#BookReview of He’s At Your Door by Alex Sinclair @asinclairauthor @bloodhoundbook #hesatyourdoor

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#BookReview of He's At Your Door by Alex Sinclair @asinclairauthor @bloodhoundbook #hesatyourdoor

He's At Your Door by Alex Sinclair
Published by Bloodhound Books on May 20 2019
Pages: 253
Also by this author: The Day I Lost You, Tell Me No Lies

Karen Rainey lives a sheltered life on the edge of the city. For the last five years, she has rarely left the home unless it was unavoidable. She has her food and anything else she needs delivered to the front door. She works from home to avoid venturing outside.

But Karen isn’t agoraphobic. She’s terrified of her ex-boyfriend, Zach, who is serving a life sentence in prison for a string of bank robberies after Karen testified against him. With the constant threat that Zach might send someone to find and kill her, Karen keeps a low profile.

To aid her in paying the rent each month, Karen takes in the occasional housemate, opting for students from the local university. Her current housemate, Beth, is a young student who has no idea about Karen’s past.

But when a mysterious package is left of her doorstep, it sends Karen’s world into turmoil.

Has Zack found her?

Isolated and frightened, Karen befriends Beth but refuses to tell her everything about her past.

Trapped inside their home, Karen and Beth soon begin to lose their minds.

But is the threat really outside or is it closer to home?

So excited to welcome Alex Sinclair back to my blog, I am such a fan of his books! Be sure to check out posts by Michelle @Books on the Bookshelf and Emma @ The Twist and Turn Blog

My Review

This is one intense and dark novel, being locked away in a house with someone unknown outside stalking you. What could be more terrifying? Karen has to lock herself away from the world, she has no choice, until one night a mysterious package turns up on her doorstep. What has turned her world even more upside down?

I have loved Sinclair’s writing since I read The day I lost you I have been obsessed with the claustrophobic feeling you have when you read his books. He’s at your door is another enclosed story just to amplify the terror that the main character feels. Stuck inside must be the worse feeling ever, especially when you control is taken away from you. Sets my teeth on edge just thinking about it.

He’s at your door is set over a 24 hour period, which is why it is so intense, so much happens! You have no time to catch your breath at any point nor does the book want to let you. From trying to find an elusive wire to the phone signal being jammed and power and water being knocked out all right at the start you do not know how this is going to end.

The story grips you from the opening pages and does not relent even at the end! I have no relief, no satisfaction but that makes this ending even more perfect. Not everything can be a happy ending.

Another book by Sinclair and another book he has just has blown me away. I adore his writing, he knows how to get into a woman’s mind and he knows how to scare his characters. I can not wait to see what is next.

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Thanks to Heather at Bloodhound Books for the tour invite and the author for a copy of the book in return for my honest and unbiased review

About Alex Sinclair

Alex Sinclair is a thirty-two-year-old psychological thriller author from a
quiet country town outside of Melbourne, Australia. He currently works
full-time for a small business and writes in the early hours of the morning
before his daughter and wife wake up for the day.
Alex has a background in IT, bookkeeping, and 3D animation. He loves
all things creative but especially loves writing. He is an avid reader of all
genres, but loves psychological thrillers more than anything else. He
also has a passion for good storytelling in all forms of media such as
addictive TV shows and movies.

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