduces this might be the place for her IF she can hoodwink Nick and his colleagues all over again.

It won’t be easy. Abe and Nick are still stung by Jess’ antics the last time they saw her. When Abe suggests they both get their own back on the helpless Jess in Satan’s dungeons, Nick doesn’t need much persuading. He’s been dreaming about getting even with Jess for what she put him through. Abe too needs payback.
There’s one issue: any twisted ‘revenge’ the pair of demons have in mind is exactly what Jess wants …

GIVE IN TO ME is an explicit tale with sexy doms and strong women. PLEASE NOTE: This story is for adults only and contains highly sexual content, depictions of BDSM, threesomes, torture, dubious consent, horror, religious iconography, as well as commentary on sexism, abuse and revenge.

And just like that, we’ve come full circle. So is the last one in the Sex.Die.Repeat Series.

It appears that Jess has decided to come back into the fold. Even though for us it’s only been about 60 Pages for her, it’s been 50 years. It was nice to see her confident and knowing what she wants.

Yes, it was an interesting time I think she, Nick, and Abe had a great time that’s for sure.

Pretty gutted that the series is over now. It kept me occupied for a day at least. As I’ve said before in other reviews, I’d love to see a full-blown novel, so that would be fab if we could see that. Just saying.

Mia, you know you want to write it.

Yeah, I love the character of Nick. And yeah, just I really liked Nick. I liked Abe despite his behaviour, but you kind of get a little insight into them both and which was nice to see. It’s a shame it’s over. Not quite sure what I’m gonna read now.

There has been something fun, and raunchy, with this series and it has been eye watering at times to read them..definitely something to pass the time, as long as you are on your own…..

About Mia Ryder

Mia Ryder writes bitesize filth to devour before bed as part of the SEX. DIE. REPEAT series.
Contains sexual content, swearing, crime, religious iconography & commentary on relationships & mental illness. DO NOT follow if of a delicate disposition!!

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