#BookReview of Secret between us by Valerie Keogh @ValerieKeogh1 @nholten40 @bookouture

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#BookReview of Secret between us by Valerie Keogh @ValerieKeogh1 @nholten40 @bookouture

Secrets Between Us by Valerie Keogh
Published by Bookouture on November 14 2018
Genres: Thriller
Pages: 384
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How safe are your secrets?

One letter a week for fifteen years. 780 identical white envelopes brimming with my sister’s darkest secrets. All the intimate details of a life as different to mine as could possibly be.

I read each letter slowly to make sure I understand it perfectly, one day very soon it will be a matter of life and death…

At the end of each letter, after signing her name, there is always one final sentence:

Don’t forget to burn this letter.

I’ll let you decide if I do…

A jaw-dropping psychological thriller that you will read in one sitting. If you loved dark, twisty thrillers like The Girl on The Train, The Couple Next Door and Friend Request, this unputdownable novel will have your heart racing long after you’ve finished reading.

Where to start with this book? It was shocking and twisty and apart from Ellie, I did not like the other characters, their actions and demeanour were awful and in some cases chilling! 

Ellie is happily married to Will, they want to have a family, well he does more than her, but a catalyst of events occur and there is a heartbreak and there is a fresh start. What Will did not realise is that Ellie is a twin, identical in fact to Tia. Ellie is Tia’s legal guardian as she lives in a home due to her mental abilities, and Ellie writes to her once a week on a Friday. The highlight of Tia’s week, but that all changes when the home has to close and Tia has to live with Ellie and Will.

Now I guessed how this would end, but not how we would get to the end, and some of the events chilled me. God this review is going to be hard to write, I read the book blind, in which I forgot the blurb and went with it. The wrong choice of words here could spoil it. I mean the final words of the book sent a chill to my core, how could no one in the book see it! 

This book kept me up until 1 am reading because quite frankly I had to know how it would end, despite my guessing! And also because the actions were just damn right crazy! This is a book that will make you look at people twice and probably not trust them! I want to say so much more but I blinking cannot! I felt empathy for Ellie, but also wanted to give her a bloody good shake! Will, he was likeable and then I would have shown him the door. And Tia, the less said the better. 

The final lines in the book will chill you, maybe even the last line and it may leave you unsettled or even leave you screaming because of the need to find out more. This reminded me of car crash tv where you cannot take your eyes away in case you missed something and you had to know what would happen next! 

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About Valerie Keogh

Valerie Keogh grew up reading Agatha Christie so when she started writing it seemed natural to write crime novels. She writes two different series, one based in Ireland featuring Garda Sergeant Mike West and a grittier one based in the UK featuring Nicola Connolly, a serial killer.



Valerie has also written a stand-alone psychological thriller, Exit Five from Charing Cross

In March 2018, Valerie signed a two-book contract with the publisher, Bookouture. The first of these, Secrets Between Us, is out now.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

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