#BookReview of Santa's Slayings by Andrea Bills #PublicationDay #MistletoeOverManhattan

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#BookReview of Santa's Slayings by Andrea Bills #PublicationDay #MistletoeOverManhattanSanta's Slayings by Andrea Bills
on December 3 2019
Also by this author: The Forgotten Ones

Eight authors bring cheer, romance, and a whole lot of steam to the Big Apple this holiday season as they hang some "Mistletoe over Manhattan" in the very first Book Hoarder's anthology.

All proceeds from eBook sales of this anthology will benefit Solar Responders, a non-profit dedicated to installing solar and battery-powered storage systems in first responder stations.

My Review

Today I am reviewing Andrea Bill’s story Santa’s Slayings which is part of the Mistletoe Over Manhattan anthology. Andrea contacted me as I had read and LOVED her book The Forgotten Ones so it was a no brainer to pick up this short story.

It is the 1970’s and I have been introduced to a young Beryl Bills working for the CIA. I have not had the pleasure of reading The Broken Kind which is the 3rd and final book in the Brotherhood series but when it comes out I plan on doing so.

So back in the past and someone is going around killing innocent women dressed as…yeah you guessed it Santa!! Only this time, in this current situation he did not get the girl he wanted! In walks Bills and his partner, Bills sees the intended victim Lorilie and it’s the insta-love. However, she is his charge and he has made promises to protect her. Lorilie, she feels the same way despite being scared and worried about being the potential next victim she finds safety and strength when she is with Bills. Obviously being packed in so few pages somethings do feel a bit rushed as they flee from her flat to go to Manhattan. There were some cute and comedic sections in the book which helped to break the tension of the serial Santa killer running loose.

When I was reading this, I did feel like everything fitted together a little bit too easily for the CIA and I was a bit bereft, even with a Christmas happy ending. But wait, there was another chapter I had yet to read and this is where Andrea lays such a blow I had chills down my spine. It was creepy as hell and it worked. I am hoping that somehow this is incorporated in the future because man it was a low blow!

I adored Andreas’s writing before and I still do now. She got me sucked in, unravelling the story in two points of view and kept me hooked until the final chilling ending sentences.

I haven’t read the other books in the anthology but this one is a corker and I am glad I had the opportunity to read it.

Until next time xxx

Thanks to the author for a copy of the book in return for my honest and unbiased review.

About Andrea Bills

Andrea is a wife, mother and writer from small town West Virginia. She spends her time while she’s not dreaming up lovers and villains alike chasing after her two kids and husband.
Her overactive imagination and her husband’s wacky dreams attribute to her love of the written word. Guilty pleasures include reading all night and Reese Cups.

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