#BookReview of I Know Your Every Move by Diane Ezzard @diane_ezzard @rararesources

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#BookReview of  I Know Your Every Move by Diane Ezzard @diane_ezzard @rararesources

I Know Your Every Move by Diane Ezzard
Series: Sophie Brown #1
on June 2 2017
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 333
Also by this author: As Sick As Our Secrets, The Sinister Gathering

A sinister phone call, an unknown visitor. Sophie's life is about to be turned upside down

Sophie has worked hard to free herself from the clutches of addiction and turn her life around. Practising as a counsellor, in a women's centre in Manchester, she now helps other girls in trouble. She forms a close relationship with Cassie, one of her clients and tries to help her escape the clutches of a violent boyfriend.

But is Sophie being followed?

How can she uncover the truth, when she can't trust what is real?

The more she delves, the closer she gets to danger.

Can she revisit her own dark past before it is too late?

Get hooked on this dark, twist-filled suspense thriller that's in the vein of works by Rachel Abbott and Mark Edwards.

I am writing this moment after I finished this book to try and understand what I have read. I was intrigued by this series from reading the blurb. Our MC Sophie, training to be a counsellor bonding with a lady called Cassie who has a troubled past and how Sophie delves into her past as she tries to discover who her “stalker” is.

Now 97% of this book is not about the stalker elements they take a back seat, we spend a lot of time with Sophie revisiting her past where she would love to keep it, in the past. Two different kinds of boyfriends with two different kinds of outcomes but where abuse and alcoholism play a huge factor.

I found that I was shouting at Sophie when we were in her past to run away and go. Now having been in a minute abusive relationship (mine nowhere near the levels as depicted in this book) it is easy to see how and why someone stays. The confidence goes, the fight goes and you seem to blame yourself for everything. I did think she was a bit foolish with Jay at the start, but she was enamoured by him, and he paid her attention, so there was no problem right? wrong! It was a long and sad dark road for Sophie and she got free. Straight to Kyle.

This relationship again you can see all the reasons why she would stay, the guilt, the need to help until you get to stay where you need to help yourself and look after you.

While we live this turbulent time in Sophie’s life, someone is stalking her, but as I say it takes a back seat and it was over before it began. Normally something like that would annoy, but with this book, you can tell the author is beginning to set in stone the foundations of her next story. We are learning about Sophie, her growth and her amazing strength she has and the tools she has used to get to where she is now.

There was one scene where I had murderous thoughts and if you are a cat lover well you know what I mean when you read it. it hit home for me as it happened recently to one of my friends and it was shocking in real life let alone reading in a book! 

The book is driven so much by the characters, I was enthralled by Sophie’s storyline. I wanted to know what drove her and how she got to where she is now. When she was panicking, I found I was panicking at times, willing her to speed up, calm down or get out! I cared what happened to this ever so trusting, chooser of bad men! She had my attention and she told me her heartbreaking story but countered it with growth.

I am not sure how I would put this into one genre because it is not. You have an element of mystery, domestic thriller and the psychological. To me, this was a strong start to the series setting me off on my adventure to book two, hope to see you back here on the 7th!

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Thank you so much to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for the tour invite and the author  for a copy of this book in return for my honest and unbiased review

About Diane Ezzard

Manchester born Diane Ezzard writes emotionally charged psychological thrillers and mysteries about everyday people in seemingly ordinary circumstances until something goes badly wrong in their lives. Before taking early retirement to concentrate on her writing, she worked as a HR manager, a counsellor, owned a cafe and managed a charity.

She now lives and writes in South East London close to her daughter and grandchildren.

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