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#BookReview of Re-Education by Mia Ryder @Bang2write @SpellBoundBks @ZooloosBT #SpellBoundBooks  #IWD2.0 #SexDieRepeat #ReEducation #ZooloosBookToursRe Education by Mia Ryder
Series: Sex.Die.Repeat #2
Published by SpellBound Books on December 1, 2021
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
Pages: 24
Also by this author: Little Deaths, After Midnight, Downtime, Give In To Me

Failing at work, Nick’s superior Abe decides he needs brush up on the basics. Sent downstairs to the re-education department, the arrogant Nick is less than pleased … He’s incandescent with rage when he discovers who his re-educator is – Kali, his ex!

Kali is delighted to see her old lover fall from The Boss’ good graces with such a bump. She and Nick trained together what feels like a thousand years ago (because it was). This is her big chance to prove to Abe she’s got what it takes to pull a rule-breaker like Nick back in line and get the credit she deserves.

There’s one problem: the attraction that burned between Kali and Nick is still raging.

Kali might never have been able to stand Nick but keeping her hands off him is just as difficult. They might have always been in competition to prove who’s best, but it seems there really is a thin line between love and hate.

Now Kali is determined to make Nick see who’s boss once and for all …

RE-EDUCATION is a steamy dominatrix tale where anything goes. PLEASE NOTE: This story is for adults only and contains highly sexual content, depictions of horror, religious iconography, spanking and torture, as well as commentary on culpability, war and capitalism.

Re-Education is 24 pages of the build-up to what seems to be a bigger picture that I cannot wait to find out more about.

We meet Kali this time who has a personal vendetta against Nick. Nick, who we met in the first book, is a sex demon. Yet this time it’s not him that’s in charge. It’s Kali.

We slowly see how the past has affected the present day and how Kali becomes the way she is. But it seems like Kali’s very bitter and she can’t accept what she is. Until she does. The book then ends very abruptly and I had no idea what is going on with Nick.

I do love this series, it’s just a little bit naughty, sizzling and always leaves you wanting more because it is not long enough. I want more.

So, on that note, I’m going to do go and dive right back into book number three After Midnight and see if I can find out what’s going on. With Nick. And whether he did in fact escape Kali’s clutches. Plus of course, who doesn’t want more sizzle

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About Mia Ryder

Mia Ryder writes bitesize filth to devour before bed as part of the SEX. DIE. REPEAT series.
Contains sexual content, swearing, crime, religious iconography & commentary on relationships & mental illness. DO NOT follow if of a delicate disposition!!

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