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#BookReview of Him by Clare Empson @ClareEmpson2 @tr4cyf3nt0n @orionbooks #idestroyedhim

Him by Clare Empson
Published by Orion on July 9, 2019
Pages: 352
Also by this author: Mine

Big Little Lies meets 13 Reasons Why in this dark and suspenseful debut from a stunning new talent.

It all started with ... HIM.

Catherine has become mute. She has witnessed something so disturbing that she simply can't speak - not to her husband, her children, or her friends. The doctors say the only way forward is to look into her past. Catherine needs to start with Him. Lucian.

Catherine met the love of her life at university and was drawn into his elite circle of privileged, hedonistic friends. But one night it all falls apart and she leaves him, shattering his life forever.

Still, fifteen years later, Lucian haunts every one of Catherine's quiet moments, and when they are unexpectedly reunited, their love reignites with explosive force.

But they can't move on from what happened all those years ago. In fact, uncovering the truth will cause their lives to implode once again. This time, with disastrous consequences.

My Review

Wow! I really was not expecting that when I read the book. When I signed up for the book I was expecting a thriller of some kind but in fact what I got was such a powerful story of manipulation, heartbreak, loss, wasted time, friendship and love. I am broken at the moment. I was crying by the end of this book. I really could not see how it was going to end, and when I did realise it was too late. I wanted to go back into my bubble but it was too late, way too late, what I had read could not be unseen!

Catherine and Lucian’s lives are shown to you through multiple narrations, the now, fifteen years ago, four months ago Catherine and four months ago Lucian. I loved the style of the narrative as if it was diary entries to each other, never referring to each other by name, just You.

I was hooked from the get-go, Catherine in the now has become mute, an event in her life four months ago has made her this way but why? What? I was screaming at the book to tell me why! To tell me what the hell was going on. Instead, Ms Empson got you more addicted to Catherine and Lucian and the circle of friends from their university days. Picking up and putting down the different timelines kept me invested, yearning to know what was happening. Why had Catherine and Lucian been apart for fifteen years?

The answer to it all is so tragic.

I was also a bit choked up when reading as both characters suffered a loss of parents. After an emotional weekend of loss, I found my dads video camera and some recordings we did and just hearing his voice again after nearly 10 years was emotional. So when you read about their losses it hit me hard. The feelings in this book are so raw and so real it is hard to imagine this not being real. The actions and reactions of each and every one of them are realistic. If I had been in any of their situations with the lifestyle and the money I probably would be the same!

The lifestyle of the rich and famous, the people who never grew up is contrasted with the humble and the make do. In the four months ago, you see Lucian and his friend’s re-addressing life choices when Catherine is back on the scene. The boozy ways don’t seem so fun anymore. All anyone really cares about is Why is Catherine back? Why did she leave all those years ago?

God, I think this is just a ramble. This is most definitely a contender for my book of the year. I absolutely bloody loved it. Such a journey we go on, one we are made to go on whether we want to or not but mainly because Catherine is just that damn beautiful inside and out. You want her to speak again, you want to make everything ok for her and her family and mainly, more selfishly, you want to know the truth.

I loved the cover for Him and I have seen the cover for Clare’s next book Mine and it’s a beauty I CANNOT wait to read!

I know the tag line for Him is #Idestroyedhim but I think it’s safe to say this book destroyed me. Just do yourself a favour and read it!

Until next time xxx

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About Clare Empson

Clare Empson is a journalist with a background in national newspapers and has worked as a small business editor, finance correspondent and fashion at the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Express. Clare freelances for The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times, the Evening Standard and Tatler amongst others. She currently works as editor/founder of experiential lifestyle website www.countrycalling.co.uk. Him is her debut novel. Her second novel Mine is an exploration of the fraught relationship between a birth mother and her adopted son set against a backdrop of a passionate love affair in the 70s. Mine will be available August 2019.

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