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Bookreview of his dark shadow by Phil Price @PhilPrice19 @SpellBoundBks #HisDarkShadow #SpellBoundBooks #PhilPrice #ZooloosBookToursHis Dark Shadow by Phil Price
Published by SpellBound Books on 19th June 2022
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
Pages: 387

Mike never expected to be in this situation.

He never expected the endless torment that plagued his days and invaded his dreams.

Moving back to his childhood home within a sleepy Shropshire village, Mike hopes to rebuild his shattered life.

However, shadowy figures lie in wait, watching, waiting to see him burn.

Has he forgotten what secrets the past still holds?

He cannot run forever

This is a powerful and brave book and one everyone needs to read. Just wow!!

I was thinking about this book when I wasn’t reading it. I wanted to get back to Mike and his story. How he was coping, and what the heck was going to happen next.

At first, I felt for Alina, at first… it didn’t last long. I’ve not felt so much anger, revulsion and upset caused by one character as her. It’s just shocking, absolutely shocking.

I stayed up until the witching hour to read this as I couldn’t let it go. I wanted to see the depths one character would go, the depravity, it just wouldn’t hit home, I was aching for the story to change. Although, how could it, we knew the outcome already. The entire book you are on a knife-edge, as you are sucked into Mike’s life, but on the other hand, you know nothing is going to last.

I’ve not read anything by Phil before but have a few of his books, so I had no idea what to expect. This was such a powerhouse of a book, tackling some huge and relevant topics, all handled with care. Nothing was gratuitous. Just wish that none of it had happened. Urgh!!

The writing captured me from the beginning and I was completely absorbed by the story and the words in front of me. Nothing was getting in my way! Just blown away by everything.

Until next time xxx

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About Phil Price

Phil Price was born in Sutton Coldfield in 1974. He lived in various places in the UK until his family settled in Rednal, a suburb on the outskirts of Birmingham in 1979. Growing up with an older brother and sister, he always flirted with reading, his home always littered with books. Then in 1997, Phil embarked on a travel expedition that took him from Greece to Thailand, via East and Southern Africa. Sitting in dusty bus stations in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi with Wilbur Smith and James Herbert accompanying him, his imagination was sparked into life. Since those far-off days, he has never been without a book to read.

Phil started toying with the idea of writing a book in 2009. After writing a few short stories, he caught a whiff of an idea in his head. It started to evolve in 2010 until he had enough to begin his writing journey. Marriage and two children came along, with the story being moved to the back burner for periods of time. However, during those periods of writing inactivity, the story continued to manifest until it just needed one thing. To be written down.

The story was littered with places that had influenced Phil’s life. From the Lickey Hills in Birmingham to the Amatola Mountains in South Africa, with other many other locations, in-between and far beyond.

The book was finished sometime in 2014, left on his computer until a chance conversation with an author friend made Phil take the bold step to publish his story, Unknown.

From there, Phil’s love for the first book spurred him on, creating The Forsaken Series. A vampire/paranormal/horror trilogy, set in our world, and others too. His love of horror and all things supernatural, inspired by authors such as King, Herbert and others, helped create the epic series.

After writing a science fiction novel, titled Zoo, Phil released his first psychological thriller, Ashes of Innocence, a story that he’d kept bubbling away for many years.

Aside from his writing, Phil lives on the edge of a small town in Worcestershire, UK. A wife and two sons keep Phil happily occupied as he steers his way through life, playing the husband, dad and world creator in equal measure

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