#BookReview of Her Final Confession by Lisa Regan @Lisalregan @nholten40 @bookouture

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#BookReview of Her Final Confession by Lisa Regan @Lisalregan @nholten40 @bookouture

Her Final Confession by Lisa Regan
Series: Detective Josie Quinn #4
Published by Bookouture on November 28 2018
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Crime
Pages: 320
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Watching her friend dragged away in handcuffs, Josie couldn't believe for one second that Gretchen had killed that poor boy. Confession or not, someone else was involved. She would find out who…

When the body of a young student is found on the driveway of a local Denton home, a photograph pinned to his collar, Detective Josie Quinn is first on the scene. The house belongs to Gretchen Palmer, a dedicated member of Josie’s team, missing for the last twenty-four hours.

Working around the clock, Josie is stopped in her tracks when Gretchen hands herself in to the police. She knows that there’s no way Gretchen could ever be a killer, so why would she confess to a murder she didn’t commit?

Digging deep into Gretchen’s secretive life, Josie uncovers a link between the boy, the photograph and a devastating case in Gretchen’s past. But just when Josie thinks she has it all figured out, the bodies of a young couple surface on the other side of town. Can Josie get to the truth in time to save her friend from a life in prison or certain death?

I have started this series late. I joined in when I read book three and instantly Detective Josie Quinn stole my heart with what she went through.

What the hell was going on this book?! We have three separate storylines going on at once and I could not figure out how they were all linked until it was too late! You have an initial enticement with Linc Shore and Benji Stone, part of the local bikers in the prologue. We then have two storylines intertwining, a murder spree that started in 1992 of couples in their homes and the current storyline of Detective Gretchen Palmer going missing and a boy has been shot dead on her lawn. 

To me, Josie is fearless, not that she realises it. She has taken on her missing family with open arms and they have helped her heal, feel loved and wanted but most importantly she has a family she has always been missing. She is tenacious and will not stop until she has solved the crime, despite the dangers that lie at her feet. She is strong and takes no rubbish from anyone, especially with her new boss in town. Him I did not like! Apart from the new Chief of Police douche bag (my professional opinion), the team are all so likeable. Josie, Noah and Gretchen are a unit and one not to be messed with. 

I loved the intertwining storylines, it kept you on edge. You have a need to find out what is going on. How is everything linked? What makes the past so important to the present day? Oh I had my theories!!

 It was awesome to get to know more about the mysterious Gretchen, my heart broke for her but I loved getting to know her and her life because she is one secretive person!! It does not help her that she is in the spotlight, I mean did she really kill the boy on her lawn? Gretchen’s bond with Josie makes Josie even more determined to get to the bottom of this and sharpish. She needs to help her friend. 

I am glad I have read the third book in this series as you can see how it shapes Josie in this book, but I do need to go back and read the first books because there are a few things that are missing for me. Plus I want to see the complete journey of Josie Quinn. 

This book kept me on edge, it was tense and actioned packed as we follow the little clues we have. Trying to fit puzzle pieces that do not fit together, a bit like putting a square peg in a triangle peg hole, not quite succeeding until Ms Regan allows you to. 

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About Lisa Regan

Lisa Regan is an Amazon bestselling crime novelist. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University. She is a member of Sisters In Crime, Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter. Find out more at her website: www.lisaregan.com

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      Aw thanks Jennifer! Hope you do start the series. I came in late but I will be going back to read the first two books. I love her writing