#BookReview of Open Grave by A.M Peacock @ampeacockwriter @bloodhoundbook #opengrave #netgalley

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#BookReview of Open Grave by A.M Peacock @ampeacockwriter @bloodhoundbook #opengrave #netgalley

Open Grave by A.M. Peacock
Series: DCI Jack Lambert #1
Published by Bloodhound Books on September 26, 2018
Genres: Thriller

DCI Jack Lambert is no stranger to inner demons, having struggled with his own since the admission about his sexuality.

When two bodies are discovered in an open grave, Lambert must put his personal worries aside and work the case. But when the body of a local thug shows up on the banks of the River Tyne, the DCI’s criminal past comes back to haunt him.

Meanwhile, a local celebrity singer claims that she is being stalked. Could there be a link to the killings?

As the bodies start to pile up, Lambert realises the motive lies in the past and that the killer is taunting them.

The clock is ticking. Can he catch the murderer, or will one of their own end up in an open grave?

I do love a good police procedural book and this one delivers.

The main character DCI Jack Lambert is not your stereotypical hero. He is openly gay, much to the dismay of his ex-wife, and he is growing a bit of paunch in his days but he is fascinating. 

I will put my hands up I did struggle at times with the writing as there were quite a few characters in the team introduced at once and I lost track of who was who sometimes and had to re-read some passages. *Remember this is my opinion, and it will not be the same for everyone. It might just be my age lol.* Although this is the first book in the series, I felt that it could have been a second book with the backstory of a previous case of the Newcastle Knifer mentioned throughout and I felt that I was missing something, especially as this affects Jack directly. 

However, I loved Jack! I loved his team! I love that this is a new series for me to get my teeth into and I look forward to seeing where the author goes with the series. I love the investigation that takes place and the two seemingly separate storylines of the stalker and the murders. 

It was a compelling read with lots of twists and turns, and a good debut from the author. It does grab your attention and keep you turning the pages. And did I mention I love police procedural books. I love getting into the thick of the investigation, and ignoring the rules! Seeing if I pick up clues before them, not like I could do anything if I did! 

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Thank you so much to Sarah at Bloodhound Books and the author A.M Peacock for a copy of this book in return for my honest and unbiased review*

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About A.M. Peacock

A.M. Peacock grew up in the North East of England before leaving to study for a degree in music technology at the University of Hull. A subsequent return to his hometown of South Shields saw him spend seven years as a teacher in a local college before changing careers to become a trade union official.

Having always been an avid reader, he took to writing after being encouraged to do so by his PGCE tutor. He has since gone on to produce a number of short stories, winning the Writers’ Forum Magazine competition on two occasions, as well as producing articles for both the local press and a university magazine.

A.M. Peacock is passionate about crime fiction and his debut novel, Open Grave, is the first in what he hopes will become a series of DCI Jack Lambert books.

Away from writing, A.M. Peacock enjoys watching films, playing guitar and can often be found pavement pounding in preparation for the odd half marathon.

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